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  1. The Ink Spots - The Modern Talkings and the AC/DCs of the 40/50s with song structures following the rules below: 1. Start with the same guitar intro 2. Have the singer singing the first verse 3. Have a dark voice chanting the first verse followed by a solo 4. Have the singer singing the first verse again. 5. End Proof #1: Proof #2: Proof #3: However, I like the songs! @Amadeus The Amadeus Challenge (easy): Name two video games using one or several of the three tunes listed above! The Amadeus Challenge (hard): Name three TV shows using one or several of the three tunes listed above! Note: If you try to answer this using a search machine, I will find out and you will be striked from my list of friends!
  2. ...I was just talking about "the character" in the video, not the player character. However, I think you agree with me that the "health meter" on his neck looks very similar to Isaac's equivalent on his back?
  3. @MirceaKitsune So, let me get this straight: Your next mission will have a city and a forest section?
  4. Interesting, did not know that. However, looks like some sort of DS clone (the "health meter" on the neck of the character) and the story (as far as one can tell from the render video)? A certain fraction (scientists/military guys/business men/you name it) uses prisoners for something weird - not exactly innovative. However, let's look at the result. Would be great if they would turn it in some sort of stealth survival horror. I agree with you on the ending of ds3 - they should have simply concluded the series with a decent ending - after all, one gets very exhausted fighting the apocalypse over and over again. The protagonists would have deserved it!
  5. I don't know what else this will bring. The origin to all these games was System Shock 2 - then there was the Bioshock series, then there was the Dead Space series, and finally there was Prey. Somehow the whole topic with all these predecessors is worn out, and I certainly will not buy it; the orignal DS series is enough for me; it was terribly creepy and unmatched to this day.
  6. Cool tune from French musician Chris Joss. If I recall corectly, he did lots of Acid/Techno stuff in the 1990s as well. This was used in the famous scene, when Mike Ehrmantraut searches the Cattleman mansion for the missing public money. With that in mind, it's best to listen to on a hot summer day after sunset in the garden with a drink in hand.
  7. According to reports, Bruce Springsteen went to a music store to buy twenty copies of his debut record so that he could distribute it to his friends.
  8. @AluminumHaste: Yeah, Danny Elfman's Batman score had something and I am extremely delighted that you also like The Dark Crystal's score! @Zerg RushIf good ol Lou could hear how this you lady plays his music! ....and here comes the song to one of Walter White's most famous lines: "Stay away from my territory!" What a fracking fitting cool tune.
  9. Could not agree more. Here comes his hearbreaking instrumental of "Life on Mars" (put into the show for a certain reason):
  10. @Amadeus Ah, interesting. I did not know that. Most probably because back then I bought it on the PS store. However, the best lines are: Poor Judd is dead He looks like he's asleep It's a shame that he won't keep But it's summer and we are running out of ice. ...let's include it in a readable in "HH: Eclipse" which I will start after "The Black Mage"!
  11. @Amadeus It was really already broadcasted in the states in 2019?
  12. On a lighter note (and because my holiday started today, oh yeah!), let's have a new thread for music, that you just enjoy and probably is not so well known...or somehow obscure but does not sound as strange as the songs we report in @STiFU's progessive music thread. Here is one of my new favourites, a similar recording of this track by other artists has been used in an US show broadcasted last year ( @Amadeus: What is the name of the show? )
  13. @joebarnin@Dragofer Ah, my mistake, I thought "Player object" would not refer to the player itself but to something else. Well, if you could bind an invisible, non-solid func-static to the player, then you could give the func-static the necessary stim and distance. But I have my doubts that it will work (have never tried it). However, I was already wondering how you can get the effect that lights activate when you approach and deactivate when you move away: With S / R that is probably not possible, since only one-time actions are triggered. Hm....
  14. Jeff, Could you be so kind and elaborate on that? I do not understand why you had to do it the way you just described it. What was the original intention? What is the in-game effect or the custom gameplay effect you could achieve with that?
  15. @STiFU: Polyphonic and strangely arranged....your cup of tea!
  16. In the meantime, version 5 has been added to the mission down loader. Changes If you have not played this mission until now and you know the previous two mission (HHI and HHVF), then I strongly recommend to do it now. I think this is my best work. I doubt I will be able to put out something better.
  17. 1. Open your maps folder and create therein a script-file with the name of your mission (missionname.script) and the following content: 2. Select a random func-static entity in your mission and give it the name "safe_bar" 3. Put the attached scripts in your script folder. Grayman once created them for me. If my recollection is correct, they made sure that the number wheels also work if players had a certain gameplay setting ("Open door on unlock - no" - or something like that). Not sure if theses three scripts are still needed. You can check the mission without them and try the different setting for Open door on unlock and see if it works now. tdm_custom_scripts.script tdm_numberwheel.script tdm_numberwheel_lock.script
  18. No, no, you showed it to me privately on discord a few months ago, thus I do not want to paste the picture here. It had An extraordinary vehicle!
  19. First thing that comes to my mind: The planets "Calladan" and "Gideon Prime" from David Lynch's movie "Dune" shot back in 1984 (if my recollection is correct). Drawcalls?
  20. @Dragofer Geweldig & super gut! On a different note: Is this the mission which will include the you introduced to me a few months ago? Can't wait for that, you are a true sorcerer!
  21. @Zerg Rush Rad, I am looking forward to your contribution. On a different note: Do you live in the CET time zone? I always thought you were American, but your posting times contradict that assumption.
  22. Nah, that's not a good idea because then I would have to pick one's work and the others would have wasted their time. Since time is a rare thing, I don't want to go down this road. Please confirm whether you will give it a try or not. As I have written above, you have plenty of time and you can post your WIP here for comments to improve the result until release of the map.
  23. For reasons unknown this seemingly does not work consistently anymore when not using it as player exit to end the mission. Try "two items are in a radius" instead, that seems to work reliable here (joebarnin and I myself used it on plenty occassions in our previous two missions).
  24. @Zerg Rush If you want to help me, then you have time until November/December to create an unique "painting" that resembles the mentioned iStock Excalibur image but includes a sword with a red handle just as in grayman's forum avatar. Thank you very much in advance! Jack
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