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  1. Thanks, That worked. I removed the spaces in folder names and moved missions to fms directory. Things are working as they should. I Thank you for helping me out, it is greatly appreciated. Now I gotta go play. Cheers David
  2. nbohr1more, I tried "a new job" same result I downloaded "closedmouthed shadows" via the in game downloader and same result. Looking through my config file I see alot of errors - so many that I had to remove the most of them to make the file small enough to post. The total size was 1.31 meg before editing. I guess obviously some thing is amiss. Anyhow, here is the file. Thanks and good luck. BAD MENU.txt
  3. Thanks nbohrmore for the info but it is still the same. I did a re-install 3 times and re-run tdm_installer twice more afterward with no problem reported. I have no mpd packages installed and no customized GUI. I have full ownership and permissions for the darkmod folders and all others as well. I run TheDarkModx64.exe as administrator. I have run virus and maleware scans with no problems detected. I have re-started the computer twice for good measure. I have never had a problem with theDarkMod before and I have played all missions available on the mission downlaod page. It is the first time that I attempted to play a "beta" mission so I figured I was doing something wrong but I can find no problem. Thanks - this is allmost as much fun as playing a mission.
  4. Thanks Dragofer, I fail to find it. Thanks for now but I gotta go. I'll check back later.
  5. re previous post This is all I can get.
  6. Thanks Dragofer and nbohr1more but I have done all the above that you mentioned. 3 times. sorry about the miss-spelling
  7. Congrats on the release, I would love to play it but I am having trouble finding the "Start Mission". I have downloaded and installed "beta 2.50" and "beta 2.6" and once The Dark Mod starts I can select the mission but there is no "Start Mission". I select the mission and the game restarts and I click on new mission as I have allways done and it goes back to the same screen with no start mission.. I also tried to load a saved game and got an error. (not that I figured it would work anyway) I then downloaded and tried a few other new "beta 2.xx" missions and get the same result. Soooo, what am I doing wrong?. This is my first time using a Beta release. Thanks.
  8. OK, I will do one or the other. I should have thought of this myself. Thank-you
  9. Sorry, but there is no cupboard that opens and there is no cupboard door that can be frobed except for the original upper left, the lower center and the lower left. I have set the combination to 000 saved the game and restarted several times and there is no change. I even tried to frob the switch through the door, but that no workie either.
  10. Very decent mission Bienie I am having a little problem with...
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