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  1. Although, admittedly, the whole Fluffy Pony phenomena has mutated into its own thing. The creatures look cuddly and friendly, and sound like annoying cartoon fluffballs, but they're horrible creatures. Some in the community liken them to Chaos from Warhammer, being lust, wrath, manipulation, and filth put in a tiny, inefficient body. This leads to them being ripped apart by people, who have an immense irrational hatred for all of them due to the actions of their leader caste, violent sociopaths called "smarties" that partake in rape, murder, and foal rape against other fluffies, the only creatures weak enough for a fluffy to hurt is another fluffy.
  2. I mean people who masturbate to cartoon horses. If you like the show, fine, but grown men drawing "clop erotica" is a bit... disturbing. And when you tell them that it's kind of weird, they get REALLY defensive about it.
  3. If you're like me, you hate all these grown-ass men saying "OHHH I love this little girl's show about ponies for THA STOREEZ!" When in reality they're jacking off to cartoon horses. Well, I discovered the ultimate way to troll bronies. There's this site called "Fluffybooru" and they wrote their own story to piss of bronies and made a collective fanon of it. Hasbro's genetic engineering wing makes pet Fluffy Ponies to sell to all the neckbeards, able to talk, but riddled with flaws. PETA releases the little shitrats, and they become major sapient pests. So now, they're classified as biotoys, and can be maimed and mutilated legally. So people draw retarded fuzz covered horses getting raped and mutilated in hideously heinous ways to troll,these cloppin' freaks. TROLOLOL!
  4. Not that I know if. I just want to compile what we would like to see in a hypothetical new Thief game.
  5. Would there be a collosseum or canals?
  6. What do you want to see in a new Thief game that could make it better than Thief 2014?
  7. I've heard mention on the wiki that the capital of the Empire Bridgeport is part of is heavily guarded. But heavily guarded, in my eyes, means high risk=high reward. So what sort of treasures could there be to steal in the city? Ideas I have: Royal jewels of the Emperor's crown, the Hammer used by the God of the Builders to lay the first stone of the holy city, a series of golden statues of Builder Saints, and priceless paintings by famous artists, confiscated by the church.
  8. Kurshok


    P.S.: PLEASE don't let there actually be anyone here aroused by that shit.
  9. Kurshok


    Dudes, let's all just agree that humanity might be doomed due to the fact that the internet has "ANAL VORE" and go home for a shameful fapping session to hyper hermaphrodite furries while choking ourselves as an entire city is sucked into a massive multi-dick-&-titted skunktaur's anus. There, see? We can all agree that that stuff is horrific, and having agreed on something, we can have peace.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WwGn7085gZo
  11. Uhhh... it looks like you're humping him.
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UZnxuPatgH0
  13. In the same vein of topic, where else besides a fantasy version of Europe would you like to see in The Dark Mod? Would an Africa-expy be able to bring Witch Doctor type Necromancer pagans, crocodile infested waters, and temples to Pagan gods unheard of by the men of Bridgeport? What about golden idols and degenerate races of Werebeasts, that once ruled a great civilization before a Lovecraftian horror drove them into a mad frenzy of incest, rape, cannibalism, and murderous psychotic breakdown?
  14. What sort of accent did the ancient celts have? Did it sound like modern Irish accents? Another language to have would be the druidic Gauls of France's language.
  15. True. I never was able to finish Amchorhead. I just wandered aimlessly, never found a way past talking to the husband of the player character. Ni spoilers though, please. But a gloomy, rainy night in a seaside town with pagan history would make a good mission. On a semi-related note, I only just now learned that "The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets" has released a new album, "The Dukes of Alhazred". I'm loving it so far. The cover art is pretty hilarious and epic at the same time.
  16. Does anyone else have any ideas for Lovecraftian inspired missions?
  17. That looks awesome, demagogue. Another Lovecraftian item that would make a good Dark Mod mission objective loot would be the Necronomicon, either the Mad Arab version or the Ex Mortis edition from Evil Dead. De Vermiis Mysteriis was already used in the Thomas Porter series, right?
  18. Also, a real life Pagan god with lovecraftian appearance is the giant one eyed marsh worm Crom-Cruach, who demands blood sacrifice.
  19. Another idea for a mission could be based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado", wit the plot being that a wealthy nobleman finds out that his recently deceased father had, years earlier, bricked in his rival in the family wine cellar. But due to the nobleman's debts, he is losing his wealth fast, and has already sold his ancestral home. He hires the player to break into the estate, sneak into the tunnels under the mansion, steal the deed to the murdered man's prosperous shipping company, and deliver it back for a hefty profit.
  20. If conservatism is anything like the authoritarianism that Russia displays, or the religious nuttery the Republicans in America eschew, then I'll vote liberal every day for the rest of my life.
  21. I never really hear the term "roguelike" mean the same thing whenever I hear it pop up in gaming conversations. What is the definition of roguelike?
  22. I disagree Anderson. If people restrict homosexuality, they can restrict interracial marriage and interfaith marriage. It basically says that two people who are in love and give consent can't be with each other. Again, it just sounds like you're a child going "They're icky, so no civil rights for them!"
  23. False. Democratic Republic of the Congo imprisons gays and encourages lynchings of them, all thanks to Christian Missionaries propping up their dictator.
  24. Also, what the fuck? Liberals don't like Russia, and Russia routinely mistreat LGBT people.
  25. I disagree with you, as gays are often horrifically tortured in Africa and the Middle East. We should push to stop that along with gender equality. That's like saying rescuing the Gypsies and Cripples from their death camps gets in the way of saving Jews from their death camps.
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