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  1. Mousecorner problem is now solved. The playonlinux version runs a bit better than the one for linux. However, the mouse sensitivity is awful. I'll move it a direction, then move it back, and it will cause considerable cursor lag. This made changing the sensitivity and starting missions a pain, but it really didn't change much.
  2. Disabling vsync did nothing. I cleared the config and nothing really changed other than the resolution becoming tiny. However, in this lower resolution, if I fiddled with the mouse enough, then it actually would eventually come across the small screen, however, it had extremely.....wonky.....sensitivity. Here is a pastebin of the command you recommended me to use: http://pastebin.com/ZMrVvtCm
  3. I'm running antergos linux. The game is installed, I've changed my resolution in the config file, and everything seems fine, until I load up the game. As soon as I get to the opening menu, my mouse locks to the edges of the screen, and it's nigh impossible for me to move it anywhere else. I've looked through a ton of different articles but nothing seems to help. A fix would be greatly appreciated. I cannot use the ingame config because I can't move the mouse to click on anything. I've tried running it in windowed only to have the same thing happen. I've posted this same thread on reddit but di
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