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  1. Ah, I understood "models". Sorry for confusing that; English is not my first language, you know. As you know, I am still learning and thus it is hard for me to define whether they have to be considered high-poly, please see for yourself below, grid size is 16. Well, after I have visportaled the small building and removed most of lights, I was able to increase the fps to the above depicted 30 - 50 (depends on the location you stand). I am using a machine with inferior hardware, so I suppose it would do well on high-end machines. Hm....
  2. Hello Springheel, You mentioned in one of you videos that there are LODs for almost all models availabe. I made heavy use of the rock models (nature/rocks/rockxx - see image below, blue stuff on the right), but I cannot find LOD models for them. Are there no LODs for these stone models available?
  3. Hello Springheel, I just copied the folder in Windows to the mainfolder...and now it works! (Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!) If you ever come to Upper Bavaria, I will buy you one beer, or two, or even three. Should I restructure the entire game paths as recommended in your tutorial? Thanks a lot. That's what I call a dedicated community.
  4. Hello Springheel, Please find below the path structure: 1. The map "pag 11" is located here:: Dark Mod/maps/pag11 2. The belonging xd file is here: Dark Mod/maps/xdata/pag11
  5. Sorry Springheel, I forgot that my previous console report would be the reference. I had already deleted the old attempt in question. Here is what the console reports with the xd file as per my last post: WARNING:script/tdm_readables.script(155): Thread 'atdm_readable_immobile_scroll01_1': Non-existant xdata declaration: readables/pag11/sample1 WARNING:script/tdm_readables.script(182): Thread 'atdm_readable_immobile_scroll01_1': num_pages not defined on readable atdm_readable_immobile_scroll01_1 WARNING:Couldn't add entity atdm_readable_immobile_scroll01_1 to inventory of player1
  6. Hello Springheel, Here is what (a new - because I have erased the previous readables) xdata files contains: readables/pag11/sample1 { precache "num_pages" : "1" "page1_title" : { "Tales from Space" } "page1_body" : { "" "" "" "Blind text Blind text Blind text" } "gui_page1" : "guis/readables/sheets/sheet_paper_hand_nancy.gui" "snd_page_turn" : "readable_page_turn" } Speeking of which, thank you very much for the "caulking" hint. All my portals are working, at last. Should have asked here much earlier.
  7. Hello Springheel, Thanks a lot for your help
  8. Gents, Thank you very much for the quick help. @teh_saccade -this is what the console reports: WARNING:script/tdm_readables.script(155): Thread 'atdm_readable_immobile_book01_1': Non-existant xdata declaration: readables/pag10/test WARNING:script/tdm_readables.script(182): Thread 'atdm_readable_immobile_book01_1': num_pages not defined on readable atdm_readable_immobile_book01_1 WARNING:Couldn't add entity atdm_readable_immobile_book01_1 to inventory of player1 I will try the alternatives as per your replies above, but I would prefer the editor, of course; it's a cool tool...
  9. I just started playing around with the readables in my map but I do not get them working. After mapping, everything works fine, I can open doors and scroll through the weapons inventory. But as soon as I try to interact with any sort of readables, everything goes wrong: doors cannot be opened anymore, weapons cannot be selected...and the text within the readables does not show up as well. I have to add that I received an error message when I worked with the readables editor for the very first time, but I don't recall the content and the message did not show up during later attempts. What can I do about this?
  10. Hello Springheel, Thank you very much for your quick help. I will try as you suggest. I found the paragraph in question here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Visportals The above mentioned statement can be found under headline "Where to place your Visportal" in the second paragraph. Is it ok to go on here with questions or do I have to return to the "Newbie" thread?
  11. First of all, thank you very much @Springheel & Sotha for your video tutorials. These are extremely helpful (sometimes even funny), and for the very first time I was able to create a small area mapping (almost) to my expectations. I understand that visportals are essential to the entire process and before I continue adding more details, I would like to solve this problem first. Regarding visportals and window models surrounded by brushes, the WIKI tutorial (written by Sotha?) recommends to "put in a worldspawn brush with nodraw texture on". So I did, and I carefully located these "No-Draw" brushes between the window prefabs in question to make sure that there are no gaps left (I also double checked with grid snap and carried out visual control via DR). Result: "r_showtris 2" shows that the entire outside area of the building is still being rendered, fps down to ca. 10 - 15 fps. If I replace the window prefabs (brushes, windows and no draw brush) and replace them with solid wall brushes, it works perfectly and the fps rate is sky-rocketing up to 50 - 60 fps. Thus I think that the "no draw" brush does not seal my wall works at all. What is my mistake? Please find below a picture; the red frame in the detail depicted on the right side shows the exact position of the no draw brush. Many thanks for your help in advance.
  12. Hello Xarg, You are right; that was the mistake. Problem fixed. Thank you very much
  13. Hello all, I have a newbie question as well and I hope you can help me. To create water, Fidcals Tutorial recommends the following steps: 1. Drag out a brush 2. Give it the texture common/nodraw 3. Create Entity --> atdm:liquid_water 4. DEselect the water brush 5. Select top surface of water brush 6. Use texture water_source>water_clear My problem starts after step #4: If I deselect the water brush, the entire water brush vanishes and can be restored only through the UNDO function. I have repeated this several times and it's always the same. I have also tried simply copying the "water surface starter packs" from the Starterpack, but I receive the same result: as soon as I deselect the brush, it vanishes (although the top surface remains). It would be great to get some help. Thank you very much. Best regards, JackF. P.S. I never thought that mapping would make so much fun. It may be (correction: it is) frustrating for a beginner, but received a few cool results: strange looking rooms (some of them with "integrated" rainfall), a dark sky showing a full moon and a crazy guard walking a strange way I ordered him to walk. Thanks a lot to all the guys out there who made this happen.
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