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  1. Nice little mission. Liked the layout and gameplay. Good job!
  2. I really liked this mission. Considering it is a small map it is stuffed with gameplay. First thing I noticed was climbing over the gate from the starting point. It is just a small feature but I love it. It is something that you missed in thief. The design of the architecture sometimes felt a little off imo but nothing major. The warehouse was creepy, a true place fit for a psycopath. I played it on expert and took me about an hour and half to complete it. Briljant design as in gameplay. You managed to use lott of space that is actuall functional for the player instead of just "pretty space".
  3. Nice mission. Lots of details in the architecture, I allways like to see that in missions. Nice gameplay as well. Yeah saw that as well, loved it!
  4. Nice mission. Played it on expert and I had trouble blackjacking the guards. But I have trouble with that on other missions as well. But that is just getting used to the play style of TDM I guess. I liked the optional objective of replacing the crown for a fake, shame it wasn't set as a sepperate objective since I like the sound of getting a objective completed but hey, it is nice to do it anyway. The getting in part was a nice way of desinging the mission. The layout in overall was very well done. Good job!
  5. Nice little mission. Old fasion thief play style. Nice!
  6. Hey, I am a newbie at DR. Last time I have touched Dromed was about 5 years ago and even I did released a couple of missions I was never good at it. Also I have no illusions I will ever be good with DR either. But I don't mind that. I loved working with Dromed and now that I have found that DR is allive and kicking I am gonna give it a go at it. So I am new at DR and following the wiki tutorials and started with A - Z Beginner Full Guide. At current stage I am at page 2 and noticed that there are some things different from the version of DR that I am using. (DarkRadiant 1.2.2) and I guess f
  7. Peldra

    First time

    Yeah I noticed the list of fm's allready out there. I think I will follow the release date to play them all. So I just started with Tears of Saint Lucia. aaah, it feels like discovering Thief all over again (edit) Just finished Saint Lucia. Played it on easy. It is a really nice fm. I love the climbing in this mod. It is so easy compared to Thief 1 and 2. For some reason tho the objective of getting the relic seemed a bit buggy. After completing it, it sometimes showed as completed and sometimes it didn't. So after getting everything done and when I got back to the starting point I conside
  8. Peldra

    First time

    Hello, Today I went back to ttlg since a long time away from there and notice The Dark Mod is up and running. So I dusted my copie of Doom 3 and did the needed prep for running through the training mission. After fooling arround for about an hour or so I wiped the drool of my face and got back to reality. I am sure you guys have received the proper cheers and everything for it, but I also want to praise you guys about the AWESOMENESS of this. The work you all have done stuns me. I haven't finished the training mission yet since I am a slow player and I want to really try out stuff. So far it
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