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  1. Happy new year!

    I thought that I wouldn't like "House of the dragon" because I didn't like the ending of the predecessors.

    I am now pleasantly surprised; until episode 7 the focus is on dialogues, I like it very much...besides, I am now allergic to all the violence orgies. I can't take it anymore.

    All this senseless violence in Westworld, Game of Thrones, Colony, Walking Dead...or maybe there is something wrong with me anymore.

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    2. Xolvix


      @chakkman JackFarmer said he didn't like the ending of the predecessors, which I interpreted to mean he didn't like how Game of Thrones ended, a view I strongly agree with. In my case that doesn't mean I don't like Game of Thones, hell I was a big fan at the time... at least until the final season. The way the series ended just destroyed any sense of rewatchability given all the fan theories and drip-fed mysteries basically accounted to nothing and so much character development was ultimately wasted. That was my fear with House of the Dragon but it sounds like it's decent enough to give it a shot.

    3. chakkman


      @Xolvix Ah, I overlooked the "ending". Ok, but, I don't think the last season was so much more violent and brutal than the rest of the series. Of course, there is some violent stuff in the series overall, but, hey, middle age fantasy and stuff. I even think it added to the series. Just "fits" the Game of Thrones theme somehow.

      The last season was definitely bullshit, but not for the violence. Already in the first episode, I wonder WTH the makers smoked to bring such uninspired and absolutely not fitting the rest of the series stuff. I even stopped watching after eipsode 3, and skipped the rest, because I didn't want to spoilt the series as a whole. That's how bad I think it was. As if someone hired a high school kid as a story writer for the last season.

    4. Xolvix


      Game of Thrones fell off the rails because the two guys behind the show were excellent at adapting stories already written for them by George R.R. Martin. They weren't so good once they ran out of book material and had to come up with new stories though.

      Interestingly the violence never put me off when watching Game of Thrones, but I can certainly understand when someone gets fed up with excessive violence being used in a lot of media and they just want something a bit less brutal. I feel the same way occasionally, it can get exhausting.


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