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  1. I think mission authors do this on purpose, and I was going to ask why. Is it to make it more challenging? I personally have a terrible sense of direction and get lost easily, and stuff like this puts me off. Depending on the map, some places are more easily navigated than others. If a particular environment is very symmetrical (like a lot of office buildings) and the map is disorientating it's not fun IMHO. I know having terrible maps is part of Thief culture, but I wish wrong orientation wasn't part of it. Just finished this with 2991 loot (short of 3000) on medium difficulty. I'm not the best of ferreting out all loot, but I'm not terrible either. Frustrating not to meet the loot goal. Having said all that, it's very well done and challenging. I didn't feel like giving up on the mission objectives and enjoyed dealing with the AI, but felt the loot goal wasn't worth carrying on for. I did however finish the rest of the Corbin series without any difficulty, so this is just some (hopefully) constructive feedback
  2. I wonder if it's something to do with the resolution scaling. I have another strange issue where on some maps if I go underwater everything zooms in, and I lose all perspective. Was going to open a new issue but the screenshots were too big to upload. I mentioned it in the Air Pocket fan mission thread.
  3. Just finished it. I didn't The underwater zoom issue makes the sunken ship unplayable for me (which is looking like it's something to do with my setup, and not the mission itself). I may try to put together some screenshots and ask about it in the tech support section.
  4. Hey @Geep thanks for the detailed reply. It helps to know what's going on behind the scene for sure. And thanks for the hint - will be trying again, not giving up on this one!
  5. OK my main monitor does have speakers, but I never use that. And yeah, although I said I keep my drivers up to date, I only really do it every couple months or so - will do that. Also I put the multi-core back on, with no problems there it seems...
  6. OK so I've tried to play this a couple of times and had to give up. I like that it's unique and the sense of claustrophobia at the start is real, so although I didn't really enjoy it I think it's intentional and achieved its design goal. However the tight spaces and all the junk floating around just makes it painful to navigate. For whatever reason every time I picked something up it would get thrown instead of holding on to it (maybe because I'm in the water?). Also when I submerge it's difficult to see anything, even if I increase the gamma/brightness. I've also got a weird issue: when I got to the mess cabin, whenever I submerge my perspective totally changes - it's like when I go underwater everything seems like it's zoomed in like 4x. I lose all sense of perspective and can't orientate myself. It's hard to explain unless you see it. It was fine before that point - not sure what's happening. I experienced this in another mission as well (think is was William Steele: The Barrens, in the canals). Anyways - not sure if it's Dark Mod issues or something with the mission itself. I don't mean to criticize the mission design, I would love to play it as intended, and would like to try and finish this if anyone has any tips.
  7. played a few missions today and no issues with OpenAL EFX turned off. Perhaps that was the issue? @nbohr1more it looks like from that log that it found OpenAL on all devices (including headphones which would the mainboard audio, which is what I always use) - what makes you think it only found it on Nvidia? BTW this audio support on video cards annoys me to no end - I can never get rid of them. At the risk of sounding ignorant, why does this exist? Do people plug their headphones into their monitors? How do you take advantage of this? Had another problem though which I've not noticed before. When I activate the compass, it shows up in the bottom center just underneath the light gem, so its half-hidden under that. Anyone seen this before?
  8. Yep, which is why I included that setting in my post. However it still happens with that turned off. I am going to try some missions with openal EFX turned off to see if that helps. Will be a few days though before I have feedback.
  9. I'll try disabling EFX. I've been trying to get it to crash again with no success although I did get the stuttering a couple of times when pressing escape to go to the menu. Also I can confirm the problem exists with multi-core turned off. If I type com_allowAVX in the console I get: Unknown command 'com_allowAVX' Also didn't say in my system setup I have a Dell Precision T7500 with stock motherboard. No idea what that supports in terms of sound...
  10. attached crashing.txt Darkmod.cfg
  11. Hi @Amadeus, not it's not just your map, so don't worry It played really well to be honest, I didn't have any performance issues or anything. BTW I did actually finish the mission, with
  12. Great mission - well done Is it possible to
  13. Since I upgraded to 2.07 I keep getting crashes. It can happen at any time, but frequently it occurs when I press escape to pause and go to the main menu. Also sometimes when I quick-save. The music starts getting choppy and then I get the windows spinny wheel and then the 'this program is not responding' dialogue box before it exits. The most recent example is today when playing 'A Good Neighbor'. I have the resolution scaled to about 1/2 (as my graphics card can't hack 4K with its 3 GB RAM). Shadows are set to 'Maps' and Multi-core enhancement is 'On' (although I'm pretty sure I get the same problem with this turned off). Also I noticed that sometimes when I'm idle (like waiting for an AI to move), everything will start chugging, then recover. It's not so bad that I can't play, but it's often enough that something is obviously wrong. I've been keeping my video drivers up to date and all that. Not sure what it is. Also I couldn't quite figure out how to generate a crash log - happy to provide that if someone can tell me how to do it. My system is: Windows 10 Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB Xeon X5675 3.07 GHz 24GB RAM 4K monitor
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