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  1. Is it possible to run Darkloader with the Steam versions of Thief Gold and 2? None of the resources I've found have given a definitive answer. A little advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    2. freyk
    3. chakkman


      Thief Gold and Thief 2 from Steam don't use Steam DRM, or anything. You can just copy the games folder from the Steam folder, and put it wherever you like, and start it from there. So, any modifications will work too. I successfully patched Thief Gold with TTFix, and Thief 2 with TafferPatcher, both worked fine.

    4. Biya


      Ah yes, I neglected to install tafferpatcher. Everything works, thanks for the help!

  2. There are mages in The Dark Mod. They haven't made any appearences yet AFAIK, but you can spawn them through the console and test them out. Hammer Horror would make great source material to build something out of! Same goes for old Vincent Price films, the works of John Carpenter, David Cronenburg and Alfred Hitchcock.
  3. Hopefully they'll scrap the absolute mess of a story they puked out in 4 and bring back the old setting. One of the main problems I had with the last game was how it felt like the world and story were written by someone who only had a weekend to read an abridged version of Thief's lore. They didn't even do a proper job of justifying the changes other than "You're Garrett, the Master Thief! No, not that Garrett! Hammerites and Pagans were outlawed! No more undead or beasties! What even is a Burrick anyway?"
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTodZbjY9-8 Fallout Off The Record interview with Stephen Russell. (Begins at 31:30)
  5. I really hope they keep the original soundtrack, or at least remix it. The whole *brooding orchestra then BWAAAAAAAAH* thing has been done to death, and IMO it just wouldn't be the same.
  6. So far I like all of the missions that are available, but here are the 5 I keep coming back to. 5.) Knighton Manor - Nothing like a well rounded heist mission to practice your ghost playthroughs on. 4.) Flakebridge Monastery - Reminds me a lot of the Haunted Cathedral, loved the atmosphere. 3.) Quinn Co. - Incredibly satisfying to pull of a bank heist right under the guards noses. Buying equipment drop points and paying off employees for tips in the menu was clever. 2.) Ulysses 2 - Sometimes you have to take a break from the non lethal playthroughs to become the harbinger of God's wrath and slay some faceless heretics, it's understandable. Good design and story. 1.) Penny Dreadful 2: All the Way Up - Excellent use of verticallity. Loved the thought of still being able to lower the property value of an entire neighborhood even after getting the crap beaten out of me and thrown off a bridge.
  7. I was messing around with the perspective and movement speeds in the console, learning how to tweak the defaults a little. I have a list of commands written down from the wiki but I noticed there weren't any listed for jump height or descent speed so I made the newbie mistake of experimenting rather than making sure I knew what I was doing and now I can't move. I probably disabled something by accident but I don't know how to fix it. I tried resetting the movement variables to their defaults but that didn't work. Here's the last command that I used before I ran into the problem: seta pm_jumpmod
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