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  1. Hello, You won, you made me create an account for darkmod just so that I can thank you for the wonderful hours I spent with this mission. I'm in love with the great atmosphere and stories, there were some frightening moments, and the gameplay is perfectly balanced. I don't know what fan mod I'll do next, I have the feeling that nothing can compare. I hope I'm wrong. By the way, I had two minor bugs during my mission. First, when I first arrived in the manor, I knocked out the servant in the room with the wine. I got rid of him by throwing him in the sewers. I heard a splash sound, and the servant disappeared. I couldn't find him anymore! It was scary. For a moment I thought he was dead (I played in hardest mode) Then, I once got stuck in the attic as I tried to climb some barrels. I couldn't move or jump anymore, and had to reload my save. Very little bugs for such an amazing job. Thank you!
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