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  1. There's no support for keybinds with modifiers, and it would be rather painful to implement.
  2. No, I can assure you it is quite far away. OpenGL has no support for ray tracing, so you'd first need to write a Vulkan renderer for it. And that is most certainly a very daunting undertaking. I mean, one day we'll migrate to Vulkan, sure, but that's not close in any meaningful sense of the word, I'd say
  3. Yes, because we request and require OpenGL 3.3 and don't run on anything prior. And 3.3 requires 64 bit color buffer support, so there's no separate way to query the support. This is - plain and simply - a driver bug.
  4. The 64bit color buffer visibly reduces banding in fog and other particle effects and is also a requirement for the Bloom effect to work properly. No HDR screen is required to benefit from either of those.
  5. Yes, but the default framebuffer is never directly copied to from the multisampled render FBO. There is always a resolve FBO in-between.
  6. That would surprise my. The resolve framebuffer is always created with the same resolution and format as the multisampled one. If there were an error in the code here, this would be an error that would most certainly also happen on our own machines, because I've seen these kinds of errors when I messed something up
  7. Well, that'd be that, then. Unfortunately, fixing the menu elements to use an index buffer isn't an entirely trivial fix, or I'd have done it sooner, but I guess we'll have to put it on the agenda somewhere
  8. I wonder if it's related to index buffers. Menu elements are (afaik) the last elements that are drawn from a CPU-provided index list instead of a GPU index buffer. Far as I know, the spec doesn't require one, or at least I couldn't find anything to the contrary, but it's possible some drivers expect them, anyway?
  9. No, the updater is outdated and afaik does not download the hotfix (?). Please use the new tdm installer, download it if necessary: https://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/
  10. Please run the tdm installer again and upgrade to the 2.09a hotfix release. It fixes the particular error you've encountered. Can't guarantee that it won't run into a different error, but we won't know until you try
  11. It's an experimental setting, it's not in the menu and not enabled by default. Shadow maps are still a work in progress.
  12. If you want shadow maps to have comparable performance, you need to set "r_shadowMapSinglePass 1". In its default mode, it's well known to be slower than stencil.
  13. As long as the feature is broken, it will not become an option or officially supported in any way, hence why it is disabled now. The only reason it's even still in the code is the vague hope it might be fixed at some point in the future.
  14. The cost scales with the complexity of the highlighted object. A simple gold coin isn't really a concern, but a guard or other complex geometry may be a different matter. So be sure you test the right thing. Also, the hack means that while the outline is generally hidden by depth, it is not a perfect match. It will often slightly protrude into the depth-occluded region, which is not a critical concern, but it does look a little ugly to my eye.
  15. If it were just personal visual preferences, sure. But if it being on actually impedes mappers due to stuff being visible that shouldn't be, then making it optional does not in any way solve that problem. Therefore I consider the feature broken.
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