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  1. The real world European countries used to do trade with heathens even though they were considered pagans, for silk and spice with China and India. Does the Empire have a similar trade with the Pagans of the East, or are they equally as xenophobic to them and just plunder their ships?

  2. What are the favored retrofuturist aesthetics of those here? Do you like Steampunk and the variety of other 'punks it spawned? Do you like the 80s dark scifi like the Alien ship Nostromo with exposed wire, dim lighting, and shadowy metal corridors, like Doom 3? The shiny chrome of what the 1950s thought the space age would be like? 

  3. On 8/26/2021 at 5:52 AM, Zerg Rush said:

    Objectivity, the courage to judge own actions, and common sense are the best alternatives to self-indulgence.

    Thanks man. I've been going through things for a while. Struggling with my own beliefs, wanting to be accepted by others, wondering if I should censor my own beliefs to get approval from my family and acquaintances in a sadly vain hope they'd hang out with me more like they used to when I was younger. Been having a lot on my mind to think about, with the world as a whole, and its effects on my mental well-being and how that carries over into my social life.

  4. 46 minutes ago, Abusimplea said:

    There is only one example where war actually brought freedom - and that was against the highly hierachical and centralized Nazis which started WW2 to conquer Europe.

    Since then, each try on bringing freedom with bombs failed epicly to the point that not even the imperium believes in bringing freedom with bombs anymore.

    ISIS exists, because we systematically bombed away any structure of power that would have prevented that from happening.
    And getting new suicide bomber recruits is dead easy if you search for them in a region where everyone knows someone who lost a family member by drone strike.

    I disagree. The American Revolution brought freedom to the colonies. Then the Civil War brought freedom to the slaves.

  5. 4 hours ago, Abusimplea said:

    A suicide bomber of the "Islamic State" killed 100+ people at Kabul airport.
    So if you really like that war to go on longer, you could also support them.

    Why the hell would I support ISIS if I hate the Taliban? I hate theocracy. And it's not about making the war go on longer, although I don't mind if that happens so long as freedom is maintained for the Afghanistani people and the current terror we see with young war brides being taken and schools being shut down is stopped.

  6. For those of you who have been interested in a wide array of game genres, you may remember the buzz years back for Spore, a game whose online servers shut down not so long ago. Spore was an "evolve your own alien race" game, which got a lot of great publicity and was a lot of fun. I remember a big ad for it in Boston some years back when I visited it on a school trip. Sadly, EA consumed the smaller company that made it, Maxis, and sucked it dry, as it has done to many small game companies. One community within the overarching Spore creator community, started by a user called "Dirtymeat" and 2 others, was Spore UBD, or "Underground By Design". They pushed the engine to the limit to make the normally cutesy game into a horror show, utilizing asymmetrical glitches and other glitches prior to updates that added asymmetry, unique color schemes reminiscent of gore, and unique placement of parts to resemble bones to create mutant abominations. They may have even been responsible for inspiring the later Creepy and Cute parts pack, as well as the spinoff Darkspore. They were usually well received in the community, although there were a few "cute purists" who hated them for making a "cutesy child game" into having a horror subgenres. With the later Galactic Adventures expansion, they were even able to try their hand at horror game adventures within the game.

  7. 2 hours ago, Abusimplea said:

    It really doesn't look like there is any resistance against the Taliban.

    There is plenty of resistance against outsiders bombing wedding ceremonies though...

    There's a resistance group that's holding off the Taliban currently in one of the cities. I'll go search up where again.

    Edit: Ahmad Mahmoud is their leader, in the mountains of Panjshir.

  8. 1 hour ago, Abusimplea said:

    Well, the people that actually live there of course.

    And the Infrastructure is just a side effect of trade. China wants minerals. But they aren't the common colonial power like us westeners. They go the cheap route: Be nice to the locals in power, bring your own infrastructure and get the minerals you want without needing a massive groundforce to control the mines and transport routes.

    Whether the Taliban will just siphon up the money and do like us westeners do - or whether they let the whole population benefit - that only time can tell.
    We know that they are strictly against drugs - so maybe, the USA can at least parrtially just win its war on drugs by not even trying anymore...

    I don't think the Taliban are changed at all. I saw them gunning down protestors on the news. I doubt they care what happens to the "Western-Corrupted Commoners" beyond preventing them from fleeing and utilizing them as a labor force, along with occasionally executing any "infidel" amongst them to scare the populace into obedience. I think we should regroup our troops into where the resistance against the Taliban currently resides and try a pushback.

  9. 2 hours ago, Abusimplea said:

    Let us all hope, that China's politics of "we give you infrastructure and you give us minerals" works out better for the actual people there than USA's "our hellfires bring you freedom and democracy - please tell us any cell phone numbers you want us to blindly bomb".

    Which actual people; though? It's not worth giving infrastructure to a rival civilization who has an authoritarian, murderous theocratic government if it's going to strengthen them to the point they can try and export that toxic cult of theirs to other countries in the form of terrorists and welfare moochers who take advantage of their host countries' supports to enable the worst excesses of their own culture within a culture, including the pervasive nature of cousin marriage which leads to a near-endemic growth of mentally defective births of either special education individuals the state has to give monetary support to, much of which their parents just take and donate to their pro-extremist mosques whilst leaving their mentally disabled kids hanging, or worse, their children are technically neurotypical but suffer from psychological problems such as psychopathy and depression which is taken advantage of by their brutal cult, which espouses that mental health medication and psychiatry is haram and indoctrinated their fragile mental state with ideas of jihad against their "infidel" host countries, resulting in terrorist attacks and child grooming gangs.

  10. Well, I always liked the song "Talk" by Coldplay. The lyrics are about a man talking to his brother and worrying about the future and wanting to talk to him about it. I'm in my mid-twenties and autistic, and my brother in his late teens. Sometimes I feel like I don't hang out with him as much as I should, because when he was younger he looked up to me as funny and smart, knowing cool things and having a wacky sense of humor. But I guess over the years me and him grew apart despite living in the same home. I'm kept in the basement apartment and he has a second floor room of the 3 story house, so we don't get to speak much, especially since to "enable independence" my parents lock the door to my 1 room apartment to make it so i cant come upstairs uninvited. I miss back when me and my brother talked about things; like movies, video games, tv, myths and legends of monsters, and philosophy. So the song resonates with me.

  11. I'd like to hear the thoughts of the people on this board of what they think the future of mankind holds. Will we eventually diverge as a species into multiple descendant races? Or will we somehow keep our baseline DNA and form universally compatible? Will we be a free society or a dystopia? Is the future still malleable depending on the will of the people and the will to risk it all, or do only a small elite control us all with free choice being an illusion? Will we get into interstellar travel, or are we doomed to die when our sun does, if not wipe ourselves out before then?

  12. Hell, depending on whichever of the various factions the rich person who owns the mansion may or may not have ties to, he could have anything from a magical artifact room from links to the Mages, a room of clockwork devices from the Inventors, a room full of illegal substances from smugglers among Thieves, or a secret door in the cellar that leads to a catacomb where they dabble in Necromancy.

  13. Some ideas could include a smoking room with a pool table and a record player along with a bar and drink display. A trophy room filled with trophies of animals real and fantastic like deer and belchers, a wine cellar with a reference to the casque of amontillado with a skeleton behind a bricked up wall, a bathroom with a fine in-floor marble bath, multiple fireplaces, a library filled with readable books on foreign lands and interesting lore and exotic creatures, a couple guest bedrooms, a main bedroom with opulent bedding, a grand entry hall, long hallways with shadows to hide in, stuff like that.

  14. 14 hours ago, Abusimplea said:

    That disclaimer is quite specific though...

    Because that's the main sort of accusation for this sort of stuff. Remember when that jackass Trump was president and accusations went flying that everyone who was dumb enough to support him was actually a KGB agent sitting at a computer desk between Polonium poisoning critics of that manlet Putin?

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