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  1. Yes, I used clear glass warp as per the example above, and it does not work. Sorry, my mistake; I uses warp instead of clear glass. This works, thank you very much!
  2. In other words: no solution to this problem, right?
  3. When I look at a brush with water texture through clear glass (A), nothing can be seen. If I move to another position (B), it becomes visible. I would like to create transparent pipes with toxic (or any sort of) water in it, but do not know how to get it working.
  4. From my status update feed a few weeks ago: Dear ChatGPT, What are The Builders in the Dark Mod? The Builders is a popular game mode in the video game community called "Dark Mod," which is a fan-made tribute to the classic "Thief" series of stealth games. In this game mode, players assume the role of builders who construct structures in a dark and ominous environment while trying to avoid detection by patrolling guards. The Builders game mode is unique in that it offers players the opportunity to create and design their own levels using the in-game tools and resources provided. Players can experiment with different building materials, construct intricate traps and puzzles, and create their own unique gameplay experiences. While The Builders game mode is not an official part of the Dark Mod, it has become one of the most popular and well-loved aspects of the game, thanks to its emphasis on creativity, strategy, and stealth.
  5. Give the relevant info location entities the property ambient_light_dynamic - 0 0 0
  6. Don't know if this works, but you can give it a try: 1. Place all skyboxes you want to have in the mission in the void 2. Remove all cameras from the skyboxes with one exception. 3. Try to teleport the camera in question with a switch into other skyboxes.
  7. The brushes have to be touched by the outer portal sky geometry as per the example attached and you need to add a visportal, of course. uw1.map
  8. Good question, that would be something different for a change. Is she familiar with the setting (pagans, guards)?
  9. Hello, I have some roles to distribute for: - builders - mages - pagans - inventors - regular guys (you know which type of guys, the bad watchmen guys) Any new voice talents around?
  10. Yeah, Springs was right on this one in one of his videos: "Learning curve".
  11. The problem with the FPS counter is that it is quite unreliable when it comes to determining how the game runs on other computer configurations. Therefore, you should always use the previously mentioned commands to check. It might also be a good idea to do some kind of alpha performance testing. @Zerg Rush machine is a kind of benchmark for me; if the game runs badly on his machine, then many others will have problems as well in my experience. How this is to be evaluated technically, I don't know exactly either, and I've heard several opinions on why certain things are very demanding. My experience is just: Keep light radii in larger scenes as small as possible and preferably not overlapping. Too many entities in large scenes have bad effects - use LOD where possible. Design portals in such a way that they close. In one of your screenshots you can see only closed portals on the right side and a large number of open portals on the left side, which raises the question what these portals are supposed to do and what would also explain the number of draw calls. Duzenko says that Draw Calls should always be around 2,500 - Springheel once said that they should not be above 4,500. However, I have noticed in beta tests that some people had problems with their computers when the draws were over 4,500. Shadow count should be (as Springs once mentioned) below 80,000. I also noticed that this has a big effect. This can be reduced significantly if you proceed as described in "1." above. But your shadow count is zero. Can this be correct or is this defective? @nbohr1more
  12. con_noPrint 0 followed by r_showPrimitives 1
  13. Dmap the attachment and see if you can grab the key. If it works, then there might be something else wrong in your entire WIP. test_1.map
  14. hm...works as it should on my end: https://streamable.com/vttr71 You could try a workaround called "frob-booster" greyman introduced to me a few years back, though I am not sure about the exact steps anymore: 1. Cover the key with a clip box a little larger than the key. 2. Convert the clip box into func_static and give it the property frobable - 1 3. I am not sure about the next step: either bind the key to the clip box or the clip box to the key...and then try again (edit: bind the box to the key)
  15. The problem is that the story with TDS is quite well concluded. I don't know at the moment (although I have to admit that I have often thought about it), how to connect it (especially there is the problem that the Keepers had let their strange guards loose on the city in TDS, which the city dwellers should not have liked). So maybe it would be easier to set something in the past, but one has seen the last few years (especially in the cinema and on TV but also in video games) always this approach and... well.... So, if I had to, I would try something set in the past, perhaps with a Keeper as the main character, who would have visions of future threats decades before the events in Thief, but would not be listened to within the community, and therefore would leave the Order to continue investigating on his own. The charming thing would be to give this character some mysterious abilities like in Dishonored, since he belongs to the Keepers that would even make sense - and as a convinced republican (in the sense of the French Revolution, of course) I would prefer such a game to this royally screwed-up Dishonored any day!
  16. Hm...can you export a small selection of the area in question with the "Export selection as map" from DR and post it here?
  17. Your reminder is correct, but I now have a newcomer on hand who is doing training in this direction and is now helping me. The SSL video was made with Premiere; however, for the HHBAM briefing videos we will prolly switch gears and make the whole thing with Fusion or AE.
  18. With the headline, I almost thought this was a real announcement, especially since it also comes from Gold. But when I read it, I quickly realized what he meant. He also didn't dare to make it seem real for an April 1st joke, because then too many would have believed it...like that you can now convert everything quickly thanks to chatgpt and therefore you don't migrate to UE 4, no, you migrate to UE 5, and chatgpt then also uploads the game immediately on Steam, because chatgpt, so the highest courts in Europe and the USA have decided, is a legal entity and is allowed to do that!
  19. This also happens to me regularly when I create cylinders with small diameters. The item from the project below is very close to the world origin.
  20. This depends on my progress. If I can finish the world building for the last mission until the end of April, then a December release might be possible. Though, I am bit exhausted of mapping and thus did not do anything this week.
  21. I played for 20 minutes today. It just looks fantastic. Whenever I look at the stuff from Amadeus, Bikerdude and my intimate enemy wellingtoncrab, I would love to delete all my stuff. You guys really have it going on. If I were to really use the term art (and I don't like the term because in my opinion it's too vague), it would apply to your work. Welli, Amadeus, Biker: I can't wait to see your next own missions; after that I'll probably stop mapping and you'll be to blame. Was it really worth it to scare away my genius? Grayman surely would not have wanted that! Yours Genius JackFarmer
  22. Welcome to the end of the world. The final level of HHBAM: When Mechanical Guards Dream of Electric Undead. The final mission of the HH series will make extensive use of @MirceaKitsune's keypad systems, @Dragofer's camera and screen systems, @Sotha's devious human-like robots, some other deadly and devilish enemies known from previous challenges...and a new entity, bad to the bone and of highest intelligence forcing you to do whatever it takes to save mankind from the end of existence! Just writing these lines makes me freeze. It may be that this entity will drive me crazy before I have finished the story. Do not cry for me, I would not have it any other way.
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