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  1. Unlikely. I only upgraded due to a specific bug, and that probably wasn't even the cause of the issue, because I also had a bug in my own code. Otherwise, GLFW is fairly mature; the current 3.3 tree was released in April 2019, and there have been 4 patch releases since.
  2. Here's a new test executable that should hopefully fix the mouse wheel direction: https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/xld2bd9hrvpe9f4h/artifacts/build%2Fthedarkmod.tar.bz2
  3. We always optimize performance when we can, but there is no trivial fix for this. 2.10 will not suddenly triple your framerate.
  4. I doubt it's the water. The drops coincide with when you face the mansion. It is much more likely that the engine is trying to draw a lot of the mansion even though much of it is technically not visible. But determining visibility is no trivial task, and there are always scenes where it doesn't work so well. This may be one of them. If the mission plays fine inside the mansion, I would just ignore this beginning.
  5. I'm afraid your settings are already fairly low. It's unlikely you'll be able to achieve a significant increase in framerate. You could always reduce renderscale further, but depending on what your actual bottleneck is, that may not actually do much.
  6. Actually, there is a relevant bug report for GLFW: https://github.com/glfw/glfw/issues/1463 Supposedly fixed with version 3.3.3+, we are currently at 3.3.2. Looks like it's time to upgrade
  7. Hmm... So when you reset the controls, does it also show a reverse mapping, i.e. you get MWHEELUP when you assigned down and vice versa? And if you scroll in the console or e.g. in the mission download list, is the scroll action also reversed?
  8. Do you have inverted / "natural" scrolling activated in your desktop environment? One disadvantage of GLFW is that it only reports a scroll value instead of individual events for the scroll wheel, so if that value gets inverted, it will invert the button mapping in TDM.
  9. Perhaps because you build the release and dev versions with that older Ubuntu system, whereas AppVeyor builds with Ubuntu 18.04? It appears that statically linking to glibc is not without issues: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57476533/why-is-statically-linking-glibc-discouraged
  10. Sounds like you have in_grabMouse set to 0 - did you reset your darkmod.cfg?
  11. The way that input and windows are managed for Linux has become rather dated, causing a multitude of issues. To fix that, I am currently evaluating if we can just use a library (GLFW) to handle all of that for us. First impressions are rather positive, on my end I see generally improved behavior. However, since Linux is a rather diverse ecosystem, I need additional testers to rule out I broke something important. So if you have some time to spare, I'd appreciate it if you could give this build a try: https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/6kbqskyx3tmla74s/artifacts/build%2Fthedarkmod.tar.b
  12. I never said anything like that?! But in any case, if numDownsamplingSteps is 1, then the for loop does not execute, and hence nothing is rendered in that function. So I would expect that the bogus value has no effect on rendering.
  13. In parts, sure. But sex between a 16 and 18 year old will raise few heads, whereas 16 and 40 will raise a lot, and the difference is certainly not due to the 16 year old's maturity. In any case, Freeman or anyone else is, of course, free to criticize the existing laws in that respect. They are - in the best of cases - an expression of a society's majority moral compass at some point in time, which can change. That's his right under free speech, as long as that's all he does. Doing so as a public figurehead will draw some flak, though, especially when he chooses a poor context to do so - a
  14. My point was specifically that you did not make a point. But sure. Let me ask you a hypothetical (and yes, it's a loaded question, obviously): if an elementary school teacher were to publically sympathize with pedophilia, do you think he would be suitable in his current job? Or would you call the outraged parents demanding his resignation a political ploy? If so, by which side? Because I was always under the impression that conservatives care deeply about this kind of thing, too. I mean, if you don't, that's fine. I just hope you are consistent and did not join the public outcry when t
  15. Ah yes, "they", "these people", "the far left", "the far right", ... Such a great way to do political discourse, when you can always blame all your misgivings on some completely unspecified mysterious entity or group of people. Possibly working in the background to bring humanity down. And who are "they" exactly? Who gave "them" "power"? Honestly, this entire thread is as vague and empty as you claim the original topic to be.
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