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  1. As a general proviso, I would caution against using well optimized missions like "Written in Stone" for evaluating this BVH feature. While it might be desirable that the heuristic detect when a mapper has done considerable work with visportals and culling to evade the necessity of BVH culling evaluations and disable them, it's entirely unclear whether any such heuristic is even feasible. The BVH feature is for very poorly optimized missions. It should have negligible impact on optimized missions while drastically improving poorly optimized ones. I'll try to replicate locally but I would not expect too much more work to improve things here. I guess it might be cool if there were an entity flag to bypass BVH for mappers who are experts at optimization? ( LOD \ SEED flags already bypass it in the latest builds as I recall )

  2. 1 hour ago, Daft Mugi said:

    That made the FPS a steady 60 fps.

    So, what does that tell us?

    The BVH optimization that splits models might be doing too much work in that scene.

    What might be informative is if you uncap FPS ( com_fixedTic 1 ) and try setting r_modelBvhBuild back to the default setting. It may be that it doesn't properly work with capped FPS for some reason? Also see what happens with Frontend Accelleration enabled and uncapped FPS when you toggle r_modelBvhBuild to different modes.

  3. Not sure you understand the feature.

    That transparent geometry IS WHY these these are called "volumetric".

    All Doom 3 \ TDM lights use light volumes but the new "volumetric" lights are meant to render

    God Rays, light shafts, etc by filling the light volume with transparent dust \ fog.

    When you disable the volumetric feature the lights go back to being standard TDM lights with no God Rays and dust.

    The other rays and dust in the scene above are made by particles and patches.

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  4. It seems that there is a reverse engineer group ( Amernime \ Nimez ) who are back-porting newer AMD drivers to older GPU versions. Terrascale 1 support is currently a "work in progress" :


    If you are interested, they might have beta versions up on their terrascale discord. The downside is that these are community created drivers rather than official ones by AMD.

    Maybe AMD will release some sort of maintenance for terascale like they did for some of their other old GPU's.


  5. Hmm...

    The texture name and path are the same...

    See if there is another material that has "textures/darkmod/sfx/thunderpuff" as it's name and see if it has a sort value. If it is set to sort last ( so that it renders over water ) it might be fighting with itself when the particles are dense. That said, new custom materials should generally have a different name to the texture path since the material will use the texture name as a path location (  a sorta sloppy inheritance design meant to supposedly make things easier for compound materials that reference other materials )

    I'll look into it tonight if I get a chance.

  6. 14 minutes ago, SeriousToni said:

    Thanks. Yes it has an alpha channel, I checked twice :)

    What do you mean by set the rgb value as vertex?

    qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/sfx/thunderpuff
    blend blend
    map textures/darkmod/sfx/thunderpuff
    rgb 1.0


  7. 29 minutes ago, SeriousToni said:

    Yeah I tried and it looks really fine in the particle editor itself (preview window on the right). However whatever I setup as fade in / out fraction seems to be ignored entirely when ingame. Just like the RGBA settings. And I can't tell why. Shouldn't be the result in the DR particle editor the same as ingame?

    EDIT: Hm must be some kind of shader problem - since when I use dustfog instead of my own shader spriteit properly gives those colour values and also the fading. Damn - I don't like the standard fog sprite...

    Fade is controlled by vertex color. You might be able to get it working better by adding the rgb keyword to the material.

    Also, perhaps the "textures/darkmod/sfx/thunderpuff" texture has no alpha channel? If so, you could use the makeAlpha keyword and a grayscale texture to give it alpha.


  8. Beyond trying older versions like 2.06 or 2.05, I will request that you try the latest Dev Build:

    I believe that some shaders have been restructured to remove requirements around bindless textures and AZDO behaviors since 2.10

  9. Thanks!

    Looks like the driver isn't fully OpenGL 3.2 compliant? Strange as I thought even older cards had OpenGL 4.x support.


    OpenGL vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.                                           
    OpenGL renderer: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics                                      
    OpenGL version: 3.3.11672 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context compatibility
    Checking required OpenGL features...                                           
    v - using GL_VERSION_3_3                                                       
    v - using GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc                                      
    v - using WGL_VERSION_1_0                                                      
    v - using WGL_ARB_pixel_format                                                 
    Checking optional OpenGL extensions...                                         
    v - using GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic                                    
        maxTextureAnisotropy: 16.000000                                            
    X - GL_ARB_stencil_texturing not found                                         
    X - GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test not found                                         
    X - GL_ARB_buffer_storage not found                                            
    v - using GL_ARB_texture_storage                                               
    X - GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect not found                                       
    X - GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_binding not found                                     
    X - GL_ARB_bindless_texture not found                                          
    v - using GL_ARB_compatibility                                                 
    X - GL_KHR_debug not found                                                     
    v - using WGL_EXT_swap_control                                                 
    Max active texture units in fragment shader: 16                                
    Max combined texture units: 32                                                 
    Max anti-aliasing samples: 4                                                   
    Max geometry output vertices: 1024                                             
    Max geometry output components: 16384                                          
    Max vertex attribs: 29                                                         
    ---------- R_ReloadGLSLPrograms_f -----------                                  
    Linking GLSL program cubeMap ...                                               
    Linking GLSL program bumpyEnvironment ...                                      
    Linking GLSL program depthAlpha ...                                            
    Linking GLSL program fog ...                                                   
    Linking GLSL program oldStage ...                                              
    Linking GLSL program blend ...                                                 
    Linking GLSL program stencilshadow ...                                         
    Linking GLSL program shadowMapA ...                                            
    Linking GLSL program shadowMapN ...                                            
    Linking GLSL program shadowMapNG ...                                           
    Linking GLSL program ambientInteraction ...                                    
    Linking GLSL program interactionStencil ...                                    
    Linking GLSL program interactionShadowMaps ...                                 
    WARNING:Compiling shader file interactionMultiLight.fs failed:                 
    Fragment shader failed to compile with the following errors:                   
    ERROR: 0:15: error(#106) Version number not supported by GL2                   
    ERROR: 0:85: error(#202) No matching overloaded function found textureGather   
    WARNING: 0:85: warning(#402) Implicit truncation of vector from size 1 to size
    ERROR: error(#273) 2 compilation errors.  No code generated                    
    File indexes:                                                                  
      0 - interactionMultiLight.fs                                                 
      1 - tdm_shadowmaps.glsl                                                      
    WARNING:Failed to attach shader interactionMultiLight.fs to program            


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