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  1. Ok doing this now, however it's downloading the whole shebang again! That's ok though, I have the day off from work. Again, I appreciate all the help and will let you know if it works this time. Funny thing is, I had TDM on my hard drive around a year ago, and never had a problem. I'm obviously not the brightest star in the universe when it comes to this stuff.
  2. Yes it is. I also made sure I have the correct patch installed and apparently I do. Although I checked the TDM launcher text file and found this; Path to tdmlauncher is C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\darkmod\tdm_update_win\tdmlauncher.exe Darkmod directory is C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\darkmod\tdm_update_win\ Darkmod directory after normalisation is C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\darkmod\tdm_update_win Trying default value for engine executable: C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\darkmod\DOOM3.exe Could not find engine executable at default locations, will be searching command line arguments for a path to doom3 executable. Engine path after normalisation is C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\darkmod\DOOM3.exe Could not find 'currentfm.txt' file in C:/Program Files/DOOM 3/darkmod/tdm_update_win/currentfm.txt Current FM is: Using the following argument vector: #0: +set #1: fs_game #2: darkmod Starting process C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\darkmod\DOOM3.exe +set fs_game darkmod Error spawning the D3 process: No such file or directory Closing logfile.
  3. Haha. Oh man. This is gettin good. I clicked on the updater and low and behold, there was the TDM Launcher.exe! However when I clicked on it nothing happened, so I went to the updater again, it dl's a couple of files and it said all was good. So I clicked on the launcher again, and again, nothing happens. No clue. And thanks for all your help.
  4. I'm about ready to hang it up. When I double click the darkmod folder this is what is in there. There are folders for def, guis, maps, materials, models, skins, sounds, tdm_update_win, textures, xdata, darkmod, (which is a text doc), install splash, readme, and starting map. That's all that's in there and this is after re-installing TDM. There is no TDMlauncher exe in there.
  5. Thanks again, and I apologize for my lack of common sense in this area. I checked the D3 folder and there are 2 exe's in there. One says Doom 3 and the other says Doom3ded. Is that the one I use? Thanks. I'm just redownloading the whole app now. Probably missed something. thx again.
  6. OK I did that. BTW; thanks all the for quick answers. All I have in there now is the training mission, however when I go to the new exe in the darkmod folder it just trys to install everything again. Again, thanks all.
  7. Haha. Thank you for the prompt reply. Now I have another problem. The Dark Mod finished downloading however I screwed up as usual. I Dl'd the DM update before sending it to the darkmod folder. Should I just start a new download of DM or is there some way to fix my idiocy???
  8. I'm Dl'ing DM now and it says to create a folder in the D3 directory, so I tried to copy C:\Games\Doom3\darkmod into my Doom3 folder however when I go to create a new folder it says I can't use backslash/ or semi colon etc in the "new folder" name. Can I just copy and paste it into the config folder with notepad? I'm obviously not very bright in this area so any help would be appreciated. BTW; On Vista 32 bit.
  9. Thanks for the help. I've finished the mission and can't believe the amount of gameplay in a 10MB download. Amazing. Very reminiscent of T1. Although getting my sorry ass out of there with my cohort was very hard. So.... We can expect The Glenham Tower to be released tomorrow? Haha.
  10. Ok couple more questions. I've avoided reading spoilers in this thread, so if my questions have been answered prior to this, I apologize. I have to say, this is my favorite mission to this point for TDM, (even though I've yet to get Butternut out), and that's saying a lot, because I've found them all very good. I found it very difficult, but in a good way. Great readables, tons of tension, and even some occult stuff. Fantastic! I agree there should be a sequel.
  11. Wow! This mission is fantastic. Anyway, thanks for this awesome mission. TDM just keeps getting better and better. BTW; Noticed some strange AI behavior in this one, and most others as well. Must be a TDM thing. But had never seen this before and it was actually pretty funny. Several times in this mission a guard would sit on his sword instead of a chair, which was always nearby. And the sharp end was up his ass!
  12. Man I feel like a real idiot. I cannot for the life of me find the keys for the evidence room. (which is where I hope I'll get my tools!). I found the note saying someone had lost it but it seems like I've scoured every room, and can't find the damn thing. Even went back outside looking around for it. A little nudge would be nice. I'm playing on hard, and when it says hard in this mission it means it! But in a good way. The AI seems to go in every room and to me anyways, seem to go in them at random times, which makes for some very tense situations.
  13. 1 hour? Haha, it took me 2 hrs. 7 min. Just started mission 2, and so far very impressed with the whole campaign.
  14. I've had a few problems with the mission, although just started. In the right corner near the water factory, there is a wooden beam. One of them is fairly low, so I shot a rope arrow up to ledge, then shot another one up to the top of the building. I was able to climb up, mantle, then bear to the left, figuring that may be a way into the factory. I looked down and could see into the interior of the factory with the water etc, but it wouldn't let me in that way. You could tell it was the edge of the map. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Maybe I need to re-install? I also had one crash after reloading a quicksave. The game just froze up and had to ctr, alt, del to get out of the game. No error message. I've also had several instances of getting "stuck" in the mission where I can't move. eg; being able to lean left and right, but can't go forward or backwards forcing a reload. This may be a general problem with the mod though, because it's happened in other missions. I had no problems downloading and installing the mission/missions and it looks great as well, and like I said just started, but wondering if anyone else has run into these issues.
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