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  1. Congratulations! Looks cool! I have been waiting for this one, gonna try it this nite!
  2. Just checked The Accountant 1. It has an AI very early in the mission guiding the player to a certain door. When you move around, the AI head follows the player. Might be worth a look.
  3. Complete agreement. But in addition, Bioshock shows very impressively what the weird "philosophy" of Mrs. Rand can lead to ... or rather, has already led to it. The fascism of the 20th century in Europe was nothing else. Do not know her writings in detail, just excerpts, but anyone (at least with European background) who does not recognize the √úbermensch drivel in her writing can no longer be helped.
  4. The Johannes-Burock caves from the abandoned works thread are fully integrated into "Hidden Hands: The Anomaly" (changed the title, this one is much better fitting). The cave geometry has been preserved (only the outdoor area had to be removed), I even let in a sound effect from Johannes because it adds perfectly to the new ambient sound. Seemed to be a really nice place, but now nobody wants to go there anymore...and the guy lying next to his shovel is not a drunk for a change!
  5. You have two characters in your conversation which shall look each other strictly in the eyes during the conversation?
  6. Something like that: https://streamable.com/3qndys If so, then check the setup in Vitalic Fever.
  7. Hello Destined, Sorry, I forgot to update this thread last nite; NH will take this part. Anyways, thank you for your offer, that's really very kind of you! Jack
  8. I still need a second NPC voice actor for my upcoming mission. It's about a person who is stuck in the level and will have all sorts of things to report over a loudspeaker system and who is between scared, desperate and hysterical but all with a funny undertone. So things like: "How could that have happened to me? Now, of all times, when I only have to fulfill another 35 months of my three-year contract! Any new or old volunteers here? Andros (Jonus Thorunsson, an Inventor) and Malasdair (The Thief) are already on board.
  9. Whether an AI carries a key or not is not decisive for opening the door; this ability only depends on the spawnarg "Can unlock door". This means that the particular AI can still open the door in question, even if the attached key has been stolen.
  10. You guys are right; jumping/mantling does not work correctly anymore. I managed to reach the highest region but with similar problems as you have mentioned: https://streamable.com/2e5qap The mission was designed and tested with 2.07 shortly before the release of 2.08. I already noticed that climbing on boxes on the roof did not work properly anymore in 2.08, but it seems that the problems got worse with 2.09. I am sorry for the problems. That's extremely frustrating for me as well as I put a lot of time in this mission and I consider this my best work to date.
  11. To my knowledge, the "info_location" objective has never been working in the past. The other possibility ("location") worked in the past and has been implemented in lots of missions, but neither Joe nor I myself got it running when working on missions around 2018/2019. I too am wondering how that effects older missions. HHTLC uses the radius objective to determine the position of cubes that can be rotated. There are four positions for the main cube to be checked and for each side of the main cube three additional positions on smaller cubes because those can be rotated on three segments. Thus, you can see that there are four "radius" objectives (main cube) each including three objectives on the component level for the smaller cubes. Using the same setup in a different environment would enable you to create an objective where one would have to place three items in four different locations. Maybe it is better to check one of Joe's missions (Heart of St. Mattis, Mission of Mercy, Now And Then) because I think the setups there are easier to understand. If you do not get it working, just drop me a PM and I will look into the problem in you WIP. Jack
  12. Yeah, that's a problem. The Joebarnin solution is "Two entities are in the same radius of each other". I used this in my last mission as well and it works as it should. Give it a try.
  13. You are right, that works on my end. @Frost_Salamander: Select the casing and give it the property as per Dragofer's post above.
  14. When you remove the casing of the switch (the rectangular cover), then it works. I do not understand that as this item is a func static.
  15. Does the AI circle around itself in front of the switch?
  16. Did you put brushes behind your modules?
  17. Erin: "I am better than you, you cannot teach me anything!!!" Garrett: "It's not about how much you steal, but what and how you steal." I stopped where you had to escape from a burning building. To this day I have not understood how they could screw it up so badly. But then I remember that someone from the forum once mentioned he met with Eidos people in Montreal and some of them didn't even know what Thief was. That certainly doesn't explain everything, but quite a lot.
  18. I agree with New Horizon, absolutely thievish. @Filizitas: Coole Arbeit, ich finde, das ist eine Hammer-Leistung!
  19. In the meantime, I had the chance to watch both seasons. I gotta say: I really like it. (and I do not consider myself a SW fan) Somehow it looks like it has been shot in the 80ies but using CGI from 2020, that makes it even cooler. @CarnageYou were right, some of the fighting scenes are not credible. What really impressed me was the following: In the second season, a former storm trooper finally has a say. In a certain scene he talks to a former superior about the atrocities of war. It is immediately clear what the veteran wants to say, but his former superior has a very simple answer: "They were just civilians and it's about the bigger picture" (or something like that) ... What happens after that conversation, doesn't really matter, but I was very impressed that the series shows a former storm trooper who is suffering. As far as I recall, that was never a topic in the movies. Jack P.S. @SpringheelHave you watched the TV show?
  20. @Jedi_WannabeFracking cool! Please, please, send me the latest version; I want to see how you did that! Jack
  21. That's a new bug. I will discuss it with stgatilov after the next update. Thanks for your report.
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