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  1. Looks great so far! Maybe you want to link up with @Petike the Taffer who does most of the work on the wiki when it comes to making pages for individual FMs. Maybe there could be at least a link to the wiki page embedded in each FM entry. The only thing I noticed was that there seems to be a bit of inconsistency with some missions having the loading screen as the first screenshot and many others not having it at all. That and the Undead/Spiders/Ghosts spoilers seem to be wrong in many cases. I saw my mission Langhorne Lodge was listed as having neither, when in fact it has essentially nothing but ghosts and undead
  2. Isn't that the one that Springheel made specifically for A New Job?
  3. I've done a bit more observing now and I've made a few discoveries: 1. Some cases of broken patrols were due to me not adding the correct "can_unlock" args to the revenants, causing them to not have a clear path to follow their patrols. But this is not the only problem. 2. The console shows a brief message of "GetPointOutsideOfObstacle" (or something similar) failing even on those that have the correct unlocking privileges, this is presumably caused by dead bodies blocking their way, causing them to abandon their patrols, even after moving the body out of the way and proding them with the blackjack. Is there a way around this? Maybe making the revenants able to "piledrive" through dead bodies? 3. Quite often guards and revenants caught in a fight will freeze, their animation mid strike will stop and they will just stand there looking at each other making no sound, like a still frame. Smacking them with the blackjack won't do anything, but once one actor in the fight is killed the others unfreeze and continue. Sometimes their upper bodies are frozen and they are able to run around but not attack. This happens quite frequently, but not with specific AI, it seems to happen at random. Any ideas what this could be and if it's fixable? If either 2 or 3 is unfixable I will have to rethink the event. Maybe kill all the humans before teleporting in the revenants, and piling them somewhere outside of patrolling areas.
  4. It's a good idea in theory, but as you hinted at it's more of a brawl between multiple revenants and guards, so I'm not sure that it would help. I suppose what I could try though is set the timer on the changetarget high enough that all fighting should be over when it hits, at least for debugging purposes. Ok, well if they use the same AAS system then it's not a pathing issue, since they are using the same nodes as the guards and the guards are fine. The console error could have been an effect of a dead guard blocking the way near to a seating node. Will continue debugging and see if I can solve it or at least narrow it down some more.
  5. I did see one odd message in the console, where there was an error in a path_sit node. Something about there not being enough room? These are revenants taking over the patrols of regular AI guards. Do they have different size requirements? If so that could make sense, though the hallway they are supposed to patrol is quite wide. I turned on the show AI destination command and they're not trying to get somewhere they can't, they're just standing there as if their patrol is finished and they have no more nodes to walk to.
  6. I'm having some trouble with pathing. I'm teleporting in some AI to fight some other AI, they are then to assume the same patrol route as the people they killed. Some of them work fine, but others will just stand there after the fight and not ever go back to patrolling. The way I set it up is to use a atdm:target_changetarget one second after they are teleported from the blue room, and they all assume patrols as they should, but only for a few seconds before they see the other AI and start fighting. Is the fighting somehow breaking their patrols? Can this be avoided or remedied somehow?
  7. Have you tried opening and closing the doors a few times? That usually clears that bug, and is usually what causes it as well. The game can be a bit finnicky sometimes with doors triggering certain things, like a target_set_frobable.
  8. Agreed, that would be interesting and should be within compliance of any data regulations. I feel like it shouldn't be too hard to have a little download counter somewhere that can track each individual FM and/or the mod as a whole.
  9. Glad you enjoyed! Matter of fact I recently also replayed it with the VR mod!
  10. Fun! I got most of it from a renaissance name generator, so I think they will seem very old timey, if recognizable at all. Hopefully the setting was still convincing to our Italian playerbase!
  11. Thanks! I think you will find the answer to the question in the above post.
  12. Glad you're enjoying it! I'm not sure what you mean by secrets
  13. I wonder if you have the "open on unlock" option turned off? That may be what's causing the problem. Try turning it on and see if it will open. If so I may need to make the grate frobable for those who play with it off. As for the hint:
  14. Ok, I will look into it further. If the problem persists when I reset the seating position, and it doesn't also happen in 2.08 standard I'll try and get you some co-ordinates to the specific spot where I realized it.
  15. I think it works, as you said, in the home of some eccentric collector or artist, but I think in general we should keep to the classical styles. There are some anachronisms in the game, but they are mostly steampunk elements, and often gameplay-related, not exactly modern art. Could be an easter egg as well I suppose.
  16. I didn't try the comfort vignette yet, but the spyglass works well. It's a little weird that it switches to 2d but it's still pretty believable. I'm also really digging this new mouse focus mode, it provides a lot of dexterity (honestly more than in standard TDM!) and it feels natural after playing with it for a few minutes. The compass works great, though it seems to follow the white focus dot instead of the actual direction the player is facing, wiggling the dot around without turning makes the compass wiggle, but that's a very minor thing. I haven't had any readable problems (although sometimes there seems to be a highly transparent black square surrounding the readable). I also have not seen any more weird shadows or lights looking different in each eye. You've really squashed most of the problematic bugs now! Great job!! I feel like maybe performance is slightly lower than in earlier builds though, as I ran into a little bit more reprojection than before. Rain seems pretty taxing (Langhorne Lodge seemed to run fine anyway, though I noticed my fps dip down to low 40's in the outdoor scenes). Played a bit of CoS 1: Pearls and Swine tonight and got some reprojection in scenes with multiple lights, but nothing too terrible. Going to finish it tomorrow evening. Not sure if I dare try to play The Painter's Wife for performance fears, but I guess I should try it as well to see how it fares. Again amazing work, I think it's ready for a wider audience! edit: Forgot to mention that it seemed to me like the lightgem is just a hair brighter in the VR version? While playing CoS 1 I noticed the AI giving first alerts in places I know for sure I never got them in standard TDM. Unless that is a 2.08/2.09 issue, I only played the map in 2.07 before.
  17. Are you playing on Master difficulty? The lower difficulties have a lot of switches but there are very few on Master. If not you might not be seeing them. They're not actually switches, more like buttons with a wood rectangle around them.
  18. Hm, yeah I've gathered that many players found it hard to figure out which windows are openable. I'm working on adding some tell-tale knobs that will distinguish them a bit better. The Bishop's Palace is meant to be hard, so I guess I succeeded there ^^ Though I don't feel like I was too stingy with shadows in there, every room should have shadows to hide in, even if you have to wait for a patroller to leave sometimes. Don't worry about timed challenges, I don't do anything like that. I mostly build my missions to be slowly but thoroughly explored! I am thinking of adding a new challenge though with the update, but I can't promise. It may be worth waiting until the update for the replay.
  19. Congrats on the release! Excited to try this one out!
  20. Thank you for your kind words! Hopefully you had a nice haul of loot!
  21. Glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like you have a lot of other content to go through when replaying it. What was the most challenging part? The sneaking or the searching? As far as the bug is concerned:
  22. Sounds like there is a lot of resistance to the idea, not surprisingly. I don't think it's something you should force on the player, if anything it would have to be only applied to the highest difficulty of a mission and communicated to the player beforehand. I mostly find the idea appealing from a challenge perspective, and it is reminiscent of the weight system in Escape from Tarkov which is a super challenging game. I'm happy with the default loot system though so it's no loss if this is never implemented.
  23. I was a bit afraid people would find the deed, be confused and then toss it in the trash. Hopefully the window knobs will help with that. It's also the reason for the bread loaves not being frobable before you find the objective, but I can try without that and see if it works/makes sense. I have quite a few bugs already it seems so I will likely make an update pretty soon.
  24. Thanks for the detailed feedback, and glad you had a good time! (A little too good by the looks of the screenshot!) Very strange bug with the killing, I'll have to take a look at that one. And yes, the asset pack for the Bishop's Palace is loaded with eye candy, and we have peter_spy to thank for creating it.
  25. I usually use that spawnarg as well, though it means that the portal is left open which can affect performance. I think the knobs are good enough in perf-sensitive areas.
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