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  1. Damn, I'm not sure I understand this, but the shadow mesh is included. Do you make these models for your fm?
  2. Thanks! Basically there are halfs of potatoes (20 polys). https://drive.google.com/file/d/172LNjtajLcieEa8ceATrlUFtN_N5siXR/view?usp=sharing
  3. My first attempt at working with folds. Any criticism is welcomed. However, this object is already finished, but next time I will try to improve the result.
  4. Yes it is not a balanced texture. By the way, about textures. Does the engine work well with high-resolution textures 1024/2048? I mean when there are many objects with such textures on the screen. In Thief for models I usually use 512.
  5. Bikerdude asked me about new models, but so far I have nothing that I would be willing to share (those things from that screenshot of my thief 2 project, I just tested them in TDM) I adapted for TDM the leather chair that Elvis was making for me.This is .PK4 soul_tear_models. In the future I plan to add other new models to this package.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Xov5E0HZFsdHVrZ3lzeTFoaEk/view?usp=sharing Collision and shadow meshes are included. Completely ready for the game. However, I heard from two people that the shadow mesh only worsens performance. Is it really? These posts were dated in 2014.
  6. Why are you worried about? The topology of these meshes changed beyond recognition (via Decimate modifier in Blender). I do not think there is a way to prove anything.
  7. This is free stuff (archive3d.net). Can be used for any purposes, including commercial. By the way, one of these statues have long been in TDM: the woman with two pitchers (it is also present in Thief 2014). As a rule, most of these models have different issues, they are unfinished and without textures. This is debris from a business perspective. But for us it is the one of good ways to get some new models I think. Yes, but in any case it is an unfinished version.
  8. I found about a dozen free hi-poly (500к-1кк faces) statues of women and animals. I want to try to adapt them for TDM. I will be guided by TDM Aphrodite, she has 4562 faces. For some statues the number of faces can be reduced to 3000, but others may have to be about 7000, otherwise they will get very ugly.I can try different numbers and tested it on my map. But it should be beautiful anyway. Should I do LoD? And how many polygons should include LoDs and shadow meshes for statues? If I'm not mistaken shadow for Aphrodite - 865 polys. The statue on the the shot include 7500 polys (original 60k). If it is critical, I think it is possible to reduce the polys in certain parts (feet, bowl, maybe hair).
  9. Does there exist any library for models as Thief Repository? Or all new models are added to main tdm_models##.pk4? If I made a new model, then where to put it? I understand that I can leave a link in this thread, but if a couple of people download it, it's not effective and other people just may not know about it.
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