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Status Updates posted by LEGION

  1. TDM´s Ambient-system is fixed now, no immersion-breaking from this side anymore!!! :-)

  2. You´re welcome. :)

    Though I´m barely able to resist to make a joke about your birth-date, I have to say that your avatar can´t be actual! Eh? ;)

  3. Are you talking here with yourself? ;)

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for leading me to Khads 'Let´s Play Thief'-trhead! I watched the first three episodes so far and have almost every 10 seconds a big laugh! So funny to see someone play Thief for the first time and in a way how it wasn´t meant to play, HAHA!!

  5. My goodness, sorry, but why this horrible avatar now? Or I´m the only one seeing all those pixels...

    Don´t wanna be offending, though! ;-)

  6. I really would like to know why your Rep is so bad. Is this kind of a game or did you step on someones foot too hard?

    You hacked in, right? Because only one can make a Rep and I haven´t saw negative posts by you actually. I´m really curious about this! Please enlighten me.

    (but please, don´t send me another riddle ;-))

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