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  1. Thanks Cambridge and Vman too, it's a nice to see the mission out there on YouTube. I'll try to make some time to give Inna proper watch to see how both of you approached it.
  2. Glad to see people are enjoying the mission for the most part! Thanks I appreciate that you liked the main story and all the other small stories around the map. I was inspired by the TDM FM Ulysses, whose unique protagonist I found very refreshing, especially in the way it made a lethal playstyle actually feel natural. I'll have to check that one out. I do recall needing a quicksave or two to get the jump right but I don't recall the jump being too many attempts to pass. I'll also see about the other issues too.
  3. Just loaded up new job and lighting works just like it normally should, and so does r_showportals. Hooray, my install works now!
  4. Thank you =). I see your first post is for my fm, nice! Hope to see you more on the forums.
  5. Surely Square Enix own the right to more than just the game assets when it comes to Thief, they own the trademarks, the name, the story, the characters, the world. Isn't that why we have Builder's instead of Hammers, so even if you did recreate every original game asset you would still get in trouble because you don't have the license to use to make a game set in the world of Thief with Garret, the Hammers and the Pagans. I feel that even if there wasn't any legal issues, we'd have a situation like Deus Ex Revision where most of the older fanbase is ambivilant towards it or outright dislikes it because it's going to be a departure from the originals and potentially a huge one if the scope of the project isn't managed well. I don't think the Thief fanbase will receive a new version of Thief 1 and 2 which is like Revision nearly as well as the Deus Ex fanbase did.
  6. I've looked into switching to Linux or making it an alternative OS to windows. But the issues I have with Windows 10 isn't great enough to be worth the time to learn how to use it. Ever since I got the NBN upgrade for my Australian internet my biggest issue with Windows 10, the updates, is largely gone. Also I feel like switching will complicate running games.
  7. Cleaning Up the Neighborhood by some1stoleit, bikerdude Brief Description: A small-medium sized assassination mission, taking place in a bar and casino environment with streets surrounding the bar. Story: Crime is out of control in my neighbourhood, when thugs attacked my wife I decided I can no longer stand by idly. Unable to rely on the corruptible city watch and the aloof Builders, I must take matters into my own hands. My first target is a bar called the Scoundrel’s Rest which is not far from my home. It’s owned by a man named Godfrey and considered neutral ground to the various criminal factions inhabiting the city district. There is no doubt its presence attracts criminals towards my neighbourhood, contributing to the infestation of crime. Infiltrating the bar not only creates the opportunity to kill Godfrey and shut it down for good but also allows me to find information about the rest of criminal groups that inhabit my neighbourhood. I gave my thieving days when I met my wife, but for her sake I must take up the profession once more and prowl in the shadows again. Notes/Tips: Your lock picks are noticeably old, so you can’t rely on them to get you past every door. Examine the environment and keep an eye out for keys on pockets.If you see a pipe outside, chances are you can climb up it.On Rusty and Practiced difficulty settings there's a map available for the bar’s ground level and the street surrounding it.It should be possible to ghost the every area in the mission. A small amount of loot however may be difficult or impossible to acquire without knockouts.There are a few hidden optional objectives you can discover. Screenshots Download Mirrors: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbiashq1c1k56ns/Cleaning%20Up%20the%20Neighbourhood%20v1.0.zip?dl=0 https://mega.nz/#!bMtgiSra!Y1KXGovfYfdtG1xxRkmPYndLxgq7wMNVr8oENnS2Qxg FAQ: I dislike when I get stuck on an FM and have to leave the game to scroll through forums to find out what to do. I think the mission should be straightforward enough to beat without answers, but I will provide a FAQ if it’s needed. Just be sure to give a good try working it out yourself before reading this. Thanks: I’ve found the TDM community very welcoming and helpful as a new member and would like to thank several people. Bikerdude, for allowing me to collobarate with him and showing me a different way to build maps from scratch in Dark Radiant, as well as many other mapping techniques.Resources:Springheel, for his Modules and his retroactive permission to use New Job street segments.Amadeus, for doing some proofreading of the briefing and readables.Obsttorte, for his objective checking script used for one of the optional objectives.Rsoul, for creating new internal version of architecture models.Beta Testers:Amadeus, Cambridge Spy, Abusimplea, Shadow, Boiler’s_hiss, nbohr1more, Springheel, JudithPeople who helped Answer my Questions:Destined, JackFarmerSpecial thanks to Sotha and Springheel whose video tutorial series give me the guidance and confidence to start using Dark Radiant.I apologise if I missed anyone, if I missed you please do contact me and I’ll credit you appropriately. About the Development: Initially this was a solo developed mission made by myself, upon some beta testing I agreed to make the mission collaboration with Bikerdude, with the intention to learn good mapping practices from the collaboration. The mission was redesigning using the same layout as the original but using Springheel’s modules instead of my very simple brushwork, and expanded in scope to include a more detailed street, a canal, a sewer and a rooftop segments. Bikerdude’s use of springheel modules and custom skins is mostly responsible for the beautiful visuals, with my contribution being the layout of areas and the writing. Known Issues: None at the moment.
  8. It works! Lighting is back to normal: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6qxyj5bg1zu8acr/newjob_2019-02-15_00.15.49.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1oq1advfcazfgva/newjob_2019-02-15_00.16.11.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/d97y44tgnzil755/cutn_beta_2.5.2_2019-02-15_00.24.32.jpg?dl=0 Although for some reason my compass is unusually bright if you notice it in the bottom right in the first two screenshots. When can we expect to see the fix incorporated in the main build? As I'd prefer running the game using the normal exe's over this one in the long term.
  9. Tried the fix uploaded to google drive. The candle I'm using to test this seems to be showing light in the proper radius, it's very dark though and what light there is very faint as you can see in the screenshots below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ee7f5suryg5ngye/newjob_2019-02-14_17.46.30.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dlkgojexu6tp7ga/newjob_2019-02-14_18.03.31.jpg?dl=0
  10. Of course, one issue at a time. I tried both the moddb fix and stgatilov's upload and got the same results. I used the "TheDarkModNoTools.exe" instead of the normal one. I have lighting it just doesn't work properly, here is what I get. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhvoup8ifhydecp/newjob_2019-02-13_16.16.55.jpg?dl=0 Ignoring the visportal, The candle only lights half of what it should, the candle in this position should light a circular radius around it, as it does when I revert back to the old lighting.
  11. Unfortunately the same issue persists, though oddly the visportals showed up briefly when I took a screenshot of the lighting (I put r_showportals 1 on). I'm on the latest drivers at the moment, 19.2.1 and I have a AMD R9 200 Series card, I beleive it's a 270X or something along those lines.
  12. Downloaded the file, not sure what I have to do to integrate it into my install (if that's what I'm supposed to do with it). What exactly do I need to do with the archive?
  13. Yes, I'd be willing to test if it helps fix the issue sooner.
  14. I was just about to post my own thread on this issue when I saw this one. Lighting works fine on my laptop with an Intel GPU but it's borked on my PC with an AMD card. Next card I get is definately not AMD, first they had the issue where Overwatch would crash with "rendering device lost" error, then OpenGl mode in GZDoom broke and enemies became invisible, and now they've messed with lighting in Dark Mod which makes playing and testing impossible without the workaround. Do Nvidia users get this same array of problems? Also possibly not related to this issue but another issue problem I've had is that nothing shows up when I use the command "r_showportals 1" if I fly outside the map I see the visportals but nothing when I'm in the map. I tried this with my own FM and A New Job and got the same results. I should definately see them in a fully released mission like New Job but I can't.
  15. To be honest I haven't played Hitman 2016 past Paris, I simply get overwhelmed with the map size and amount of options to kill the target. I hope to come back to it sometime with a different frame of mind later, that's why I'm half assuming it's good since it seems complex to me. I do see a bit of what Judith is saying when he says it's an illusion, I recall in Paris one target has a meeting but he'll never go unless you take the disguise of the person he's meeting no matter how long you wait. In Blood Money that would be a timed event which would trigger after a certain amount of minutes and you could follow them and use that opportunity (sneak into the meeting area, wait from a vantage point with your sniper etc).
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