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  1. I left it for 8 hours and it downloaded 7 files; it was on "Downloading from Mirror waffles.za.net: tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4" and stuck at 69.4% for an hour after I came back to observe it. It's not going anywhere, I took the log without cutting off the download. It's still stalled at 69.4% at time of typing and that's another 8 hours after that. I don't think this is going anywhere and I have plenty of drive space, df -k has over 300 gigs free.
  2. I've tried following the instructions in the above link, it just hangs ultimately. The log reads: TDM Update Logfile created: Mon Feb 20 23:40:15 2017 TDM Updater v0.66 © 2009-2017 by tels & greebo. Part of The Dark Mod (http://www.thedarkmod.com).
  3. So I'm trying to install this on linux and it seems to start strong but then immediately cease getting new data. I've left it overnight and it still indicates the same files, I don't think it got any new content. Is there some means of specifying mirrors or for that matter a means of going to a mirror directly to get what I need?
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