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  1. I consider this entire code-related stuff as the problem of mission: either it is bugged or it is poorly explained ingame. Btw, is it randomized?
  2. I also have problem with Bleda's deposit box. It seems a bit overcomplicated (including finding way to the vault with this drunken guard) and I cannot figure out what to do with this code. Either I do something wrong, or some script doesn't work...
  3. Amazing Lost Civilization mission. I agree with all people who compare it to Arx Fatalis - this level would not be out of place here, but it is even bigger and more complicated. Found 5/7 secrets and only 1284 of loot. And I havent found
  4. Well, I not often play TDM but understood it. I think it is subjective things - I for example didn't manage with that empty room and that vent I asked earlier. Lost huge chunk of loot. Very good city mission, smallish in size but densely packed with everything (I like occasional small puzzles and also - how those stories of locals are interwoven) but I suspect that loot goal is quite steep. Edit. Sorry, didn't notice that loot objective was optional.
  5. Vozka: a) about code - are you talking about Clifton's house in present? b) for basement safe -
  6. Very nice city mission. Rather on smallish side but densely packed with sometimes very unobvious routes, and compartments. I like the idea of time travel albeit stealing content was a bit much. I ask about
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