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  1. Hey, did you ever find a story on r/nosleep to make a horror mission about?

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    2. NeonsStyle


      I've lost those links now. Send me the link and I'll take a look Kurshok. 

    3. Kurshok
    4. NeonsStyle


      Hmm, Interesting mythology. I'm not sure if we could use it though, as in creature based horror stories

      you generally have to see the creature at some point. I can see how it could be done, without seeing

      the creature, as a back story to fear based actions (aka the murderers mentioned). I will look more into

      this channel. I've always wanted to do a really good horror story in TDM, and I have been building a library

      of awesome horror sound effects to go with it. As yet, I have no story for it. I'm still working on my Venice mission which will probably not be ready before next year, and my next mission after that I definitely want to be a horror mission. 

      So we'll see. Thanks for the info, this is just the sort of thing to inspire a level designer. I have an author friend who might be able to come up with a story. No promises, I'll see if I can do something with it; otherwise, it's an interesting direction to point me at, mythology. I've read a lot on mythology over the years, and I'd not thought on it in TDM. 


      See how it goes. Thanks, in the mean time, if you find any stories you think will fit well with TDM and are horror based, then I'd love to see them Kurshok.





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