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  1. A serious seasonal warning: Beware of the bad Santa Claus (once again):
  2. Happy Christmas to everyone! And beware of the bad Santa Claus!
  3. I have replaced the the caulk brushes in questions with a simplified construction consisting only of four brushes. This works perfectly. Thank you. @demagogue Hmmm...yes, I am afraid I will have to check certain areas for that.
  4. I am afraid you are the very first to report this problem. The mission includes a custom script that allows the character Halfrid to "switch off" the appearance of the quill during his patrol. Have you been able to finish the mission?
  5. @Dragofer Thank you for that. I will check & change and will revert to you.
  6. What is causing this? https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=7NF8YuVOfIB If the player reaches a certain spot in the connecting tunnel, sound and lights switch off. The tunnel itself consists of two "layers" - 1. the tunnel itself (a func static) 2. identical caulk brushes (for sealing) At the very beginning I only had the tunnel itself as sealing geometry. After a few days, the problem in the video occured. then I converted the tunnel into fs and added additional caulk brushes. The problem vanished, but returned a few weeks later as described in the video.
  7. You give me too much credit. I think there were at least two missions before HHI with fire elementals @grayman might recall the mission names. Yes, that works as in the original thief games.
  8. @Dragofer @Jedi_Wannabe @demagogue @AluminumHaste Gentlemen, Thankr you very much for your positive comments and suggestions. I will check the methods as per Dragofer's and dema's suggestions. I forgot to mention that the scene includes the trees from the skybox of Dragofer's fantastic looking DBSR mission. I just removed all of the lights and the moving clouds. (The latter caused problems with the water reflection, though I had to replace it with fake reflection as it did not work anymore as soon as I had placed the hover boat on the water surface). Today is my first holiday. I hope that I can push myself to finish the three missing Citadel areas. I wished I could already start with adding AI, puzzles and readables.
  9. Yes, there was a clue. The adjacent maze included three shrines showing symbols and items. The subsequent mission "Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever" is already available via the ingame downloader.
  10. Ah, that's the one. I somehow recall that it's title sounded like an album from Pink Floyd. Thanks!
  11. Wicked. Just found out that the BD for season 3 is now available in Germany. Will buy it as soon as possible. Thank you for reminding me!
  12. Just realised that I did not buy one original 2019 game this year for my PS4. Last week I bought Batman: Arkham Knight. Looking forward to playing it as I liked the previous two games. I looked into Sekiro as well but it seems to use the "Dark Souls combat mechanics" (or whatever the correct term for that might be) and therefore it`s a no go for me as I already failed completing the training level in the original Dark Souls without dying plenty of times. @STiFU: What about this "Atomic catastrophe in Russia with mutants" game you've mentioned earlier this year? I just forgot the name. Has it already been released? The screenshots looked very promising.
  13. The bank of Colliford Lake (HH:TLC, Part 1: The Weir) Did not make much progress the past weeks due to RL things. Original plan was to start beta next week. Far from it, actually.
  14. I am not sure if I understand correctly, the camera has been developed by grayman and Obsttorte (I think, not sure about the modeller though) and it is included with 2.07. Anyway, thank you for playing and glad that you liked it. HH: TLC will definitely not include spiders, that should give you a much easier ride then.
  15. @Dragofer: Is this a fog light? Anyways, great work (as always).
  16. I am so sorry that I cannot connect you with voice actors from here. The British natives between 40 and 50 I know have all been living far too long in Bavaria effecting their native tongue in a (to put it mildly) negative way. Moreover, some of them started watching TV shows originally recorded in English language...with German dubbing. I know, I know, that sounds crazy. On the other hands, practically all of them have German spouses!
  17. Played both missions earlier this year for the first time. This is extremely impressive work and (at least for me) close to perfection. As others have already mentioned, they look, sound and feel like TT (=True Thief). If you are not a professional, then you should become one. With the highest wages possible. And gold medals. Jack
  18. Yeah, and it's somehow threatening as well. What does it say? "Ears"? "Years"? However, I hereby award you with the new title "DFDD" (=Doctor Frankenstein's Dearest Darling)
  19. Matt Johnson aka known as "The The". Have not heard anything from him since he moved to NYC.
  20. One of the worst BSG episodes but with one of the top titles from Bear McCreary. Reminds me of Led Zep (Kashmir) and King Crimson (Vroom!).
  21. Hi there, A little late to the party. Thank you very, very much to all past and current contributors. I do not have the faintest idea about the massive work all the contributors put into TDM to make it was it is today. I never really understood how video game are being developed. Reading the tutorials and watching the vids from both Sotha and Springheel enabled me to do something I would not have imagined five years ago and with help from veteran contributors (especially grayman, ERH+ and Destined helped me a lot with technical problems) I was able to put out two missions. They are far from perfect, but, hey, I did it! (oh yeah!) 2019 provided us so far with great missions - among others there were Bienie's Precarious Position (it includes my new time all favourite intro area), ERH+'s unusual and creepy "Marsh of Rahena", Dragofer's latest marine mission (with stuning visuals!) and joebarnin's "Heart of Saint Mattis" (this one includes very appropriate allocation of the existing ambient sound files). Just recently krrg released his first mission (I did not even know the user name) and other forum members have made great progress with their WIPs. I just looked into the WIPs from my partners in crime Jedi_Wannabe and Amadeus. Both have spent a lot of time on their maps and the WIPs look already very good (some areas look IMO even fantastic). I can't wait to see the final results. Therefore let's hope for cool new missions from new and veteran contributors in the upcoming months! Jack
  22. Congratulations! I will have a look this weekend!
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