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  1. https://skfb.ly/6sPMx Here's a nice Sketchfab preview. Anyway, I made a collision model and exported it as an ASE, then in DarkRadiant added a clipmodel spawnarg thing to the func_static pointing to the collision model. And it didn't work, the console kept complaining it can't open it.
  2. So, here's my current progress: Optimized the model Tried to improve the blade, failed miserably, still more to do Added wood grain Made some basic normal and specular maps (and realized that the normal map I had baked before is broken) Here's an image of just the basic diffuse map inside Blender: And here are some images from in-game: As you can see, I've messed up my baked normal map, I'll have to re-do it.
  3. Good to hear Blender units translate nicely. So you're suggesting I should split the sickle into 2 meshes with separate materials so that mappers can re-texture it? Will do!
  4. As @RPGista suggested, here I am, making a topic dedicated to my stuff. Firstly on our spotlight we have my attempt at making a sickle. Here's my original post:
  5. Here's some of my progress on the base diffuse map. No proper normal map or specular map, just baked normals + diffuse. Feedback is, as always, very appreciated.
  6. Well, I tried to reproduce the reference images from the list, but you are right, these do look better. I'll re-do the hand saw and the screen. Thank you for your feedback!
  7. Here are some early photos of my progress on some of the props on the list: Sickle Handsaw Making the theeth part of the model ups the poly count too much, so I think it would be better to replace it with an alpha texture. Privacy screen Feedback is appreciated.
  8. Is there an SVN for the game assets? There seems to be one for the source code, but that's it.
  9. So I guess it really is something wrong with my mesh then. I made a simple cube with a simple texture all inside 3DS Max and exported it, and it worked fine. EDIT: Huzzah, I somehow fixed all the crates! The first 2 times I imported my crates in Max and then exported to ase didn't work, but now on the third try, it worked. Thank you very much for all your help! I guess it was all the Blender plugin's fault... Anyway, now that I'm relatively familiar with the whole process, I want to get to work. What models are needed currently?
  10. The export plugin I'm using triangulates them automatically.
  11. Ah, I somehow had missed the very important step of actually installing my "project". Now after I installed it, the model isn't showing up at all, nor is the console giving any errors about it. I re-exported from an empty scene, double checked all materials, still shows everything fine inside DarkRadiant, but doesn't show anything (not even the black cube) in-game.
  12. It definitely was extremely helpful, thanks a lot! Now the problem is, the model and textures show inside DarkRadiant, but are still pitch black in game. EDIT: It's actually not even showing the model in-game, just a pitch-black cube.
  13. https://pastebin.com/CAJ46xjN Just to clarify, I made a folder inside fms/ and put all the material, model, etc folders there. Yeah, I use Notepad++ all the time. I'd also like to apologize for all these problems I'm having, but jeez, it's a pretty convoluted process...
  14. I seem to be getting a lot of these errors and my model appears pitch black:
  15. Okay, I managed to set up a basic test map and put some of my crate models in (the ones from above). Unfortunately, even after a few hours of reading through the wiki, I still have no idea how and where to put all my model textures... The models (crate1, crate2 and crate3) I put in models\containers I've got a diffuse map, a normal map and a specular map, which I put in my models\darkmod\props\textures Then I the mtrs made according to the guide on the wiki, named them tdm_model_crate(1, 2 and 3 respectively)_wood and put them in my materials folder. And the models still come up with the nas
  16. I actually use Blender most of the time, so I'm going to have to find me an .ase exporter. I'll ready up a test map and some models to get familiar with the engine.
  17. Hello everybody! My name is Momo The Momoderator, and I'd like to help out with 3D stuff. I love the Thief series and The Dark Mod, and it would be a honour to contribute. Here's some of my past work(in chronological order): https://skfb.ly/6oO6r https://skfb.ly/67MJO https://skfb.ly/6rAFT http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934510200 https://skfb.ly/68Txx https://skfb.ly/6sJUB Here are some more images: I mainly use Blender for the modeling, and GIMP for texture work. Currently, I'm learning to use the Substance Painter and Designer tools.
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