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  1. I' m aware of that, but my goal is to make it as convenient as possible for the guest.
  2. You guys like creativity, interesting architecture and unique gameplay? Then NICKED is your man and was our guest this time. We mainly talked about his outstanding puzzle mission “Malazar’s Inscrutable Tower” – the inspirations, techniques and gameplay tweaks he added and also his work in general considering “Sturmdrang Peak”, “The Turning of the Leaves” or “The Violent End of Duncan Malveine”. It was a pleasure. We’re sorry that the audio/connection quality isn’t as great as we want it to be..but in lockdown times the internet seems to be a bit stressed out. Hope you can still enjoy it.
  3. Welcome back Taffers, it’s 2021 and after a little break we are back with a new episode. This time I met with the Youtber “STEALTH DOCS” or the other Alex (check out his Channel here ) who dedicates his Channel to analyzes of Stealth Games which was our topic this time. Stealth Games in general. It’s not totally Thief related but of course Thief plays a big role. Hope you Taffers will enjoy it available on Spotify, iTunes and every Podcast App Visit the episode on YouTube Download the MP3 here
  4. Thanks for your suggestion but the podcast already exists for 1,5 years We meet with the FM authors if possible and discuss the creation etc. Sometimes we even have original Thief Creators or guys like klatremus who does supreme ghost runs
  5. thank you for your fast reply,so you as a guest would be perfect actually, it's always the best way to experience the first steps from someone who was involved at that time. You wouldn't be the first non native english guest, me and my podcast buddy Nex are neither. So I would really appreciate your appearance. Thank you, that's so great, and since greebo already recommended you for specific aspects you would also be a perfect fit Ok those are quite a few guys..let's see if somebody would be happy to join. by the way, I just finished your Skulduggery missions all in a row yest
  6. Hello fellow Taffers, I haven‘t really been active on the DarkMod Forums but I’m enjoying the mod since its early days when it just came out. (I even bought doom 3 to make it run ) Some of you might know me from the inofficial Thief Podcast “Inside at Last” (check it out here or search for it on you favorite podcast app or spotify) and that’s the reason I’m posting here. I’m not so familiar with the DarkMod scene but I’m sure you guys can help me. I want to do an episode about the DarkMod and for that I need guests that are experts on that topic. Of course it would be great to have
  7. mmmmmhhhhhh......maybe you're right....but my problem is.....maybe it gets to boring...because sometimes discovering things takes time....but you're right at this point of view ....i'll sleep over it..thanks think like i did it in mission 3 was quite that what i wanted to give...an all in all overview...but not too deep
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