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    Computers, retrogaming, remodeling arcade machines, MAME, writing, Voiceover work. Visit www.everybodyandme.com for my voicework, and www.yestercade.net for everything else.

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  1. I always love the surprise when I stumble into a FM that I have done voicework for, because as a Certified Old Guy, I lose track of them... But some real joy in getting to play this gem! The graphics really take advantage of the latest version, and it is absolutely MASSIVE in scale! My chosen style is knock out everybody you can and get on to the MYSTERIES! I LOVE exploring, and man, this one gives a LOT to explore. I had expected it to be Just Another Mission, but the huge scope is wonderful... kudos to everyone who had a hand in this amazing FM! (And if you like my grieving husband cha
  2. 1) Yep, I do Dark Mod/Thief work for free, just to get the experience; I love doing character work and of course Garrett. 2) Please link me anywhere you like. I have only done a little bit of work for cash, but all experience is good experience, and the more I do, the better I sound. I have been doing a LOT of the Garrett voice for upcoming contest entries, and would love to do more. Usually can do next day for limited stuff, and only a couple of days for bigger roles. Thanks all.
  3. Male Voice Actor on Call with Dark Mod Experience Hi, I am Andrew Bartmess, a talented voice actor, who would like to do some work for you. HISTORY: You can find examples of my work on my website, www.everybodyandme.com. I have “done voices” all my life for church shows, my own amusement, and for D&D gaming, but am now getting traction professionally. My website has many faux-mercials, comedy bits, characters and my radio commercials for WDJO as well, showing off a variety of voices and styles. I am a 58-year-old man, but can be whomever you need: Major Bumble, Ben Franklin, Pirate Pete,
  4. I am ever amazed at what the Internet can do to free us (if it doesn't enslave us first) and the creativity of people doing what they love! Bravo!
  5. Thanks! Always happy to have the chance to do voices...good training for Oneday.
  6. Having enjoyed giving voice to six or so DM missions, I want to branch out...can anyone tell me if there are other games using fan missions where I might apply my voice? I want to move into doing voice work professionally one day, but for now am thrilled to use my talents as donated work for the Dark Mod and others. Visit my website for samples of my work on my demo page, and for a short reel of DM voices I have done, and please...if you have contacts with Skyrim or other modders, contact me. www.everybodyandme.com
  7. Are you talking a few lines in the fashion of the sample builder voices, or a full voice set?
  8. I would love to take a crack at this. Are you still looking? stop by the Demo Page of www.everybodyandme.com to listen to the Dark Mod Reel, a collection of voices I have done for other missions.
  9. I am looking at putting together a full voice set, a light Scot kind of thing. could be a nobel, or a guard. We have a Scottish engineer where I work; swear to God. I love voices, and it is all I can do NOT to mimic him when I talk to him. I know how to open up the existing voicesets, and would love to do mission specific lines based on one of those. I am told I could probably carry off something for the cynic set.
  10. I think it has been scrubbed from everywhere public that I see. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.
  11. Having finished up a number of voices for LarryG, Gort, and Goldwell, I am open for any other voice work that may be needed. I have gotten great reviews as a Lord, Guard, Scientist, Drunk and Ferrymaster, and would love to put my voice to work for YOU! I’m pretty good at mimicry, having done lines to match one of the Lord voice sets, and could probably match others...pick one and let me try for you. Contact me here, and listen to Dark Mod and other demos at http://www.everybodyandme.com/demos.htm! Also, on the advice of one of the developers, I took a look at the Cynic voice set, and th
  12. Looking at the voice list on the refereanced web page...would like to do a set. Do you have a particular type you need? Lord? Ruffian? Guard? I can take a few lines for any type you want and send you a spec file to see if you like them. I now have a couple of recording projects here, but could save samples next week if you will define a type.
  13. Thanks to those who have educated me on the Zippy thing. It's going to make this Glorious Endeavor a lot easier.
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