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  1. Thanks Springheel. I'm away as well, but hoping to get back to this next week...
  2. Springheel, really enjoying the videos. I’ve built by main house and sealed it up fairly well. I began working on an outdoor city street area and got a little carried away. Ended up with a few winding streets without really considering sealing and visleafs. Lesson 2 warned against that very thing, I know! Outline is here: http://imgur.com/97ze0OY For the time being I’ve just thrown a big portal sky around it all. Looking at your prologue map, the streets seem to be sealed with very large brushes of caulk and visportals. Should I be thinking of doing the same?
  3. I was thinking of having a street (or perhaps a thieves highway) with a few points of interest - accessible office of a guardhouse; or the garret room of a minor character. The main objective will be in the house of a well-to-do merchant - not quite a mansion. So I'm thinking going over a high wall to a garden/yard, a biggish house, and a cellar area. Access points above and below. Once in the house the thief will see there's more to the job than meets the eye...
  4. I'll sign up as well. I like the sound of the format.
  5. I'd be all for this and would be happy to sign up. I go to a writers' workshop each week and know how useful the format can be. I'll keep an eye on the thread!
  6. Really enjoying these, though I think I'm developing ocd just watching! Looking forward as well to being able to download your custom modules. Thanks for doing that. Especially having the exterior window match up with the interior module - that looks very handy. Would you be able to do that for the exterior timber01 set as well? As in, allow an exterior timber 01 empty window align with an interior empty window so that a player can clamber through?
  7. Looking forward to seeing these. I voted cramped city, but whatever you choose I'd like to see ways to transition between external and internal spaces using the modules if possible. And to give up your bank holiday weekend is a noble sacrifice indeed.
  8. Hi Springheel, Just wanted to say that I think these videos are brilliant. Having played the game for a good while it's quite a thrill to be able to run around a map that I made (erm, slavishly copied) myself. I'm very tempted to come up with something of my own. Thanks also to Sotha. His more step by step videos combined with these are a great introduction.
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