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  1. Sorry, Thought it was your next video in the series. Should have looked first before voicing off!!!!!
  2. Shouldn't this new video be Lesson 9 as we already have a Lesson 6???
  3. Hi Melan I can go back one further machine than the Sinclair Spectrum to my very first computer which was a Sinclair ZX81 with 1k of memory!!!! Later on I added a 16k plug in pack which allowed so much more programming. I did a large amount of programming but I still came back to the old tapes as it saved the brain power!!. Like you, I think Lords of Midnight was one of the best along with Doomsdarks Revenge and in fact I am running Lords of Midnight 2013 remake currently
  4. Sorry Sorry Sorry Downloading the zip file again has solved the problem. My apologies
  5. As someone who is retired I have all the time in the world and I thought if I followed the video then it would give me the required knowledge to delve into Dark Radient in order to start producing my own maps. Initially I am groping in the dark without the help that Springheel's video can give me and I am sorry if video is not going to hold my hand as I expected at this stage. My initial posting did highlight a problem I had and I thank you for offering an alternative but I would hope that I don't have to keep raising similar problems in the future.
  6. As someone who has never tried a 3D graphics program before I have to follow the video step by step and its ok saying use something else but why should I have to ask for help when the prefab should be there in the first place if that is what the video says to use!!! If I am expected to find my own way around then I might just as well give it away now before I get too deep into it.
  7. I had been following along with Lesson 3 and had successfully used the prefabs up to when I had to select "mappers-tools" when I found I had no folder by that name in my prefabs main folder. See below https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipM4NVKSqduYOU0Hcd7eaWbUpOPsionVHs6yMd1u
  8. I have a problem following your Lesson 3 in that I have no mapper_tools group in my prefabs that I downloaded??? HELP
  9. Getting "webpage not found" when clicking on link to prefabs download. Link incorrectly points to "prefab" but it should be "prefabs" Mike
  10. I am looking at a street with some sort of shop and a cellar and some rare object hidden somewhere inside. Haven't worked out how to access shop from street yet. Might be from shop frontage or via cellar trapdoor in street (down side of shop?) Shop to have three rooms upstairs and three down I don't know whether this may be a bit ambitious for a first time!! Second thoughts maybe an inn with a wine cellar and accommodation upstairs. That would work I think better
  11. As a newcomer to TDM and having played some of the Missions, please sign me up
  12. Thanks both for that information I will check those threads out. Now up and running, thanks a lot.
  13. Could somebody explain to a complete novice how to install this FM into Thief 2 and also any other FMs please.
  14. Where do I find the advanced options menu please as I am stuck in this endless loop!!!! No worries I have found it. Please ignore
  15. Thanks for prompt reply. I will wait and check tomorrow
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