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  1. Edit: Deleted double post
  2. To me that seems like an art problem if it's in the pk4 file. Does it work by replacing the current pk4 file with the one that worked?
  3. The proposed fix I have does both in the same way
  4. I thought you were calling me a sycophant... My logic to see where you were coming from: new guy comes along, attempts to change the fundamentals, polls community But I saw it listed on the tracker, I did it, then was told it was subjective and should ask people's opinions first by making a thread here. Hence here we are. Also your mention of flies made me shudder... A fly has laid maggots under my oven so I've been dealing with that tonight... 2 weeks until I move out!
  5. PhD* I'm literally picking off the easiest bugs on the list to get used to the code, no need to be a dick about it
  6. Yeah I thought it was the simplest one to start with! Do you have any resources which will give me an understanding of how idTech does graphics (never really done much low level graphics programming) and AI (again, never done low level AI)? Even if it's just generic resources not specifically idTech. (Extra points for books, I love books) Lots of the tickets are to do with graphics and AI; I wouldn't know where to begin!
  7. It's pretty standard for text lists to be sorted without accounting for them though Edit: Hypothetical example: Say 80% of the missions started with "The", sorting by "The" would be quite pointless. If I could vaguely remember a mission and I want to find it, I wouldn't also want to have to factor in that it may be prefixed by "The" as then I have to search in two places on the mission list
  8. If I patch some other bugs, is there a specific place to send them to? Or should I just post them here?
  9. Needed to do it while it was on my mind, otherwise I'd forget what needed to be changed in the files - the hardest bit was finding where things go
  10. Yeah I think I'll leave it for now. It's fairly complex (for such a small thing) and I don't have the mapping or scripting experience (yet)
  11. Needs a recompilation Makes no difference, for example you may be looking for "Bakery Job" but not find it as it is sorted under "The Bakery Job" Patch is here to anyone with commit access, downloads and missions are sorted without "The" and "A" but displayed with them on the left https://www.mediafire.com/?idaoe4yv513iyr7
  12. Here's the patch so downloads and missions are sorted without "The" and "A" but displayed with them on the left https://www.mediafire.com/?idaoe4yv513iyr7
  13. So at the shop spawn the dictionary should contain pairs from both the def file and the map file (if the item is in both?) Thank you
  14. Sorry for bump but I changed it to a third poll with all the combinations http://www.strawpoll.me/13575172
  15. That's actually a smart idea, I have a new poll with both the (new) options http://www.strawpoll.me/13575172
  16. I agree with that, I think there's a very high risk of breaking stuff for this minor change Yep, the key is that it is not looking at the def file, only items in the map file. If the code was changed significantly to look at attributes in both the def and map files, I have a feeling it's going to break a lot of FMs - and this will be hard to test for. Cheers for the SVN link, I'll give it a read
  17. Ok that sounds good. But just to be awkward - what about when I remove code? Do the keep the removed code commented out, or just note I've removed code? This would be for the mission list name organisation. How do patch files work, is there a wiki guide, or is it as simple as uploading any changed code files?
  18. First sentence = Yes Second point, you are correct, I can't see a fix for the general case without a fundamental change of the behaviour of the reading of the files - I think it would be better just to hardcode the fixes, since they are in-built items and people can still control custom items.The hardcode fix will be something like: CanDrop?() { If Name In { "Compass", "Lockpick", "Blackjack", ... } Return False Behave As Normal From Here On }
  19. When you download missions they are listed such as: A House of Locked Secrets A Matter of Hours Requiem The Bakery Job The Rift When you view them in the browser they are listed like: Bakery Job, The House of Locked Secrets, A Matter of Hours, A Requiem Rift, The Vote Here: http://www.strawpoll.me/13575172 I have a fix to make them appear in the mission browser, the same as they are in the mission downloader. But this is not a bug it's more of a preference, so I would like to gauge people's opinions on this. Below is a screenshot of the 'new' mission browser: Personally I like
  20. Initially the map file had the definition for the item you shouldn't be able to drop as: { "classname" "veil_stone" "name" "veil_stone_2" "inv_map_start" "1" "origin" "89 -94 86" "rotation" "1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1" } I noticed, that the code was looking at this, rather than the definition in the script .def file, so I copied the inv_droppable attribute to here: { "classname" "veil_stone" "name" "veil_stone_2" "inv_map_start" "1" "origin" "89 -94 86" "rotation" "1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1" "inv_droppable" "0" } And that made it work as desired on the bug report Edit: double post because I couldn't figure
  21. Which means the inv_droppable 0 should be defined in the map file?
  22. CInventoryItem's constructor isn't called on the shop set up, but when the actual mission starts, thus it doesn't relate to the shop
  23. So based on your Edit 2, the item is "inv_map_start" "1", thus it should be modified in the .map rather than the .def file. Meaning that this isn't actually a bug? Also I'm unable to log into the bug tracker, something about my password being incorrect (which it's not) or my account being disabled :/
  24. I'm gonna play some missions and then look at another bug, because I think I've got as far as I can with this. Needs a better understanding of scripting etc to know where things are supposed to go (in def files or map files). But I've found a workaround and documented everything so hopefully it will help for a full fix if needed Found a fix for this (pretty simple, just removing a few blocks of code): http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4499 To me, it looks better once changed as it matches the download list, however, I guess this is all personal preference - are bugs reviewed once peo
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