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  1. I've tested with 2.08 and both are working as intended, even after several repetitions and even if in unusual order.
  2. Hmm, that should both be working (and was thoroughly tested), I'll have to retest that with 2.08.
  3. Yes, lesson learned. Yes, font selection is always a struggle. For some reason, half of them don't seem to work ingame, despite showing in dark radiant, so the selection is rather restricted. It seemed appropriate for a diary.
  4. The invisible wall is unfortunately there because I couldn't get a bug fixed. I think it's ok as a minor annoyance, but will search what causes it. For the lock picking: 3 locks were removed and 2 nerfed in beta, so it was much worse and it's an acceptable number now in my opinion. After all, we are thieves, it's our job. Thank you for the praise!
  5. @Cambridge Spy Thank you for posting the video! It was really fun seeing someone else play the mission!
  6. Mission Name: A Night Of Loot: One Man's Treasure Author: OGDA Build time: 1 month Version: 1.00 Released: 13.06.2020 Type: Shop/House Size: Small Completion time: 30 to 45 minutes Difficulty settings: Higher difficulties require you to find more loot. Story: The thief discovers a tiny antique shop in the city. Download: FM: https://das-kartell.org/files/tdm/anol.pk4 Installation / Storage location should be: [dark mod folder]\fms\anol\anol.pk4 Promotional Screenshots: https://das-kartell.org/files/tdm/anol1.jpg https://das-kartell.org/files/tdm/anol2.jpg https://das-kartell.org/files/tdm/anol3.jpg Trivia: This is my first FM. I've been toying with dark radiant for some time before, but wanted to get something out, so I kept it small. CREDITS go to: Sotha for his Bakery Job Tutorials and Inspiration Acolytesix, Bienie, Cambridge Spy, joebarnin, manzanita-crow and nbohr1more for beta testing and help with improvements Link to the original beta test thread: Warning, heavy spoilers!
  7. Nevermind, it's always the easiest solution that occurs to one last. I set the windows resolution to 1920x1080, which centers the screen on the 32:9 Samsung and TDM then is also centered with black bars.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to run TDM in 16:9 (1920x1080) on a Samsung C49RG94 32:9 monitor. What I want to achieve is not widescreen play (which is working), but I want to play TDM in 16:9 centered with black bars on each side. The PBP (picture by picture) of the monitor doesn't seem to support this (left or right side only, but not centered) and the monitor software "Easy Setting Box" also does not seem able to achive this. So I'm looking for way to either run TDM in fullscreen or in window mode with black bars on each side. In window-mode the two best programs I have found so far were listed here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Borderless_fullscreen_windowed - Borderless Gaming (not the also listed Windowed Borderless Gaming) and - Simple Runtime Window Editor Both were capable to bring TDM in window-mode without borders and disabled windows taskbar in the center of the screen. But the problem, that the rest of the desktop is still visible remains. Is there any known way to run TDM in (preferred) full screen mode with black bars left and right so that it runs in 1980x1080 (or 2560x1440) in 16:9 on a 32:9 widescreen monitor? Currently, if you set a lower aspect ration than that of the monitor, TDM stretches the display (Subnautica for example shows black bars in this case). If that's not possible, is there any known way how to bring the window-mode to show black bars on the side or some comparable reasonable workaround (which doesn't require to delete every icon, permanently hide the taskbar and the set the desktop to black)? Thank you very much! OGDA
  9. I can't find a related texture for rat monster clips. However there is an entity td_defs01.pk4 > AI > AAS_flood > aas_rat_flood Description: This will generate AAS for rats. Is this relevant for my problem and how do I use this?
  10. Hello, is there a spawn_arg I can set on a lever/button/switch which is connected to a door, so that an AI never uses that lever? I have a hidden door, and when fleeing and in proximity, the AI uses the lever to open the hidden door.
  11. Further findings: - only the texture aasobstacle is working (aassolid is not) - Rats completely ignore the obstacle - A city watch guard doesn't enter the obstacle (which has start_on = 1), but as soon as the obstacle has been triggered it never goes back to active. - The guard doesn't leave the obstacle once the door closes again (point above) and when I lure the guard outside the area and reenter it he still follows me (it has nothing do with that he would be already inside the block) It seems I can't get the block to trigger on again by closing the door, once it has been deactivated by the door opening. Any other idea how I can prevent the rats from going the door without specific waypoints and not blocking the room for other ai?
  12. Time to do a thread-necro. ;-) *cast* *cast* I've created two doors. One is connected to a func_aas_obstacle with the texture textures/editor/aasobstacle and the other one is connected to a func_aas_obstacle with the texture textures/editor/aassolid Both entities are set to start_on = 1 There are some rats in the room. The purpose of the obstacles is that the rats don't block the doors from opening (they are big doors rotating in the center). As long as nothing has been touched, it's working as intended, the rats don't approach the func_aas_obstacles in front of the doors (both of them, even though they have different textures). When the doors open, the func_aas_obstacles become inactive and the rats try to get through the doors (don't know why they hate that room so much ). Not working, see below. But when the doors close again, the func_aas_obstacles don't seem to become active again, because the rats stay in that area of the obstacle and even other rats who haven't been in the area of the obstacle can now enter the area in front of the now again closed door. Am I missing something? The func_aas_obstacles have been created by drawing brushes (reaching from the floor to the ceiling in a big enough area in front of the door) and creating a func_aas_obstacle-entity out of that brush. The obstacle touches the door and is targeted by the door.
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