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  1. I was actually wondering about maybe a few examples of the religious beliefs of the pagans outside the cities. Any based on Norse myth?
  2. Not for long, at least depending on the results of the 2020 election.
  3. America and Taiwan are allies. We won't abandon them.
  4. Kurshok

    Pumpkin Jack

    Described as a cross between the original Jak and Daxter & MediEvil, this upcoming game has caught my eye. Anybody else interested on this nostalgic throwback to both games and Halloween past?
  5. Don't let the CCP make you TOO radical on the issue. They'd love to use "pro-nuking China treasonous dogs" as a way to justify Hong Kong oppression. It's best to just off the "old toads" and instill a moderate into the party head who will let Hong Kong secede and stop the genocide.
  6. What sort of deities do the Pagans and Beastfolk outside of the Builder cities worship?
  7. I think that's a little too far. Simply killing the heads of the CCP would suffice. No need to start slaughtering civvies.
  8. Although I am somewhat apprehensive of Islam due to its founders immoral behavior and some rather backwards beliefs, the treatment of the Uyghurs by the Chinese has been horrendous, including forced sterilization, murder of newborns and forced abortions, and slave labor. It also doesn't help Disney's live-action Mulan actively gave props to a concentration camp director in the credits of the film. So what I'm asking is, does anybody have any ideas for how we can help the Uyghurs? I know a bit of 4chan lingo, despite leaning left, does anybody else have any ideas we can pool together to get some "weaponized autism" flowing?
  9. Maybe we'll get fantasy-horror creations like Thief's more scary levels over the series, like Shalebridge Cradle and Haunted Cathedral.
  10. I'll also admit, there is hope that Islamic nations can become secular with freedom of speech and expression. Sudan just a few weeks ago declared itself no longer having Islam as "State Religion". Moderates DO exist, and the March of Progress and Time goes ever onwards, and with Israel and the UAE now having a formal peace treaty of a sorts, and with rebellious feelings of leaving Islam growing in UAE's rival of Iran, maybe when I'm an old man I'll see a world where Theocracies with the right to murder you for disbelief are a thing of the past.
  11. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KLnBh7e2YEo/ Okay, it's actually a woman. I'm not fully acquainted with the full list of Middle Eastern names, so Hatun Tash sounded male to me. And it may not be so much an arrest as the police escorting her out whilst allowing an angry mob of non-moderate muslims to harass her whilst she leaves without any fallout. But still, allowing a mob of religious fanatics to censor a critic of their religion for tellingthe very real, very indefensible actions Muhammad took in his years starting Islam up, including sex with his dead aunt and molesting a minor?
  12. Shit. I'm a Playstation fan, grew up playing the PS controller, never got the hang of Xbox when trying it at the store. I hope this doesn't make ES6 xbox exclusive.
  13. On another topic, I do have a moderate muslim friend who is a girl who doesn't wear a veil, whose mother is Christian and who I actually like a lot. I don't see her as a terrorist or a bad person, although I am confused as to why she chooses to stay in Islam and go to Saudi Arabia to visit her Dad's side of the family, but I guess that she's willing to compromise and wear a veil whilst there in order to see her family safely. She said Islam just "made more sense than Christianity" and even if I don't agree, I guess I respect her enough not to push the issue. I guess there really is a movement of moderate Islam being formed in America.
  14. It gets worse. A man was arrested at. the historical Speaker's Corner in London for "speaking against Sharia" or something along the lines of criticizing Muhammad and the Quran. Speaker's Corner is a historical place of Freedom of Speech in the world, with many famous people having had speeches there. Now pro-Sharia rats like Mohammad Hijab and Ali Dawah have basically scared the British limp-wrist pussy government into giving up their democratic freedom of speech to appease theocratic loony nutcases into not blowing themselves up or going on stabbing sprees. Something needs to change, people need to be ready to gather en masse and simply shout "FUCK MUHAMMAD! WE WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND BELIEF". Again, not all muslims are terrorists, but they need to get it through their heads that nobody is immune to criticism in democracies with freedom of speech, especially not a man who was a murderer, a torturer, a rapist, a sex slave owner, and a pedophile.
  15. I would actually suggest listening to Ridvan Aydemir or David Wood, two prominent ex-Muslims, one atheist and one Christian, who nonetheless are good friends and take turns criticizing the hell out of Islam. The point is that Islam's entire basis is the Quran, which is to be taken literally, despite being Scientifically inaccurate and horrifically abusive towards women, kafir, LGBT, and apostates. Something needs to be done to curb Islamic political power in the world.
  16. Well, although I disagree with China murdering and torturing people and forcibly aborting and killing newborns, Islam is still equally evil in my eyes. I just refuse to lower myself to that bastard Muhammad's level. I sympathize with ex-Muslims and victims of Islamic oppression, and I feel that although China goes too far with death camps and slavery and murder, something needs to be done to address the elephant in the room of Islamic political entities pushing for censorship of criticism of Muhammad, who was an evil man.
  17. Kurshok


    Figured I should post this here since it's made by the same developer, they remade the castle from Super Mario 64 as a Dusk level!
  18. If you make your dick or tits big enough in character creation, can you choke someone to death with your schlong by garroting it around their throat and cutting off their air supply, or crush their skull between your tits?
  19. It does feel good, and I'll admit it holds a special place in my heart. My adopted father's mother passed away a week or so ago, and it got me thinking of my childhood when I was at my adopted mother's mother's house as a child with my siblings and cousins. I've been feeling sad and nostalgic recently after a mental health medication prescription mixup left me without medication for my anxiety for 4 weeks, but I'm doing better now. But I've been wishing to spend more time with my family while I can, although the coronavirus quarantine squeezing their work schedules tighter has nixed that. So I've decided to closure myself into nostalgia and for my birthday in October, intend to build up a digital library of TV shows I loved from my youth like Hey Arnold, Avatar the last airbender, and invader zim. I want to have that peace of mind from my childhood again.
  20. I used to be on Facebook before leaving due to it causing me unneeded mental stress, but before I left, I used to be in a fan page for an old Half-Life 1 mod trilogy called "They Hunger". The game was a zombie horror game series that was released in a few issues free in PC Gamer. Anyways, I had heard that not only had the sadly broken up makers of the series "Black Widow Games", a rising star in the video game industry, broken up due to their leader Neil Manke getting deathly I'll, but they cancelled their 80% done game "They Hunger: Lost Souls" a Half-Life 2 engine sequel to the original They Hunger trilogy. Well, I asked around for awhile, and asked if anyone knew how to get in contact with Einar Saukas, Neil's right hand man, who wanted to know if Neil was still alive. I knew Neil was still alive from his Facebook page and having contacted him for research, although he was hesitant to talk to an autistic fanboy. So I sent an email to Einar and let the fanpage know of Neil's Mortal coul not being broken yet. They must've somehow got in contact, because earlier this year, without me noticing, the unfinished "They Hunger: Lost Souls" was released. Now, enterprising modders could finish the game on their own if they so chose. So i feel pretty good about that.
  21. Okay everybody, I would like to make an apology for some of what I said. Although many of Islam' beliefs are archaic and inhumane, not every muslim is a devout follower of the exact horrible stuff Muhammad came up with. There are multiple sects, and individuals who disagree with the texts. Islam will never destroy democracy, and we shouldn't turn our eyes away from torture of muslims in China due to anger over attacks against us by Middle Eastern muslims. Although China has a right to defend themselves from extremists, they went too far when they began torturing people and killing people in their reeducation camps. I don't support the Chinese Camps, although making it so people have to declare loyalty to the state over their religion has some merit, but torture and murder is wrong.
  22. Nah. just watched a Let's Play on alpha Beta Gamer.
  23. Has anyone else seen this total conversion mod of Amnesia with Silent Hill, Bloodborne, and Lovecraft influences?
  24. Fine. I agree that I may be somewhat vulgar in my wording, but the points I make stand. By common standards of the non-Muslim world, Muhammad was a horrible person, and Islamic political maneuvering to try and cover up his behavior or outlaw criticism of his deeds both IRL and online has no place in areas with free speech.
  25. I'm more excited for Crash Bandicoot 4 and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
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