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  1. Hi Demagogue Is there anything at all non-typical about how the game is installed or playing, e.g., are you playing it off a USB drive or an external hard drive? I installed tdm normal in this path: I:\Spiele\Thief\The Dark Mod i'm playing it on HDD. Have you ever played with any of the files or is it in the same state as when you first installed it? its the same state of a fresh installation. i dont know how i cant change it. For that matter, did you do a fresh re-install in case some files got deleted or changed? yes i do a fresh installation but before i do an fresh installation i uninstall it first then i check the old tdm folder if there are still files available then i delete it! for a 100% fresh installation Have you always had this problem from the first time you played the game, or is it something new that occurred after a certain date (and if the latter, what kinds of things might have happened around that time)? i get the problem first time with the version 2.05 but only if I have completed a FM with max loot then if i play it again i get the bug. greetings PS: I hope you understand because my english is bad
  2. i had 2.05 and 2.06 on my pc and 2.05 had the same problem^^ i think this game dont like my pc 2.05 darkmod.cfg but thank for helping me^^
  3. sure here: i uploaded it on Google Drive and post it here
  4. hi nbohr1more & freyk thanks for your suggestion but it doesnt work i give my tdm folder full users access and the folder was already "not read-only" i trying it with anothers fms but the another fms had the same statistic problem^^ -greetings PS: thanks for help
  5. Hey guys If i end a mission in the dark mod and i cant read the statistic. i see only 0 everywhere and i dont know why i get this bug in every Missions. Here is a screenshot of these bug Link: Google Drive I hope someone can help me to fix it Btw i installed already The dark Mod new but it doesnt help, i playend on 2.05 and 2.06 (64bit) Greetings PS: sorry for my bad english
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