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  1. In the same vein of topic, where else besides a fantasy version of Europe would you like to see in The Dark Mod? Would an Africa-expy be able to bring Witch Doctor type Necromancer pagans, crocodile infested waters, and temples to Pagan gods unheard of by the men of Bridgeport? What about golden idols and degenerate races of Werebeasts, that once ruled a great civilization before a Lovecraftian horror drove them into a mad frenzy of incest, rape, cannibalism, and murderous psychotic breakdown?
  2. What sort of accent did the ancient celts have? Did it sound like modern Irish accents? Another language to have would be the druidic Gauls of France's language.
  3. True. I never was able to finish Amchorhead. I just wandered aimlessly, never found a way past talking to the husband of the player character. Ni spoilers though, please. But a gloomy, rainy night in a seaside town with pagan history would make a good mission. On a semi-related note, I only just now learned that "The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets" has released a new album, "The Dukes of Alhazred". I'm loving it so far. The cover art is pretty hilarious and epic at the same time.
  4. Does anyone else have any ideas for Lovecraftian inspired missions?
  5. That looks awesome, demagogue. Another Lovecraftian item that would make a good Dark Mod mission objective loot would be the Necronomicon, either the Mad Arab version or the Ex Mortis edition from Evil Dead. De Vermiis Mysteriis was already used in the Thomas Porter series, right?
  6. Also, a real life Pagan god with lovecraftian appearance is the giant one eyed marsh worm Crom-Cruach, who demands blood sacrifice.
  7. Another idea for a mission could be based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado", wit the plot being that a wealthy nobleman finds out that his recently deceased father had, years earlier, bricked in his rival in the family wine cellar. But due to the nobleman's debts, he is losing his wealth fast, and has already sold his ancestral home. He hires the player to break into the estate, sneak into the tunnels under the mansion, steal the deed to the murdered man's prosperous shipping company, and deliver it back for a hefty profit.
  8. If conservatism is anything like the authoritarianism that Russia displays, or the religious nuttery the Republicans in America eschew, then I'll vote liberal every day for the rest of my life.
  9. I never really hear the term "roguelike" mean the same thing whenever I hear it pop up in gaming conversations. What is the definition of roguelike?
  10. I disagree Anderson. If people restrict homosexuality, they can restrict interracial marriage and interfaith marriage. It basically says that two people who are in love and give consent can't be with each other. Again, it just sounds like you're a child going "They're icky, so no civil rights for them!"
  11. False. Democratic Republic of the Congo imprisons gays and encourages lynchings of them, all thanks to Christian Missionaries propping up their dictator.
  12. Also, what the fuck? Liberals don't like Russia, and Russia routinely mistreat LGBT people.
  13. I disagree with you, as gays are often horrifically tortured in Africa and the Middle East. We should push to stop that along with gender equality. That's like saying rescuing the Gypsies and Cripples from their death camps gets in the way of saving Jews from their death camps.
  14. This is just an idea dump for anyone who has an idea for a Dark Mod adventure based off of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. As seen in "Down by the Riverside", which was based on the story "The Terrible Old Man". I have an idea for one. A fishing village, located by some marshes, based on Innsmouth, filled with green glowy gold, in the form of primitive armbands, headdresses, pagan god idols, and daggers. Your main objective is to steal an idol of Cthulhu, Dagon, and Hydra, whilst avoiding notice from the Fish Werebeasts and the Hybrid Townsfolks. Another one could be based on "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", could be set in the New World, in Menoan frontier land, where a thief is hired to steal the phylactery of a lich, with said phylactery being the ground up body of the lich mixed with paint and made into a portrait of the lich. You have to sneak in through the river, where zombies have been spotted floating downstream, up through the watery tunnel, into a dungeon/alchemy lab, and creep through the castle to get the painting, whilst avoiding the undead. At the end, the lich could summon a demon like Joseph Curwen did in the book, in a last ditch escape attempt from the mob come to burn down his castle, and the player has to escape the burning mansion, while the demon massacres most of the soldiers sent to kill the lich are slaughtered, and you kill the demon by knocking a crate full of alchemy supplies on it, banishing it.
  15. Also, why are we discussing politics on a game page? Was one of our forum members killed or injured in the attack?
  16. Addendum: We could also offer to airlift women who hate their lot in life in the middle east to Canada, if canada agrees. Basically, we can try and destroy the culture of rape and oppression Islam causes WITHOUT GENOCIDE by making sure the Middle Eastern race survives, but is no longer tainted by belief in the ways of that pedophile prophet and his shitty obsidian rock.
  17. Islam, I believe, needs to be made to modernize the same way European Christianity did. If they refuse, then boycott them. Create eco-friendly oil alternatives and let China deal with them like they did the slave owners in Tibet. I'm socially liberal, and that's why I despise organized religion. As for Anderson, I must say I find your comment on LGBT being given civil rights as "a nonissue" is pretty much bullshit. If we just said "civil rights is a nonissue because rich and powerful nations do not have them", then America would still legalize slavery. Yeah, Islam is a shitty religion, but if we let Middle Eastern refugees come to America and make it clear we will NOT be theocracy, they could choose to become apostate or, at the very least, form a new sect of "Islam Lite" much like how the Catholic Church no longer has torture dungeons and Inquisitors. Basically, we have to lure the citizens away from the shitty religion toward secular humanism. Then, when enough of these moderates have been made, we put them in charge and let them deal with killing their jihad redneck equivalents. Hopefully with deadly force. Alternatively, we could kidnap every Muslim child we can find and raise them to be secularists, and make a kill on site order for every islamic head of state.
  18. Alright. What about Steambeasts? Do they still have files, or were they reskinned Doom 3 enemies too?
  19. Well, the other systems TDM runs on could possibly be ported to the PS4. It would require some legal counsel with Sony to publish it, but it does seem to be possible if enough fans ask. Another question: The wiki doesn't have any pictures of the Ghoul type undead, and I don't know where to find images of them. Were they ever added into the game? Same with steambeasts.
  20. Hey folks, new poster here! I don't actually have the Dark Mod yet, but as a fan of the original Thief series, I decided to look it up, and man am I impressed. Still, I wish to ask about 3 topics. First off, werebeasts. This game has pagans, steambeasts, and undead like the original Thief series. But it has a missing piece: the Beastmen of the Maw of Chaos, and the Kurshok. The Kurshok stand-in could be a standard Deep One fish monster humanoids for water-side missions with a Lovecraftian inspiration, but the other werebeasts could also be Pagans from savage tribes who have made pacts with dark woodland spirits to fuse their flesh with their spirit animal. The second point I'd like to make is that, since the Playstation 4 supports Linux games, and The Dark Mod runs on Linux, could we reasonably see a PS4 release? If it takes a few months to work out the porting and legal technicalities, it would be worth seeing the game brought to consoles, especially since my gaming computer crapped out years ago and I rely on my smartphone to use Internet, and PS4 for games. Finally, I have a mission idea for anyone who can make it. Remember the Resident Evil movie, with the Mansion in the mountains leading to a series of underground laboratories in a "Hive"? Well, what about going to steal from a mansion in the mountains north of Bridgeport, that is owned by the mysterious "Raincoat Company", which is a secret cabal of Necromancers posing as a medical guild. The mansion has a series of catacombs hidden under it, called "The Nest", and has been overrun by an advanced Zombie Plague, which has resulted in multiple undead specimens escaping. The "Blue King", the disembodied spirit of an Arch-Necromancer, has gone insane and wants to set off the oil pipes that run throughout the catacombs and alchemy labs, to destroy all undead test subjects, evidence of the true nature of the Raincoat Company, and kill the player, the last witness. Goals would be to: steal as much of the valuables in the mansion, steal as much evidence as possible to sell to the Church, and steal as much research notes and alchemy equipment as possible to sell on the magical black market. The main goal is to escape from The Nest as soon as possible once the Blue King initiates the demolition. Anybody like this idea? There could be fire gouts in a tunnel to simulate the laser corridor from the movie.
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