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  1. it has so many since it will be twice as much because in the picture the canon has only quads. Most of the polycount comes from the base where the canon is on top. (Think it was about 1400)
  2. I just checked the polycount and it's 2458 (tris). I guess that's too much how much should be the limit?
  3. I have to check when I am home. Do you want to know the polycount of only the canon ore also the base which is "holding" it?
  4. Not yet, since these models are about 1 and a half years old. But I could make a texture for it. Should I reduce the number of faces of the canon? Because as far as I remember it can be still reduced - guess would be better for the performance.
  5. The ship has quite a number of faces but I could reduce them even more. Here the pics:
  6. Ok then I will post a picture later in the evening. Maybe someone wants to use it.
  7. I just remembered that I have a model of an ancient sailing ship. It is called "Wappen von Hamburg" from 1669 (-> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapen_von_Hamburg_(1669)it's only in german but you can see a few pictures of this ship) I was wondering if this might be of interest for someone... I could also upload a picture of the 3D model if someone is interested (I would have to change some things if someone wants it,since it wasn't made for a game but that wouldn't take much time.
  8. Hi, it's been a while. I was quite busy with my work and computer -.-'. But now it's working fine again. This evening I want to texture some models. When I am finished with texturing, where do I have to upload them? I don't know if I will finish the texturing process today but I already wanted to ask .
  9. I will take care of the beams/pillars when my computer is working again
  10. Ah ok, haven't taken a look at the mod download by now. I will also test the Darkradiant editor to get a feeling for how the models should look like for it.
  11. Where do I find the textures? And what do you mean by "could be created more quickly with brushes"?
  12. XD I am just doing so many varities at the moment because I am at work and I can do what ever I want as long as I use 3ds Max but they don't have a grapic tablet otherwise I would have started with texturing them . But then I will start building the high polys for them to create the bump maps later
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