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  1. I guess that rewriting the scripts would be the best solution.
  2. I know that this thread is mostly focused on getting LWO and ASE from Blender, but I don't want to make another thread for this one. I downloaded this https://sourceforge.net/p/blenderbitsbobs/wiki/MD5%20exporter/ and tried to check whether it'd work with Blender 2.80.0 and it didn't. I checked the code block by block in Blender's console, most of which resulted in no errors whatsoever until the menu and registering parts, which throwed up a lot of errors: I'm not an expert of Blender API (in fact, I passionately hated earlier versions of the software), but I know that it was one of
  3. I just recently got Lightwave 3D, so I'll just use it to give the model smoothing groups. I'll work on better textures this Sunday I think, as I'm not able to do anything currently.
  4. I've got vertex smoothing with the model in the 3D suite, but not in the engine. It must be an exporter problem, as the lwo exporter from wings 3D has no option to export normals. Improved textures for the model are in progress.
  5. The model is done after a short break. It's a bit rough though, so I'm waiting for bad models nomination. A link to download is on the first post of the thread.
  6. Getting back to modelling. This one needs texturing and further detailing for for normal map baking.
  7. It's been quite a while since I made anything TDM related. I'm working on a video game in collaboration with another indie studio, primarily as a modeller. I thought about starting to work on TDM fan missions again. I'm thinking about a daylight parkour mission.
  8. Anyone needs some custom tracks for their FM? I'm playing classical and bass, and maybe I could manage some time.
  9. I thought more about sculpting terrain, like in TES Construction Kit, Terragen classic or sculpting software. As usual whenever I'm about to start a project I get ill, get invited to a dev team, get contracted to code something from ground up and several musicians and my band need a bassist ASAP.
  10. Awesome! I'm going to make them as separate modules then.
  11. Thanks! I prefer C++ over Python, so I'll rather code new things directly into DR (taking your coding standard regulations into account). When I'll get something working and usable, I'll report on the forums and then send a pull request.
  12. Yes, though not as complex as what I'm planning to do here. Most of my editors were specialised software meant for single purposes.
  13. I thought about checking Raven Software's gui editor's code just to check a few things. I don't like its layout and general clunkiness though, starting it from scratch seems to be a better option for me rather than improving the old mess. I also want to make it fully customizable, give it a full gui script support and IDE like writing functionality with dynamic preview - it'd take an enormous amount of work, but would be just as huge an improvement.
  14. I do know about this limitation. I thought about a plug-in that could allow for vertex painting on models from within Dark Radiant.
  15. It's been a while since I posted anything here. I was busy with many things. I decided to abandon the previous project (which was on GoldSource engine) for now, and focus on id Tech 4. I find working with this engine enjoyable, and I tried several engines in the meanwhile (including Godot). My team is gathering back, though still relatively small and busy. And even if it breaks up again, I'd still work alone. Development is one of my passions, and even small additions that don't push things too far are great fun for me. I'm not working on any commercial projects as well and don't care about
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