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  1. When loading the map, it crashes and I get a bus error in linux... I'll attach the output log, but I do have an old pc with 4gb of ram, with an old video card; I think I read this is expected with less capable hardware... if so ignore. crash-pw.out
  2. Sneaker


    Is there a way to spawn a mine or flashmine? EDIT: nvm! found it under playertools: "atdm:playertools_mine" and "flashmine"
  3. Yes... I just ran into this. If you don't have "open on unlock" the room stays dark and the grate stays shut.
  4. It's when you're in a mission, then press ESC to goto the menu to, say, save a game that the music plays regardless of the main menu music setting. It will say "off" in the settings but music will be playing. I just verified that toggling that setting while a mission is going doesn't help either; although there is kind of like a blip/reset of the music track when toggling.
  5. I'd like a way to disable music tracks also. I think it's tied to the ambient slider not sfx? I usually have that all the way down because I don't generally like music playing from no where (In context within the game is fine and excellent of course). Also, that reminds me, the main screens don't seem to obey the volume. It's quite jolting to switch out of the game to save your progress and have music playing in your ears full blast.
  6. It is a seg fault that crashes to desktop (fedora 32)... here's the backtrace without the symbols (but maybe someone has that debuginfo?):
  7. Very nice. Just got through first play through (missed many things, but will return).
  8. I really really hate to be a motivation killer, but I love the feel of the path in the first screenshot... more organic (sort of natural overgrowth on the path) and less rigid than a straight path. Nevertheless, incredibly evocative snapshots. It seems like a screenshot of TDM v2.0 ;).
  9. Well now, you know I had to check this out for myself. thanks. You don't have to kill your wife; you can make some noise by banging your sword around or something and then knock her out when she wakes up! no failures. hee hee.
  10. If you're looking for a workaround, I use evrouter for my mouse buttons which I described here (I'd think you could use it the same way for the arrow keys):
  11. Thank you! I really enjoy the christmas themed missions and this one no less.
  12. I'm a bit old-school. For the longest time, I've always just encrypted a simple text file with gnupg by hand. I use this for more than just storing passwords so I prefer this way. I keep this file in sync with various devices with syncthing (distributed/p2p file sync protocol). This doesn't "integrate" with anything, but really, this file is only for the most important stuff I want to save/remember. For the browser I use firefox and I just use its features to manage password. I use firefox accounts to keep passwords in sync. I have multiple accounts (I separate general browsing and
  13. ahh, i see that now in the "Activity" area... hadn't really seen that area. i think a link like this will work for me ok ad others can be customized: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/discover/followed-content/&stream_read=unread&stream_date_type=relative&stream_date_relative_days[val]=365&stream_date_relative_days[unit]=d
  14. Is there any possibility (or configuration on my side) of having notifications have the ability to give the "goto first unread message" or "goto this particular notification/message"? Right now the notification seems to just be a link to the beginning of the thread, which isn't that efficient.
  15. Heh. All is good. I don't get a crash when I enable maps.
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