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  1. Alright, some improvement. I noticed you had a textures folder under props folder and i didn't. After fixing this most textures get loaded. Some that still not load are those in common. And i miss some sfx textures. Does loot/diamond.lwo work for you? However with most of that fixed, the other problem remains: mat. names are never changed. From what i can understand from your code and my debugging experiments, the set material code block is never executed. I think the findMaterial def returns nothing. This i conclude from reporting/printing the value of matFound and inserting a mat.name = 'test' before your block and that changed the mat name to my var. So, dunno what is going on. Hope this helps.
  2. Well.. i was already testing it, remember. But it doesn't work for me and don't know what more to test. Although you could do this: generate a list of all the folders and files as it is on your system. I can compare that to what i have. In the mean time it is also good to know we can right click in DR in the media window and copy shader names and info.
  3. C:\dm_textures\architecture\windows C:\dm_textures\MTR About zip, perhaps it's possible with regular python? https://docs.python.org/3.6/library/zipfile.html#module-zipfile ?
  4. Getting similar results as before. I'm starting to think it's because my directory structure is different than yours. Already fixed one error i noticed in my folders. Perhaps there's more but i don't know. This part of the plugin requirements seems tedious and error prone. The most obvious solution seems to be... more work on your part. That is to also code the pk4 extraction part.. The question of course is if you want to spend more time on it. I must say that i'm not very interested in testing this over and over again. And most people/users will want it to work immediately i think. It's meant to make life easier. So if they must first navigate all the pk4's and make sure everything gets extracted the right way... probably will be a barrier and gives room for error.
  5. OK, just tested this. Still doesn't work for me... First of all, the optional fields are not optional. Only when i gave those fields the same path as the default locations did i get some results. The results are that some textures got loaded. Only the materials that start with textures/darkmod got their textures loaded. The material names never changed. Now it could just be a problem with my setup. Someone else should test it as well to make sure. Let's assume it's your code though. I advise the following assuming you have not done so already. That is to use another system that has default settings for testing purposes. Perhaps use a virtual machine. Just install blender and don't change things. Perhaps use different folder names also. A different setup than you use now. This way you should be able to make sure it works like expected on another system.
  6. All the different software people use certainly makes all this modding more... interesting to sort out! Would i be correct to think that it's not possible to use skins when the UV's are not all the same for every version? This is probably a very basic question, but that's where i'm at, so just like to get this confirmed. This means if i want to have different 'skins' i just got to export several mat./UV versions of the same model right? Oh, about "idtech 4 require's a single non overlapping UV map per mesh", is that right? Since i use two materials on one mesh with one UV map and they overlap and i can see no problems with it. Unless i'm not understanding what i'm actually doing and i'm doing something else than what you are talking about. Which is also very possible.
  7. Interesting information guys. Too advanced for me though. For my purposes, if we could focus on the skins part it would be most useful. From what i read on the wiki the statement about not being able to export multiple meshes in a single ASE seems incorrect. In fact it seems that it's required to get multiple materials working. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Creating_an_ASE_model_using_multiple_Materials And since ASE can do it i wonder why LWO cannot... But a practical question for me is how to do skins. I just looked at it a bit more and it looks like one can just replace every material used with a new one. But in that case how about if you tweaked a UV map... one UV fits all textures? I assume one should just make different versions of the same model if anything special is done in the UV mapping stage? And don't bother about skins? Or... is it possible to change the model also or supply a seperate uv map... questions questions...
  8. Is it possible to export multiple objects/meshes from blender with the LWO exporter? Or do they always have to be joined into one mesh first? So far that is the only way i can get everything to show up in game. Also, does it have advantages to have separate meshes? In blender yes, but in game also? This article talks about submeshes and different skins: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Creating_Multiple_Skins_For_A_Model But those might be for ASE models?
  9. If you want to make it more user friendly you might want to check the length of the mat. name first and if it's too long name the mat. 'TOO LONG!. Just a thought... Short names. E.g. import dungeon/torturechair.lwo. You see it has two short material names. As for examples, dunno. I got a folder c:\dm_textures with the dds folders like stone, wood, roof etc. And also inside that map a MTR folder with the mat. files and your text file. That should work right?
  10. Recently i was playing around with darkradiant and blender. Saw this post and tried the plugin. Here's some feedback. First of all, good idea to try and make this stuff easier. However it's not working that well for me I'm afraid. The best result i got was that sometimes the correct textures got loaded. But it never changed the material names... I use blender 2.79. And the textures are in a root folder of the c: disk. Looking at the TDM materials i notice the following: some material names are too long for blender. You mention in the readme that there are some but in my tests i already discovered several so i wonder how many there are. Perhaps more than some, perhaps a lot?some material names don't follow the desired virtual folder convention but just use short names (many model materials it seems).
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