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  1. Shocking, shocking, shoking, and I blame those who put so much pressure on mission designers to use volumetric light. It will be our undoing and I feel you, my friend!
  2. I rest my case. But this is not a British phenomenon; can be found in France (not so often) and Germany (definitely more often) as well.
  3. Not sure if I understand correctly, but at least Volta 2 and HHVF include sequences where the player has to carry a body and changing the mantling behaviour would effect the intended gameplay. There are most probably more missions with that mechanic but I can't recall ATM. However, the T1/2 behaviour as a default in TDM would have made my mission design in HHVF much easier, because I had to desgin a certain area around the fact that the behaviour in question is missing. Otherwise, though, have to agree with Stifu on your first question; it would probably change things in too many missions now. That would probably require rough and roughest interventions in the geometry. A non-trivial task nobody is willing to take over.
  4. Yes, that's at least my recollection. Keep the CM model as simple as possible. I always use simple cubes for this.
  5. I take it you need a CM for a moveable entity? If so, then check this.
  6. I've always wanted to ask about this, because I had the same problem; even on a minimally detailed map, the framerate immediately went down dramatically, and so I took it out again (though it looked fine).
  7. There will be a final chapter. Since it is a massive project, I am afraid it will not be released before 2024. Also have an attack of mapping allergy right now. If you haven't played it yet, you can try "The Black Mage". It's not part of my series, but it plays very similar as I have co-authored it. The voice actor is long time DM voice talent contributor AndrosTheOxen. I have to agree with you, there are definitely similarities to John Cleese. Of course, I also asked the latter, but he didn't have time again. He won't get any more cake for Christmas!
  8. This also existed with 2.05 and 2.06. As far as I can remember, it always occurred when stairs were created from brushes. The workaround was to simply convert everything to Func static. Since 2.07, however, I haven't observed this anymore and don't currently see it in my work with Beta 4 in similar constructions.
  9. Wow cool, the statement was true for the 2.10 release and I was not able to create the effect for large lights - have not tried it with newer beta versions or dev builds. Good to know that it's more flexible now.
  10. Thank you very much! As for your question, short answer: More precise: Extremely precise:
  11. @Dragofer I've tried it with the "Myth" area (you know what I mean). Since the terrain is very bumpy, it does not really work (and it is a cave where you would not expect wind); thus will keep the static grass as per the screenhot on Discord.
  12. Thanks, I take it making "real" screenshots does not pose a problem anymore with your new computer? Will PM you details.
  13. I wonder if there is a specific reason why I always get such bizarre questions or comments for beta testings or other posts in the Editor's forum (get back to my other beta testing threads and you will understand what I mean). Anyway, thanks for your explanation; I almost let go of something I haven't written here in six years.
  14. Beta Testing: "Seeking Lady Leicester" As most people here know, grayman, longtime lead coder and mission designer (best known for the "William Steele" series), passed away in the spring of 2021 from cancer. According to grayman's will, his son has subsequently donated two unfinished missions to our community. These two projects are completely independent of each other and there is no relation to grayman's well-known "William Steele" series. The mission "The Black Mage" was completed by me last fall and released on Christmas 2021. Bikerdude along with Amadeus and Dragofer have worked for almost 18 months on the second incomplete mission "Seeking Lady Leicester", ready now for beta testing. This is a mansion mission, but it also includes outdoor areas. The playtime is about an hour if you run through it quickly, but if you want to see all the locations and secrets, you'll be busy for several hours. From the feel of it, I would say that this is an advanced mission, so it's surely above "The Black Mage" in terms of difficulty. I haven't played it myself yet, but I've looked at it, and it looks damn good, just like everything else Bikerdude has produced in the last few years. Please sign up here for beta testing, if you can test on 2.11 b4 or higher as this will be a 2.11 release. I then will provide you with details for testing via PM which will take place via Discord. It would be very nice if we could get a lot of testers for this mission, because this release will be the last one that will include graymans name in the authorship. He was very meticulous about testing, so let's not let him down. Jack
  15. Happy new year!

    I thought that I wouldn't like "House of the dragon" because I didn't like the ending of the predecessors.

    I am now pleasantly surprised; until episode 7 the focus is on dialogues, I like it very much...besides, I am now allergic to all the violence orgies. I can't take it anymore.

    All this senseless violence in Westworld, Game of Thrones, Colony, Walking Dead...or maybe there is something wrong with me anymore.

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    2. Xolvix


      @chakkman JackFarmer said he didn't like the ending of the predecessors, which I interpreted to mean he didn't like how Game of Thrones ended, a view I strongly agree with. In my case that doesn't mean I don't like Game of Thones, hell I was a big fan at the time... at least until the final season. The way the series ended just destroyed any sense of rewatchability given all the fan theories and drip-fed mysteries basically accounted to nothing and so much character development was ultimately wasted. That was my fear with House of the Dragon but it sounds like it's decent enough to give it a shot.

    3. chakkman


      @Xolvix Ah, I overlooked the "ending". Ok, but, I don't think the last season was so much more violent and brutal than the rest of the series. Of course, there is some violent stuff in the series overall, but, hey, middle age fantasy and stuff. I even think it added to the series. Just "fits" the Game of Thrones theme somehow.

      The last season was definitely bullshit, but not for the violence. Already in the first episode, I wonder WTH the makers smoked to bring such uninspired and absolutely not fitting the rest of the series stuff. I even stopped watching after eipsode 3, and skipped the rest, because I didn't want to spoilt the series as a whole. That's how bad I think it was. As if someone hired a high school kid as a story writer for the last season.

    4. Xolvix


      Game of Thrones fell off the rails because the two guys behind the show were excellent at adapting stories already written for them by George R.R. Martin. They weren't so good once they ran out of book material and had to come up with new stories though.

      Interestingly the violence never put me off when watching Game of Thrones, but I can certainly understand when someone gets fed up with excessive violence being used in a lot of media and they just want something a bit less brutal. I feel the same way occasionally, it can get exhausting.


  16. I think you are right; these shots have been made over the past few weeks.
  17. Taffers, merry Christmas from one of my paganish hideouts! (shots taken from mission #2 of the upcoming campaign "Hidden Hands: Blood & Metal".
  18. Merry Christmas, taffers, and to all taffers in the states, beware of robot Santa!
  19. Regarding the Is there a special reason why you are playing it in reverse order? Some of the story elements are linked together.
  20. While I am someone who finds Star Wars to be entertainment for little boys (and those aren't even my words, they come from Ewan McGregor), I have to say that "The Mandorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett" contain scenes and insights that I enjoy. Also, these series really have an 80's flair...plus it's nice to see for example Nick Nolte, Carl Weather, Jennifer Beals, Deany Trejo or the (admittedly much younger) Katee Sackhoff in these series.

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    2. JackFarmer


      @datiswous Wow, heard that maybe 20 years ago in a German comedy show and thought it was a joke. So, with the informations from your link the gameshow participant back then was not so wrong with her answer. 😆




    3. JackFarmer


      @Daft Mugi

      I have since watched the first four episodes of "Andor". I'm surprised several times -  I thought it would be an animated series or something similar and the Ewoks would also be there (but they are on Endor, I had confused "Endor" with "Andor" and "Andor", as I have now noticed, is not even a planet).

      What I have seen so far, wow, cool! This is how Star Wars stuff should have (at least in my opinion) always been! No sentimentalities in story, dialogues and sound,  yet the scenario clearly recognizable in the Star Wars universe).

      I'm curious how this will continue in episode 5, it's not really clear what it will end up, but I could well imagine, that does not end well.

      Thanks for this great tip; without your hint (and the hint from a former LucasArts programmer I happen to be in contact with) I probably wouldn't have watched it.


    4. Daft Mugi

      Daft Mugi

      Glad to hear it!

      I'm shocked Disney allowed something good like Andor to be made.

      If you haven't seen Rogue One yet, that would be good to watch next. Andor is somewhat of a prequel to Rogue One. Cassian Andor is a character in Rogue One, and some of the same show/movie creators are involved.

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