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  1. Have you looked into the "Replace textures" function? I made good experiences with it recently.
  2. Can't speak for the others, but I start all new areas (and often whole maps) exactly how you describe: brush it out, add portals, add lights and add tentative ai with level comprising routes in order to see whether a. there are problems with AI navigation in general and b. if it is possible to sneak around AI in critical areas. If you want to create your own modules from brushes, then you should check Sotha's tutorial.
  3. Thanks Jeff, please give it a go. Beta thread is already up with a download link.
  4. I know what you mean; an automated awareness level increase/decrease depending on the difficulty level plus separate options to increase/decrease the awareness in the options makes no sense, but I could swear that grayman mentioned it somewhere, and as you can see from joebarnin's post above, he recalls that as well.
  5. Can't speak for the others, but I will surely not work on bug fixes for this mission in December or so. I am just checking whether this stand works identical compared to the previous version (except for the reverb, of course).
  6. Is there a mission with bear model like depicted below? I thought there was one, but cannot find it...if not question would be, where could I get one for free usage in a DM mission.
  7. Yeah, you are right, way too elaborate. Your suggestions sounds more workable.
  8. Thank you. Yes, I have agreed this with Dragofer last night.
  9. No, it has to be / must be set by the mission designer for each light and AI separately and can of course be activated for all difficulties. Plus, this is not possible for all types of lights. I am pretty sure that longtime and sorely missed DM contributor grayman posted somewhere ca. five years ago, that AI awareness rises slightly with each difficulty level independently from the mapper's settings.
  10. This is (was) your intention? The database lists ca. 150 missions. So far, only one mission can optionally be played with save restrictions. According to your own account, you know how the discussions in the other threads with this subject went (if I recall correctly, not exactly many mappers participated in these discussions which is also telling). No offense, but for the reasons mentioned above I simply do not understand why you think that exactly on this niche forum you would find plenty of arguments pro safe restrictions from both mappers and players. @nbohr1more: As per the original author's own suggestion, it would be a good idea to move this convo to the OT area.
  11. ...then there are people who play the first five minutes of a mission, then quit and give a lousy rating. I could well imagine that the inhibition threshold is much lower here because the missions are free. Maybe a rating system for missions would be ok if two requirements are considered: The reviewer in question provides a video link of his playthrough and Mission authors and other players can rate the reviewer's playthrough. This of course means that anyone rating a reviewer has to verifiably view the full playthrough of that video.
  12. Exactly, and if you do not set it up like that, some will complain that the guards behaviour is boring. Yes, that's exactly how I try to set up the routes, because that's how it's done in other stealth games as well...and this is how I want the missions to be played. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding that. You have to defend yourself verbosely with arguments when you play stealth games with a quicksave function? Why do you have to look for arguments at all? Shouldn't it be enough that you are happy with the quicksave function? Then maybe you have picked the wrong section and this thread should be moved to the off topic forum.
  13. I have created an efx version for the next mod release. I have also fixed several minor optical glitches and fixed several defective Visportals. It would be great to get one or two dedicated fans of the mission for testing. Please sign up here before I start a beta thread in the respective subfolder. Thank you.
  14. For the German speaking viewers, here is a relatively new YT video explaining how to use the DM VR mod.
  15. After watching the first three and a half episodes of "The Sandman" last night, I realize once again that overly imaginative narratives are not for me. Also, the main actor looks like he has a toothache.

    Which makes me wonder, is there a Dark Mod mission with a medieval dentist?

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    2. JackFarmer


      No, I did not read the comic before thus I cannot compare both works.

      The show has high production values, but, as I have mentioned above, the xxl-supernatural fantasy setting (dreamland, eternals, demons, hell, etc.) is not my cup of tea... If I recall correctly, the TV show of American Gods had similar strange vibes.

      However, still thinking whether I should give the comic a chance...


    3. datiswous


      If you do, Start with The Sandman: Season of Mists . it's better as an introduction, Don't go with the first album. My personal favorite is (volume 2) The Dolls house

    4. AluminumHaste


      The sandman from the comics seems to match well with the actor they used, I like it.

      American Gods and Sandman were both adapted from books/graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman so makes sense that they would feel similar.

      Honestly would suggest you read his books if you haven't. Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neverwhere, American Gods, Stardust, Coraline, Good Omens, Interworld, The Graveyard Book etc etc.  One thing to keep in mind, Neil Gaiman likes to write melancholy endings. They usually don't end with "And they all lived happily ever after", though they are not exactly sad endings. There's a finality to a lot of them that often leave me a little sad. There's real consequences at the ends. Especially Stardust and The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

  16. Even it has been cleared, you think I would publish something that would not meet with grayman's wishes? I have been working with this community for almost five years and I really find it disappointing that you think I would do something unethical like that.
  17. @Airship Ballet Fantastic look and feel! The combinbation of both the camera setting and the audio are to me like...Blade Runner in the Middle Ages!
  18. Yeah, Fractured Glass chat on Discord, I just confused it, sorry.
  19. @The Black Arrow Bikerdude is currently working on a grayman legacy mission. You are invited to join the dev team for readables and story elements via discord.
  20. For something totally different: I read "Which panel tech is your mother using?
  21. From the Fractured Glass Discord chat with Biker regarding the image in question: "this is the current more realistic water at night with reflections, the issue is the reflections are nothing of the sort, just a decal over the top faking some semplance of it..."
  22. Grayman's Legacy: Seeking Lady Leicester "Seeking Lady Leciester" is the second WIP grayman's son donated to the TDM community according to grayman's will. Bikerdude adopted the mission in June 2021. I asked Bikerdude how he is doing with this particular WIP, so he sent me the following pictures, which I'm allowed to post here: I have no idea how Biker did the reflective water effect in the second shot (pretty sure this is not something from the core mod) Anyhow, I think grayman would like these pictures. More information will follow in due course.
  23. What a voice! It is like Steve Marriot is still alive...and the voice does not even belong to a man! https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=-JR9R22wlV8 Great record, bought it last week. My July 2022 favorite and it comes from the states for a change.
  24. Great, looking forward to it! Regarding your current HHTA walkthrough (Part 5 was the last I saw when you read this): There are five secret areas. Till now, you just found two. Because of your thorough play style, I expect you to go for all of them (you still can do that as you have found the only secret area I had placed in the area now inaccessible) . Hint regarding secret area #1:
  25. @chakkman: Danke, mein Junge. Have you ever tried my "Hidden Hands" series? Might be something to your liking (or maybe not).
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