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  1. @MrAxel As for me, I am absolutely fine with your approach; after all, it is a stealth game and thus a careful and slow play style should be expected in videos like yours. What's next on the menu? Would be interested to see how you approach the Volta series (there are currently two missions available via the downloader). The first one is about a mansion and the second one is about...well you will find out if you give it a try!
  2. ...and let's not forget the "Smitherton Gallery" in "By Any Other Name" It includes a special collection of canvas paintings showing all of Grayman's published missions.
  3. Tried a little more, but I am afraid I do not find a way to proceed. Could you be so kind and elaborate? P.S. If I return to the starting point, I receive here and then further "Objective Complete" messages.
  4. Boris Johnson's resignation does not change the fact that Australia is home to 29 million kangaroos and Wales has a population of just over three million.

    If the Australian kangaroos were to invade Wales, one resident would have to fight almost ten kangaroos at a time.

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    2. Dragofer


      But did you account for the fact that they would arrive upside down, fall on their heads and be dazed? Unless your invention is capable of both translation and rotation.

    3. thebigh


      Better hope the kangaroos don't form an alliance with the emus, who have already won a war.

    4. JackFarmer



      That's the problem: In my boundless high spirits I gave my invention the spawnarg "Must_be_on_its_feet". If one of the kangaroos now comes up with the idea of using the value "1" (and since you can only use "0" or "1" the probability is 50%), this will be doom!

      Thoughtlessness, your name is Jack Farmer!

  5. This I found, isn't it supposed for accessing the safe as in the picture below?
  6. The behavior of the AI is becoming more and more unpredictable. Now they're already starting to put their feet up when they sleep! That Google guy was right; the programs develop a life of their own! Prepare for the worst!
  7. Sorry for going a little bit ot. Thanks to @thebighI learned how to compile the Radiant from the source code. He also mentioned that missing packages might cause problems and he was right. During compiling, the console reports that the "Glue" package is missing. Went to the Mint distro site but there are three pages of packages associated with "Glue". Which one do I have to pick? Regarding your question, I am not sure whether I understand correctly. However, if this Flatpack thingy allows for automated installation on Mint avoiding problems as mentioned above, then I would say this is a great idea.
  8. @demagogue What can you expect from such an electorate? Brexiteers in a nutshell Unfortunately, that's not limited to the UK or the USA, in Central Europe we also have a not exactly small proportion of people with similar mindsets.
  9. I'm just wondering how someone like wellingtoncrab, with such a flawed development environment as DR/DM, apparently run by "volunteers" and "lazy guys", managed to complete this excellent Iris Mission in just a year.

    1. Nort


      You guys seem to somehow think in terms of praises and insults. That's just not how I think on a basic level. I think I'll give up trying to be understood around here.

    2. Wellingtoncrab


      It did admittedly take me longer than that - the current iteration of Iris was started in late 2019!  As far as the earlier attempts … well lets not talk about those.

      What is absolutely true is that my mission would never have seen the light of day without a lot of help and patience from those very volunteer developers!

      Special shout out to our VERY EXCLUSIVE discord server/cult - “The Esoteric Order of Dragofer” for all the support/human sacrifices over the years.

  10. Many Thanks! Ich melde mich demnächst bei Dir Mal wieder über Discord.
  11. It's a solar myth that without a space suit you'll go to nirvana with frostbite; in fact, you would get a nasty sunburn before your demise.

    1. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Sunburn at below freezing temperatures sounds like your average Finnish winter; maybe I missed my calling.

  12. McCain Western Fries taste best when heated in the air fryer at 180 degrees Celsius for 17 minutes.

    1. Amadeus


      I absolutely love my air fryer. At first I was pretty skeptical about getting one, but once I started making wings in them, it just stole my heart

    2. JackFarmer


      Oh yes, the best invention since Sony came up with the Playstation One.

    3. datiswous



      McCain Western Fries

      Is that your current job? 😜

  13. Well, I liked the atmosphere a lot, but was not able to finish it as back then my English was not sufficient to understand most of the text. @demagogue: How about you? I recall you have a propensity for 8/16 bit games. Did you ever touch and finish it? What I also find interesting is that already back then the fictional world of Kerovnia (used in several other Magnetic Scrolls adventures) included lots of steampunk stuff.
  14. The fog is great, much better as in the first beta and adds significantly to the mission's mood, congratulations! Great idea: I have never seen that before, oh and Can you teach me how to do that with skeletons or bodies trapped in cages?
  15. It's a custom track that I made for the intro but later got used in HHTLC as well (when the player dives down to the underwater station). That was actually my intention at the time as I'm a passionate fan of the old Tomb Raider games and these games set the benchmark for me when it comes to feeling isolated. I have a rough idea of what you mean. I think that has a lot to do with the oversized space. Maybe like walking across a huge empty square and therefore feeling watched. There is (I think) a scientific name for this. Fun fact: Originally, the Master Thief was supposed to appear here and there (sitting on a wall in the distance, leaning against a wall, crouching on one of the chandeliers, etc.) and monitoring the protagonist. Unfortunately, back then I didn't know how to implement it technically, so I left it out. Well, some other players mentioned in forums and PMs that this mission is somehow strange, so you are not alone with your experience. And you're right, I certainly didn't intend it that way, but as I said, your explanations in connection with the weird XL spaces and architecture, that somehow makes sense to me. @BabberoniSo, thank you for your comment and thank you for playing! Nailed it. Nope.
  16. Yes, I think that's what I was looking for. Thank you.
  17. Try as I can, I can't remember anything like this from 1990ss and thy cryo-thing I would surely recall. There was (is) a German comedy band since the 2010s that claims to be a Polish family of musicians, and many well-known world hits have been stolen from them (the aunts, their uncles, their parents, their grand parents, etc.) by the capitalist west...but there is no cryogenic reference... We WIll Rock You
  18. No we know what Jimmy McGill did before he became a lawyer and before he became Saul Goodman. Don't try this at home
  19. I take it that ingame you simply switch to gamepad controls?
  20. I will pm you the beta in a few minutes with instructions.
  21. @nbohr1more: If ok for you, I will give "Adding EFX to St. Lucia" a try and have it tested with Anderson.
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