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  1. Hi grayman,

    Thank you for your quick reply,



    "Grim" is not meant to be a shortening of Grimmore's name; Brother Grim was a different person (perhaps a fake person).


    That's good news, as it means that I can keep the original Grimmore name.


    But I still think that the plaque should be made translateable; In the end it's just an adjective that looks like a first name...

    And translating the clue should be quite easy, too: one would only have to replace "Grim" with an adjective that means "horrible" and looks like a first name, while keeping the rest of the sentence the same.


    Maybe a readme could be added in the .pk4 explaining how to translate the word pun.



    Thank you very much for the maps, too, I'll translate them as soon as I can, and then I'll post the .pk4 if someone wants to test it.


    By the way, is there any way to update the mission on the mission page in the TDM website?


    I was thinking about translating father Grimmore's ghost audio speeches, too; is it possible? what do you think about it?

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  2. Hi guys,


    I'm creating this post because I've almost finished translating to Italian the awsome WS1 fan mission by grayman, and I have some questions, both for the Italian translators (@ECHELON/knymed) and the mission author (@grayman).





    I have a few questions regarding the various names in the game, since I could not find a lot of information in the wiki.

    First, in your translations have you adopted standard translation for the names?

    If not, I translated

    "Lord/Master Builder" -> "Creatore"

    "Builders" -> "Costruttori"

    "Magyck" -> "Magya"

    "Taffer" -> "Imbroglione"

    Are you ok with that?? Are there any better solutions?





    Because of the fact that English sentences are a lot shorter than their Italian equivalents, I had to make quite a "free" translation of the texts, especially, the journals' in order to prevent the text from overlapping in readables, but I tried to keep as close as possible in the meaning to the original texts.


    It was very difficult for me to translate the word pun on the sentence

    "A Grim thing it is we do"

    in which "Grim" has (I guessed) two meanings

    - first it has a literal meaning: "A horrible thing it is we do"
    - second it is a clue for finding the skull, it's saying: go look for the skull in Grim's vault

    so while translating it I wanted to keep both and it came out like that:

    "E' Dura la nostra scelta" (literally "is Hard our choice")

    But in this way we no longer have father Grimmore but Duramore and you have to look for Dura's
    sarcophagus and not Grim's to find the skull.

    I know that's a very big change, so I wanted to know your opinion...

    In addition it would require a change in the map file, precisely at rows 241927 and 242540, where the strings for the sarcophagi labels are defined, and that should be added in the strings file.




    The only missing things to translate are the maps (the three floors' and the two catacombs'), which unfortunately are pure bitmap and cannot be edited easily, could you provide me with a source file that I can edit easily?


    I could also translate the splash screen at the beginning of the mission, but I'm not sure, in fact at the moment the mission title and description cannot be changed, so I fear that changing the splash screen only could be a bit confusing. What do you think about?


    Thank you a lot for your time

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