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  1. I fully intend to see it through till it reaches its full roomscale form Even if progress may be slow.
  2. Really? I feel that would be pretty stupid, honestly... The fps cap is there so your GPU doesn't run amok in the menu and other lightweight scenes, or to keep a more stable average FPS. There is absolutely no use case to select every value between 30 and 300, so a slider just isn't the right tool, imho. There are only a few select values that actually make sense.
  3. If you're reporting performance, we really need your hardware specs. In any case, if turning off r_usePersistentMapping improves performance, that is a strong indicator that your driver straight up lies or has poor implementation of that feature. But in this instance, you may also want to set r_useNewBackend 0 to switch back to the pre 2.09 render backend, which relies less on persistent mapping than the new one.
  4. The new GOG Galaxy client is a god-send in that regard, as it can integrate with your other accounts and list your entire library. I've used it repeatedly to verify if I really don't own a particular game or just forgot under which account it is
  5. For fuck's sake, stop. *Every post*, you seem to feel the need to tell us how liberal you are, only to then doubt your great liberal ideals. It's getting extremely boring at this point. As for Iran, well. There are two options. You can either bomb the country to hell, or you can try diplomacy. Given the absolute marvelous and fantastic track record the western world has with bombing and invading countries in the middle east, which has truly made the world a better and safer place in the past, forgive us that some of us Europeans favour a different approach this time. It's also funny
  6. The latest CMake versions do support precompiled headers. Failing that, we have a custom hacked-together solution for it for TDM's CMake builds. I could also assist you in setting up an automated build pipeline for your repository to spot compile errors faster - just let me know
  7. I'm afraid a small test case isn't trivially possible, particularly since I still don't understand 100% what is going wrong for you, exactly. It isn't even as simple as saying that your card/driver doesn't support the half-float format, because when you first disabled r_tonemap, but left r_fboColorBits at 64, you were still rendering to a 64 bit framebuffer, and that seems to work fine. The difference between the two FBOs in question is that one is using a render buffer and the other is using a texture. So I guess the problem is more related to half-float textures than render buffers, but
  8. Is an FBO allowed to take a different internal format than the requested one? Because we do validate them, so a failure to create the FBO as requested should at least give a warning in the console... But either way, I agree it doesn't seem worth the effort.
  9. @Araneidae Did some research, and it turns out support for our 64 bit color precision is actually core since OpenGL 3.0. This is probably a driver bug - I'm afraid you'll have to remember to stick to 32 bits color precision as a workaround. There's nothing for me to detect missing support, unfortunately.
  10. Please add a bugtracker item for me. When textures are made bindless, texture parameters can no longer be changed for those textures. Changing AF or other parameters with bindless may require recreating the textures.
  11. Alright, thanks for testing. And thanks to @lowenz to find the relevant clue I'll ensure we add proper detection for 64 bit support so that it isn't enabled on systems that don't support it.
  12. @Araneidae You could try to change the color precision to 32 bits (either in the menu or by setting `r_fboColorBits 32` via the console or in your darkmod.cfg. Perhaps we don't have proper detection for 64 bit color buffer support right now, and that messes things up if your card doesn't actually support is, as lowenz's post suggests? Although I wouldn't really understand how disabling tonemapping could influence this, but who knows...
  13. Don't know where you got that number, but no. Both CPU and GPU can and do operate at much higher temps while under load - as they typically are in games. 50° C would mean that the GPU barely has anything to do at all
  14. You could give this executable a quick try: https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/rmmv3blgfthoj7sx/artifacts/build%2Fthedarkmod.tar.bz2 (you can ignore the contained glprogs, just the executable) I've cleared the framebuffer before rendering to it. Should not make an iota of difference as the first step is a copy from the previous fbo, anyway. But at least we can rule it out.
  15. If tonemap is enabled, GUI is rendered to an additional intermediary framebuffer, otherwise directly to the screen. I just don't get how rendering to the framebuffer would produce those distorted looks, and only for you.
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