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  1. Hey, sorry for the long wait, I tried to delete the Darmod.cfg completely and let the game create a new one upon starting, and the issue persisted. I captured a few screenshots I will attach under the spoiler. they are all captured inside the arsenal building, two up at the kitchen, the other two in the basement, near the grate with the arrow next to it. It might not be obvious on all pictures, but I've tried to capture the reflection of the moon in the skybox inside a building that had a very clear defined roof above the surface with the reflection.
  2. Hey, I'd like to report a possible bug. Might be related to the mission itself, might be releated to the 2.08 update, not sure yet, but I didn't notice it before. All the water "pool" surfaces reflect the sky box as it is, even for water reflections that are inside a building. Maybe some sort of collision detection is missing or glitched? So far, I've noticed this issue in the arsenal building, while the swimmable water in the canal, probably a different object, does not show this property.
  3. I kinda like the rising stealth score. It reminds of the way linux/unix functions work: If it works properly, a return code given is 0, meaning no faults happened, everything went fine. Any score higher than that is indicative of the number of failures that happened. This stealth score is, in my opinion, a very good way to show how many "goof-ups" you made during the mission, how severe they were, and I see it as a sort of an inverse scoring board of how "bad" your performance was, like those used in sports competitions.
  4. Wonderful mission guys, I loved this one a lot. The map struck me as one with a very strong sort of remote city, stuck deep in pagan territory and an with ominous ambience throughout the city. I'd expect such ambience from a horror mission, especially around the woods and inside the sewers. Nice touch, not all horror needs to come from the undead.
  5. Hi Kingsal! Can you please check the link to the dropbox download you left in the first post? I'm getting an error 404 when trying to access it (has it been moved or deleted?), and since there are some issues with the dark mod servers, I am unable to locate a way to download the latest version.
  6. Hey guys, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but there was some mention of sudden fps drops throughout the mission, and I noticed that I was experiencing severe fps drops around some specific models used in the map. Specifically, while looking at the wooden doors and windows models, such as the doors right at the start of the mission where you pick up the map and the windows used around the lighthouse. Are those Sprignheel's custom models that were at some point criticized for using too much CPU while being drawn in line of sight? Don't get me wrong, it was a fun little mission, one I enjoyed a lot. Cool atmosphere, a chilling villain with his creepy hidden base, and a dozen little connected stories of personal misery that tie in quite well with each other (like all the fuss with the docked ship and how it affected the whole neighborhood). The design of the docks made no sense to me at first, but then it got me wondering. The way the docks are made makes no sense for a lighthouse to be placed where it is, but then again, it could be that he lighthouse was older than the current design of the docks, and at some point as the docks were built around in a different fashion, it was no longer needed and got replaced with a new one on a different position, one we cannot see but can presume is there since there is an opening through which ships can still come in and leave. That would explain to me at least why the top floor room of the lighthouse was all bricked up. Grayman, am I just musing too much at 1 in the morning or is there some specific reason why is it made that way (other than saving processor time it would take to load a fully developed model of a coast instead of a blank white wall)?
  7. Hey kingsal, a pleasure to play one of your maps, as always. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and certainly didn't expect the Volta series to turn in this direction. As for the rest of my post, I'm afraid It'll have to go under spoilers, since I have a lot on my mind that might warrant such a tag.
  8. Hi Goldwell, congrats on a terrific mission! I just wanted to get some sleep before work, check up the status on the forums to see what's happening, and before you know it, I'm playing this until 3 am (I had to finish it NOW, sleep be damned).
  9. Anyone take a look yet? I keep seeing this every time so it can't be hard to reproduce.
  10. I just noticed something that might be an issue with 2.05 version (as I didn't notice it while playing before). At the start of the first mission, it seems that the blue fog effect meant to be present inside the water pupming station stretches out into the sky and creates a solid block of blue instead of just being visible inside the station. Did anyone else notice this problem?
  11. Hey Kingsal, you've made a terrific mission, one of the very best, and certainly right up there with the thief feel (although to me it seems to be more Metal age feel than Dark project, but that is all right in my book). I am anxiously awaiting the new version (who doesn't?), and certainly look forward to the next one, and there are a few things I would like to ask before that. Would it be too much to ask for a list of bug fixes for the new version? I know it's not standard practice, but I've seen some mappers edit the initial post with the changelog for each new release (Dragofer, to be precise, but there might be others). It ticks my OCD knowing there is a new release but not knowing what has been fixed. Also, one thing that keeps bugging me: What is that model/object used for room labels? Is it some form of a miniature map, and why that one? At first I though it was a map of the house itself and pointing out where you where (and I thought, he didn't go THAT far, now did he?), but on a closer inspection, I was a bit disappointed to see it was just a generic map texture. Other than that, this mission is pure gold. Keep up the good work! EDIT: One more question. What is that room seen in the last picture in the initial post? I've finished the first version of the map but I don't seem to recall where that might be, so if it's something that was added later on, that could be the reason why I've missed it.
  12. Absolutely stunning mission Dragofer, congrats on the masterpiece. I can't wait to see the next part! Love the atmosphere and the subtle background sounds. So far no other mission had such perfect ambience. Even though the dark mod has a much larger collection of ambient sounds in comparisson to any Thief game, most of them are used around different maps all the time to the point that they become somewhat repetitive, but with the ambience presented here I actually feel like I'm playing an entirely different game, and the sounds here serve to immerse more than distract from the experience. One thing bothers me, though. I've finished the mission a few times while it was still in version 1.0 (I'm a sucker for Lovecraft, and the vibe felt somehow familiar even before I read your initial post and the connection with the Terrible old man), and after version 1.1 came, I had to download it right away to play through the improved version, but I noticed I can't pick up objects that can be interacted with. More precisely, I'm having trouble with picking up bodies and interactable objects, like candles and dishes, while everything works fine for readables, doors, loot and inventory items. I thought it must've been something with the settings in my version of the dark mod, but after loading some other missions I see the issue is specific to this mission. I've also noticed the guards that could sit down and stand up tread against the chair indefinitely instead of sitting down. Did anyone else see this issue? Sorry if I posted in the wrong section, I'm pretty new to the forum and this is my second post so far.
  13. Hello Goldwell, I had to make an account just to comment on this mission. I must say, as someone who played through every possible dark mod mission so far, this is definitely my favorite, along with King of diamonds. At first, I thought it would be a short, walled in mission, but boy, did I underestimate it (for some reason A noble home did not sit that well with me, so I consider this to be a grand opening of the series). I know a lot of the posts here seem to be overly critical about your work on this gem (as might my own post soon turn out to be), but you have to understand that when you see something so close to perfection in a mission, you are just left with that annoying feeling of frustration that it missed a mile by an inch, and you don't want it to be perfect,YOU HAVE TO. Now, for some spoilers. And now to the point why I'm even writing this. Haters will always hate. Please don't give up on this one, I'm dying to see the next installment. I've already written what I believe should be improved, but feel free to completely ignore it. It is your work, after all.
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