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  1. I have decided to chronicle my foolish attempts to get a P4 3.4Ghz (Northwood) CPU without my wife closing in on my activities. In my previous caper, I wanted the ability to play the Ghostbusters game and was below specification in several key areas: RAM: 512MB (needed to be 2GB) Video Card: Radeon 9500 Pro (Needed SM 3.0 capability) Hard Drive 120GB (needed more space or there would be conflicts about Photos verses Games... ) So I first tried to lobby for the additional RAM as it would improve Photo editing performance. But this was always delayed. Then I was struck with the "luck" of hardware problems in the Hard Drive. I was able to convince my wife that the RAM upgrade would go great with the new Hard Drive. (Phase 1, complete) So then I begged for the Video Card as a combined Birthday/X-mas/Fathers Day gift. I was given a paltry $65 limit. I found an HD3850 AGP at Mwave for just above my allowance and ordered it. When the card arrived, I found that is was wrongly labeled and was in-fact a PCI-E card. This setback was after all kinds of harrowing arguments about how I waste too much time and money on video games (my dusty ole Gamecube begs to differ). A co-worker got wind of my predicament and offered his 7300GT for $45. After looking at reviews I found that the card was just shy of a 6600GT performance-wise and decided to jump. The new card allowed me to crank-up the IQ in HL2 and Doom 3 (and thus TDM Saint Lucia) and I was even able to play the Batman AA demo (at very low resolution). (Phase 2, complete) Now I needed the Ghostbusters game! I had to wait 'till the year rolled around again and traded my Best Buy gift cards for permission to buy the game on Steam. It ran like a dog. After tweaking and fussing for over 2 months, I found some nVidia beta drivers on nvnews that pepped it up to playable at 800x600. But I was bothered that the Stay Puft level was still so slow. (Phase 3, complete) Now I had my sights on a better video card and decided I would have to take more drastic measures. I told my wife's friend's husband about my need to complete this objective and all my secret plans. He must've relayed this to his wife because she informed me that her co-worker needed PC repair! I arranged meetings before and after work to collect and return the infected laptop. After two secret trips to the bank to convert the personal check, I had accumulated $65. . So back to square 1 sorta. (Another set-back) My wife found the money and discovered the scheme. (she took all the money). (Back to work) My father-in-law secretly gave me a gift of $100 (he must've intuited my tortured life). I took this as Karma and secretly transferred the cash to a cash-card. I ordered the HD4650 online and had it shipped to my Grandma's house. When it arrived I was able to justify my late visit to Grandma and sneak the card into the house, AND... install the card, all in the same evening. I even had enough money left on the card to order HL2 EP1 and EP2! My wife had no idea that a new video-card was screaming away in that old case! Ghostbusters was still sluggish but seemed more playable at higher resolutions. But there were unbearable intermittent lockups!!! I was afraid that I had wasted all that effort. I was using the latest Catalyst AGP Hotfix so I decided to try older drivers. I found that 9.10 was the last version with SmartGart (so I could do stuff like disabling Fast-Writes if necessary...). This driver smoothed out all the lockups and left me with only slowdowns (which was acceptable). I was able to tour the Ghostbusters' HQ at 1280x1024 very smoothly. The Stay Puft level is still slow and now I pine (a little) for a faster CPU as some forum posters claim that 3.4Ghz is enough to get over the hump on that level. (Mission Complete?) So, somehow my wife became suspicious a couple of months later. She wouldn't stop badgering me about some secret she claimed I was hiding. I finally relented (needed sleep) and revealed my caper. So I am in the dog house. (Mission Fail? ...or setup for a Sequel!) So I got back around to putting The Dark Mod back into Doom 3. This time it was MUCH slicker and there a bunch of Fan Missions to complete. I was happy again! But then the NHAT campaign arrived. I was looking forward to wandering that Forest level in the screenshots!!! After much acrimony, I found that my poor old CPU was (yet again) defeated by a modern game. So now I have decided! I must find a way to get enough dough for a Northwood 3.4ghz CPU!!!!! I hope you will laugh along as I fumble my way to better computer hardware. (or pity my worthless soul).
  2. nbohr1more

    Ruiner Mod

    I keep waiting for this mod and the Hexen mod to be release... (I'm also glad that someone re-uploaded the Raccoon City mod at Doom3world).
  3. P4 3.0ghz 2GB DDR400 HD4650 1GB AGP XP SP3 TDM 1.02 Timedemo @ 1280x1024 1x AF = 37fps (Standard and High Quality) NHAT 3 (Forest) 5fps (or worse) unless looking completely away from the path, then 10-24fps... Most other missions are pretty smooth (hover around 30fps) except "Return to the City" (6fps to 20fps)
  4. I wouldn't mind at least a couple of FMS with that building in 'em. But, I agree, it would be silly if every other map had enormous Cathedrals .
  5. Nope! 7300GT doesn't outperform the 4650 (all is right in the world, no more ATI driver bug conspiracies)... So the CPU is the problem...
  6. I'm surprised that you guys haven't borrowed from some of those maps before... If you haven't looked into it, Gatehouse seems to have some architectural stuff that you might like (the author might be more sensitive about using 'em from the looks of the read-me though...) By the way you just HAVE to play Gatehouse while running Denton's Mod 2.02!!!
  7. ...and I will laugh if my Geforce 7300 runs this map better
  8. ATI 4650 AGP... Lowering the resolution actually makes things worse (well 1024x768 is about the same but 800x600 and 640x480 are slide-shows)
  9. I saw a Doom3World thread about it and it reminded me of TDM... Doesn't bother me either way but I thought I would mention it for anyone who might have a vested interest. I just wish there were more maps like Shamblers Castle and Gatehouse
  10. Bah! As I feared, disabling the moon beams did not significantly improve the situation. My P4 3.0ghz is too weak for this map (I will keep a glimmer of hope that ATI will somehow reduce the CPU overhead for their OpenGL driver and and... grumble grumble... new PC ) For the curious, I went into the texture sfx01 pk4 file and renamed the "light_rays" items. I didn't think this was it initially because the call was to: textures/darkmod/sfx/moon_light_rays ... but I guess that reference is inside the "light_rays" file?
  11. I should've specified Torch... NHAT 3 has lantern... but I'll have to play your map again Nielsen74 (fuzzy memory) sorry if I offended you. I just loved the way the illumination looks on this map.
  12. Aw great! Now you'll never finish yer FMS!!! ... BTW, I think "SP Serengrove - Tudor Town" might be using some TDM assets? (not to start any flames, just sayin' )
  13. Is this the first Fan Mission to use: Also, I couldn't help but have a sense of glee when I saw: (the spoilers are probably excessive...) Great Mission!
  14. If I read JC Denton's thread at Doom3world correctly, HDR is calculated on the GPU but the process is expensive as the output from the "whole engine render" has to be fed back into the shader as a texture??? http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=23226&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&sid=f69a6a929472fcd016eb9c286cc5070d
  15. Yeah I only brought up the GPU because it's known to be Parallel so if Path-finding can be helped by a GPU it can be helped by Multi-Core... not that I would have the skill to help with either... If you need a wise-acre armchair developer I can send you links to SDK stuff and theoretical approaches all day
  16. ATI Showed an SDK sample of GPU accelerated path-finding... so that part of the AI equation has been shown to be a parallel workload. (I have no idea how hard it would be to do the same for an Open Source team and on a CPU???). But I've heard that most other AI stuff is highly serial. I guess you could give each guard their own thread when we have 12-thread or higher systems in mainstream? I kinda wish some company would pull a PhysX and create an AI accelerator.
  17. ...if Shadow Volumes are not the primary concern (as was always suggested previously), what is the current biggest CPU consumer of concern, physics, AI?
  18. ...Hey! So you're saying I shouldn't request that you make my dinner and wash my dishes? If not, how will my TDM playing experience improve???
  19. Anything helps... especially if you want LOTs of guards patrolling your maps
  20. Nvidia has a technical paper about using the Geometry Shader to generate Shadow Volumes: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPU...ems3_ch11.html You're saying this couldn't be integrated into Id Tech 4? And maybe for older GPU's you could use R2VB??? http://www.lynxengine.com/old-site/atisdk/R2VB%20Shadow%20volume.pdf ...would either approach be feasible?
  21. I actually have a 7300GT as well but it would be an ordeal to dig it out of the basement and install it (because my wife would throw a fit... sore subject... I earned a little side-money to get my current video card...), If it's not too late and I have a wife-free day off (she sometimes works on my weekend) I will do it anyway (curious to see if my moon beam performance issues go away as well...) I recall Vanilla Doom 3 seemed to run just as well on that card (if not better) than my 4650... damn ATI and their crap drivers... the 4650 should SMOKE the 7300GT... (well they are both CPU limited in my system so I cant be too hard on ATI)...
  22. (not that the SFR or sync-ing the engines would be "easy")
  23. Get the entire shadow volume onto the GPU and you'll be fine... (multi-core is secondary to this in my opinion...) But you could just split the screen into sections SFR style and have multiple cores each running an instance of then entire engine...
  24. Weapon-less Melee? Like grabbing a sword-ed arm to prevent a slashing... Kicks... Punches... Tripping... (there was probably some raging debate about this idea already... sorry)
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