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  1. thanks for the help stgatilov, i can't compile the 2.07 version of the code for now because my visual studio 2013 only compiles 2.06 or below so i need made some changes in my pc programs. I will test the item dropping code tonight, maybe the script that i use for drop the item is not functional. About the code of the projectile, if it cause problems for the game or players, can be added a function in weapon.cpp called "launchprojectile2" or "launchprojectileold"?, so the actual code for the arrow will be no affected for this and it will only works for custom weapon and testing. That is a
  2. in the two files that i was uploaded are my custom fix for the weapon problem, is another launchprojectile function that not replace the previous code, so actual weapons will be not changed, maybe needs a revision because i ' m not a expert coder, i am just beginning in this field. the changes are under the letters: // acdc Weapon.cpp Weapon.h
  3. Thanks for the reply. I understand the situation and i think that i can wait for the code fix, i was try to build the 2.06 version and i was fix the problem, but 2.06 get me a lot of crashes, so like i said, i can wait for that. Here is the that i was added, maybe can help: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// thanks /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This is other thing, it's not essential but i notice that when i test some
  4. The mission is about slave traffic(horror), you must run away from your captors and decide if save the another persons. I have some monsters for the nightmare zones ( are zones in that the fear of the people manifests as monsters). I am learning how to use the darkradiant, because i was use the d3editor a lot of time, this summer i will release the mission i think, but the only thing that a want fix is the problem of the projectiles, the shotgun script and sound are very good, the model can change. In the weapon projectile i was test the "firealongplayerview" and "launchfrombarrel" keys,
  5. handgun works fine because uses iron sights, melee weapons are using the normal collision melee system, i want put a crossbow that can launch 3 arrows (enemies also can use the weapon, but for now only professional thieves can use the handgun ), in this mission the weapons are droppable, so you can clear your inventory of weak weapons. I think that add a weight for each special item can solve the unlimited inventory, so more items, more slow movement. what do you think?
  6. The weapon is a double barrel gun, in the fire function, here is the script void weapon_arrowz::Fire() { float ammoClip; ammoClip = ammoInClip(); entity playerOwn = getOwner(); if ( ammoClip == 1 ) { playAnim( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, "fire_last" ); } if ( ammoClip > 1 ) { playAnim( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, "fire" ); } launchProjectiles( 8, 8, 0, 1.0, 1.0 ); //here is the problem launchProjectiles( 12, 16, 0, 1.0, 1.0 ); // the spread is not working, first value "num of projectiles", second value "spread"
  7. Hi, i start with a new fan mission but i get a problem, when i shot with a custom weapon that launch a lot of projectiles with a lot of spread,(like a shotgun) the projectile spread don't work, all projectiles are launched in to the same place (center view), it's very frustrating, maybe its a code bug, but in the weapon script "launchprojectiles();" the spread and the num_projectiles are not working. Please, if anyone knows how i can fix it, just leave a reply or any information about that. If someone works on the official code, maybe can fix that issue for the new release, that can be us
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