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  1. @duzenko I get a 403 when I try to download that - permissions need tweaking?
  2. I got the trigger_look working, but with a couple of problems: The trigger will activate as soon as I get close to the entity even if I'm walking backwards towards it (i.e. not even looking at it). The 'once' spawnarg doesn't appear to work as expected. I'm triggering a script with this via a atdm:target_callscriptfunction entity, and it fires a second time even though I've set the spawnarg 'once' to '1' on the entity with the trigger_look scriptobject. I am able to stop this using a global flag in my script, but that's a hack if this functionality is available in the script object. UPDATE: It seems to work OK with ai_trigger_look. It doesn't fire multiple times or fire when I'm not looking at the AI. The issues seem to be with 'trigger_look' only. UPDATE 2: I'm an idiot - I just realised that tol_angle is 'tolerance', and the page describes what it means. I put in a value of 90 just to make it work which is is obviously totally inappropriate, so I think it's why it was triggering while I was looking away from it.
  3. OK that makes more sense. I'll update the article accordingly. The reason it didn't work when I tried to include it is because I named my script file wrong (tdm_custom_script.script instead of tdm_custom_scripts.script) One more thing though, the article says: what is 'tol_angle' for? I'm guessing that 'tol_distance' is the same as 'distance' in 'trigger_look' in that it's max distance? it says these are 'parameters', but practically speaking does that mean spawnargs on the AI?
  4. I didn't, no. The article doesn't say you need to. It says to add the spawnarg, and then 'that's it'. Also, the 'trigger_look' and 'ai_trigger_look' are both distributed with TDM (in tdm_base01.pk4\script) - why do I have to include it anywhere? The article says: This makes me think one used to have to do that, but not anymore? I get the same error if I try this on an AI with 'ai_trigger_look' as well. I even tried including it in my FM scripts/ folder along with the include statement. Same error.
  5. I'm trying to play around with the 'trigger_look' functionality described here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Triggering_events_when_looking_at_something The page says: however when I do just that, on map start I get the following error: "Script object 'trigger_look' not found on entity <entity name>". Also, the page goes on to say if you want to use this with an AI, then to "merge trigger_look functions with the AI's script object" and gives an example to download. It also says "See also in the TMD distribution: tdm_base01/script/ai_trigger_look.script". Does this mean we can just set the scriptobject on the AI to "ai_trigger_look" instead of "trigger_look", or do we have to write our own 'merged' script object? It's not clear from that page.
  6. okay I see what you mean now - this material is 2-sided, so even with a patch you see it on either side. In the new version of the map, the last window on the right (which used to be empty) is now a patch textured with 'test_warp', so it's one face but with a 2-sided material. render.map
  7. Let me get this straight: - I change the window so it's only using the warp texture on one face. Does it matter what's on the other side? - I use a material name that doesn't exist. How do I do that? Should I copy/paste the existing shader to a new one, call it 'test_warp' and put that in the map? You won't have it, but is the point that you will write one? Sorry if I'm being thick - just want to make sure I understand before I upload a new version...
  8. Sure, but I'll need you to specify exactly what you need because I don't really understand what's happening on the same level as you do. Name it and I'll add it to the map. If it's not two-sided how do we replicate the issue? Do you want a 'window' with only one face textured with the warp glass?
  9. just had a look, and there is definitely only the one window entity there that was formed from a single brush. If anything else changed I have no idea what is was...
  10. the only other thing I did (and I forgot to mention, sorry) is I made the windows a bit thinner, but that shouldn't have made a difference in terms of the number of surfaces right?
  11. here you go. The warp window on the far right (as you face the water) is now a func_static. render.map
  12. @duzenko you could just change one of the windows that are using clear_warp to a func_static. Do you want me to attach a new version of the test map? If so, is there anything else I can put in it to make it more useful?
  13. I'll let others weigh in on this as well as I'm a relatively inexperienced mapper (I've only got one FM under my belt). How would it work as a material flag? I feel like I wouldn't want to have to fiddle with materials files if I'm just using stock textures. If it was an entity spawnarg, would it go on the window or the water entity? This might be the best for fine-grained control global map parameter - would this be a spawnarg on worldspawn like we do for the shop entity? Would it really affect that many existing missions? Maybe my memory isn't that great, but I don't remember seeing a lot of glass used in existing FMs, but could be totally wrong... I didn't even know you could stretch particles. Or do you mean the size of the patch? Not sure what you mean here
  14. yeah just double-checked, can definitely see the rain splash..
  15. Can you see it if you walk right up to the water (i.e. not through the windows)? I'll double check later, but pretty sure I could see it directly, and through the clear glass window.
  16. I had a similar problem and I raised a bug here: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5986 I updated my graphics driver and the problem went away. You at least get a reason for the compilation failure in your error message. It would be worth updating the bug report with your DR log file.
  17. posted: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21477-water-effects-not-rendered-through-warp-glass/
  18. As requested, a test map to illustrate the issue of water effects not rendering through warp glass. Original thread starts here: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page/437/#comment-475239 tagging @duzenko In the attached map, there are 3 glass windows looking out over 3 different types of water. There is a rain weather patch above it, and a rainsplash patch directly above the water. The middle window is clear glass, and the outer ones are clear warp. You can see that the water isn't visible through the warp glass, nor is the rainsplash. The rain itself is visible through all of them though. render.map
  19. Nice one - I'll knock one up later and post it
  20. Thanks, although I likely wouldn't understand the explanation . Also I think it's just the water textures that's a problem, not rain.
  21. It's simply just a window with 'textures/darkmod/glass/clear_warp', and for example a water entity on the other side textured with 'textures/water_source/water_colored'. If you look at the water entity though the window, it will be invisible and you will only be able to see things underneath or behind it. It's the same with rainsplash (e.g. 'textures/darkmod/weather/rain_splash_moderate') or running water (textures/water_source/water_stream)
  22. I've noticed that some effects aren't visible through glass that has a 'warp' texture. For example, water splashes, water textures, rain, etc. Is this a limitation or is there something I can do to enable it? 'clear glass' works fine however...
  23. You need to ask for access. It's not fully open due to some spamming problem I think that happened in the past (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). And then I think access is only given if the requestor has been around for a bit and has garnered a bit of trust. But the only way it'll ever get fixed is if people keep it up to date. Again, not everyone's first priority, but I've been adding things here and there when I think it's helpful. I wouldn't mind seeing this 'manual' if you care to share it? If not I get it, as I imagine you didn't write it for public consumption...
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