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  1. "Vulkan is a modern, low-level graphics API that greatly reduces CPU overhead, which potentially increases FPS, especially on systems with slower processors." - marketing blurb enough for release notes? And it has no effect on graphics... and why should it? Vulkan doesn't bring new shaders, textures, models... it's an API...
  2. Well for me, FPS regularily drop below 60 in TDM, and I have quite a decent system (i7 3770k, AMD Rx480, 16GB Ram), but then again I'm playing on Linux which may be a problem. Also just because FPS skyrocket in certain areas doesn't really mean anything if the average FPS isn't anywhere near that. I also know that Vulkan isn't a magic bullet and bam! 500 more FPS everywhere you look. No, but it may just help enough to raise average FPS to or above a stable 60. And yes, it really should be an option, should anyone decide to take a look at implementing this, so that the game stays compatible wit
  3. So, I'm not sure how much changes you have made to the renderer and it's integration with the rest of the engine, so I do not know if this is at all feasible even, but a Vulkan renderer for the Doom 3 Engine has been released Open Source and perhaps it would be a good idea to integrate this in the future. Here's the article, it includes links to the Github Repo etc. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Vulkan-Doom3-Available I understand that this might be quite an undertaking, and I do not at all expect this to be a feature in the near future, I just thought I'd share thi
  4. If any more help is needed with this, I'd like to help I'm running a few different linux distros so I could test on more than 1 setup (and they're not VMs) I could even test with different drivers, as I own both an AMD and Nvidia GPU. (Rx480 can run Mesa and AMDGPU-Pro drivers ; GTX 660Ti can run nouveau and nvidia proprietary) I even know C++ and could possibly fix issues as I run into them. But the SVN assets are not public, so I guess that is a problem :/
  5. Yes thanks, the scons build runs just fine, as I said I just didn't know if the linuxBuild.sh was up-to-date, apparently not Now I can actually go and find and report bugs, as before I couldn't be sure I wasn't the problem. Thanks for your answer!
  6. Yes I have played TDM yet, I was compiling the SVN version because I wanted to see if I could help development of TDM. I have read the compilation guide, but that just tells me to run the linuxBuild.sh. I'd really just like to know if gamex86-base.so and tdm_game02.pk4 should be created by the compilation process or not, because I did not run into any error messages, yet they are missing although linuxBuild.sh mentions them. Should it be an error that these files are missing I would investigate why that is and post my finding here
  7. I'm a bit confused about compiling the SVN version of TDM on linux. As far as I understood, after installing prerequisites one should simply run the `linuxBuild.sh`, and while scons produces `thedarkmod` executable, the script also references a `gamex86-base.so` and a `tdm_game02.pk4` file, both of which do not exist before, nor are they created during compilation... So is the script simply outdated and these these files no longer needed or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
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