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  1. Nice moon you made, so i climbed up the backside off the roof at the gate is not fully complete.
  2. yup, i said it a bit wrong yes. i am dislectic and sometime i have to reconcider how i write things down.
  3. the problem is that i actualy miss the whole field. the 'drop out' happend at the lowest level, i saved the moment to late. after going trough the wall, i must have moved my mouse and thus changed the angel off the movement. on the screen shot you see a big grey field at the left side down.thats the part to be. if i press key "w" to go forward there is an 'up' movement in the field . i tried not to touch anything but the 'w' and then just wait 1 to 2 minutes. but the direction is changed , i can not get back to the 'drop piont' you can try with the savegame in the earlier post. is there a 'keybuffer' maybe ???
  4. well i did, and i am still falling ;-), screenshots 1 pageback in this thread, but they show 'distance' mostly... i cant get 'back' after 'noclip' i hoped the savegame has a 'unrole' function that rememebrs the made steps to, but that very memory consuming, so probably it wont. not in 5.5 mb savegames_volta_2.7z
  5. actualy i thoughed it said some like "drown". my install complains about 'alsa' so i supose there is a problem already. mayby with the direction the sound is suposed to come from.
  6. i can use the normal keys but since its already at distance it takes a while. i should headback in the reversed direction as i went out. and probably i touched the mouse already before saving anyway i can try to load a savegame before this one. would it be possible to "fill the space with dy/water" and then look where it floats to if you set a direction of gravity? probably complex just by it selves.
  7. I only have to use ~, then i have halve screen off console. 'noclip' stops the falling, but how do i fly back???
  8. hmm, i get that about qouting, its just my 3rd post, but i noticed that the qoute is 1 block, it looks a bit difficult to cut up in partial remarks. i will just try what I asked, probably it all will work, ok. and about 3d thinking, i wil try the engine group, if i am correct: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darkradiant/
  9. Hi, i did not see it, even after reading again. if you mean "anywhere" then i will just do it like that "a" map anywhere. if i install a mod in 206, can i copie a savegame from 205 to it, to test if some parts work different/better? btw i dont (want to) clutter , i am a thinking human, if i am not allowed to think aload then i am out. massiviness SHOULD be a part off a 3d engine, so if you say its not an issue for you...fine, i only want to help with an open mind for opensoftware. gdtyt
  10. HI, i checked this forum the word "massiveness" in the hope to find some clues about the 3d engine. I dont write c , but do some asm. falling trough walls etc means the measurement in distance was actualy to far but the "if statement" or "do while" was not exclusive enough to fetch the difference. once BEHIND the wall there might no definition at all. hence my little "through the wall in a darkhole" moment. I red a artical about 3d pixel clouding, i dont know were, its some years ago. the clue was that the most nearby pixels are drawn at first and thus those drawn pixels will block the sight in that straight line. if you jump in reality you might not see where to jump. but you will bounce if there is any obstacle. just from this perspective i would say that every thing you DONT see is always massive....until proven its Not. then probably, in my simple mind, it is by condition IMposible to fall through a wall. you will have to find a "open pixel space" before the calculation is allowed...or something alike. i have NO experience with 3d engines eccept for playing around. i just mebemer the artical and i was thinking about "massiveness"
  11. Hello, i am new here and its big fun to play Thief again, thanks. i had a few "trough the wall" moments at severall adventures and eg a sword trough the door etc. but actualy with Volta 2 i had a total "drop trough wall in black hole and see play ground dissapear" moment. which i saved ... if you want me to upload/make a download available, no problem, its a 5 mb file. maybe you can "walkback" in edit mode There is a big change my setup is not complete. i have a 64 bit, with opensuse 42.2, xfce
  12. Hi, i am new here. I have linux opensuse 64 with 2.0.5. installed. i did not read all 29 pages. so maybe my question is answered already. can i install 2.0.6 beside 2.0.5 ?
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