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  1. I recently ran the updater on the Win7 install but just tried again and the CMD window only just showed itself then disappeared. I just downloaded a fresh copy of the updater and replaced the one in the DarkMod folder with it. I don't know if that causes a total update of all the files to take place again but it seems to be updating a LOT of files now. Will let you know how it works out.
  2. Tried the second mission again, Night Out on the Town, on a different PC running Win7 64bit, it has a GTX295 GFX card and an i7 920 CPU. After the introductory video I click on "Easy" then on "Start this Mission" a message pops up which says: Game Error Couldn't spawn 'ATDM:PROP_LOOTBAG' TO ATTACH TO ENTITY 'ATDM_AI_CITYWATCH_1' That is as far as I get, it let's me exit the game is all.
  3. First I must say how much I love these missions. Always looking for new ones, thanks everyone for all your hard work. I've been reading about people having save game crash issues in the 2nd mission (Night Out On The Town) and have been having the same trouble myself. The first crash happened, while playing, when I tried to load a quicksave game. Stopped using that and went to named save and it started crashing upon loading previous save. When restarting the game itself the save game would work but not loading a save from within the game itself. Tried deleting saves, uninstalling and reinstalling the mission and the problem is still there. What happens is the screen freezes when loading the save with a faint outline of the load/save screen showing. I then have to use ctrl + alt +del and use task manager to quit the game. The following messages appear: #1) Doom 3 has stopped working - Close Program and #2) The color scheme has been changed to Windows Vista Basic. - A running program isn't compatible with certain visual elements of Windows Also tried running the TDM update just in case to no avail. If it helps I am running Vista 64 bit and my computer specs are: Q9650 CPU @3.8GHz with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 9800GX2 GFX card. I've not had this issue with any of the fan missions including the 1st and 3rd missions of this campaign. Again thanks for all your hard work!
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