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  1. I see your point, which is right but I also need 1-2 seconds to notice the foot model is wonky from all the points I said in earlier post which I will mark as essential to make the model better would be make overall shape of the model to be more close with how average human foot looks like. But depends on Filizitas what they will decide to do with this model.
  2. The feet needs much more work when it comes to shape and color, right now it looks like a marble sculpture of grandma which have too much fluid in her legs. Please put much more attention to them, this is the only detail that will tell inside this rag is a human, not some clothes or mannequin. And contrast between well done feet and unknown humanoid shape covered in cheap textile will bring much more drama to situation where player will see this model. First general shape, its too square, bold. Human feet is more trapeze than rectangle, the bones for fingers start much more earlier than you s
  3. Small blog focused on mansions and castles, including exteriors, interiors, sometimes details.
  4. I guess its because buildings aren't very stable, crooks due to own weight and bad ground(like marshes, mud). The bars are suppose to take some weight and keep the building straight, otherwise will end as: http://www.house-crazy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/The-Crooked-House-of-Windsor.jpg Also a lot of churches used to similar technology to keep building straight and not fall down because of own heaviness https://www.wpclipart.com/buildings/church/gothic_church.png - the fancy pillars-leg are bars but version with huge budget to praise The Builder. Although with time a better technology w
  5. About the upper post. the music video was shot in Gdańsk(in old town area), luckily Im living next to Gdańsk, and here there's a lot of stuff worth attention. (tldr: Gdańsk is city developed as city in middle ages and improving with old town until XIX century and rebuilded fine after IIww, hanseatic league port town, a lot of prussian and dutch art influences, the street arent like english streets, are more wider, and theres not too much dark alleys) The buildings in photo are fancy apartaments on Toruńska 15 street, the shot was taken from Kamienna Grobla 28 street.
  6. When I was more stupid than now I was confused how the hell Garrett who is weak guy(in my gameplays) can lift a body. Now when I am wiser how much strength you need to use a bow I get how strong he is. Anyway the grandpa secondary class is santa claus?
  7. I remember that was my main reason to play first asscreed years ago. Would love to see it too, as challenge to make rich colors, glossy textures(mosaics and tiles) and allow to player character sneak at night. Their outfit also must be some dark but rich colors to blend well in shadows*. *example, at full moon nights black stand out too much, and for better coverage dark blue/green are better option. Also our eyes can get used to do darkness with some amount of light, and we can see something pop out from rich dark area - but not pure black.
  8. Hand of Glory It had own little time to shine in TDP/TG on expert, in Cragscleft Prison mission, you need to take it back from one of prisoners. Hand of glory have ability, when lit to make thief invisible, or to make everybody in a house fall asleep, so you can burglar the place in peace. It was made from left hand of hanged man, preserved, and wax candles on each finger are made from body fat of same person. Its not treasure as painting or bracelet full of gems, but I'm sure depends of main character personality would find it precious, or good occasion to sell it overpriced on black marke
  9. For remake fast travel I'm skeptical, the slow walking and feeling helpless because time go and no progress so far its part of the charm. We are weak beings struggling with dealing with great unknown which is sand plague. Quoting mariden on tumblr: just imagine how many lives could be saved if only the player characters in pathologic rode bicycles
  10. Pathologic is very badly designed to be clear with how to use mechanics, I understand using walkthrough on minimum but I suggest use map of the town with named districts - no idea how in English translation, but I've heard bad stuff about its quality, and the map really saved my ass with having idea where to actually go. Probably there's a lot of features which are hidden, like I realized very late in game that the icons which pops out from time to time on left down corner of the screen informs the new letter came, and some other stuff happened. The First day was created to be a tutorial abou
  11. @Anderson I stick to XIX century because that's when industrial revolution begins and steam machines started to be main resource of power in industry. Steampunk is just 'modern' technology in aesthetic of pipelines and clockwork machinery, following pretty often with XIX century art, craft and fashion. TDM is own universe and fiction, I just used the 'XIX century' because I go with expectation steampunk doesn't need to follow XIX century #aesthetic (I'm not big fan of this word, but I don't know anything better) - example Thief with being more into middle ages when still use steam/clockwork m
  12. When I passed first mission in Thief Gold I have both ave to how team recreate middle age in video game, but also some pet peeves. Mostly with paintings being mix and match of different styles and technology, which I do not blame TTLG for that, sometimes stuff should be made not how they look like, but how we want to see them. For The Dark Mod, I cant tell 'problems' like that in general, since every mission is individual and made with passion from fans to fans. Of course The Dark Mod and Thief series took place in own universe and its mix of eras and technology, but why not daydreaming abou
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