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  1. Springheel, this is absolutely fantastic. I've just watched your 2nd video and I really appreciate the work and time you put into creating the modules. The models look awesome. A sincere 'Thank You!' from this part-time mapper.
  2. No, 3ds Max offers full support for 3d mice. They are great for basically any app used to edit 3d content. One of the first things I tested when I got my Space Mouse Pro was DR. It does work somewhat but it's unusable to do anything productive. The older drivers for the mice had a menu where you were able to customize movement for each app and generate a config file. You could improve handling in DR but it still wasn't great. Not comparable to any other app with native support for it anyway. I cannot find this menu again in the newer version of the driver however and the old one was missing s
  3. Your Player_Start seems to outside of your little room. Look at your top view.
  4. It actually exports something for you? When I try saving 2 brushes and a model as prefab this is the contents of the test.pfb file: Version 2 // entity 0 { "classname" "worldspawn" } Importing it does nothing. Not even getting an error message.
  5. Hi, first of all, thanks for your continued support and further development of the editor greebo, it's really appreciated. I've been trying the new version with the small map I'm playing around with. Showing/hiding stuff seems to be a bit snappier and the AI tab is pretty cool. I can't seem to reproduce RJFerret's fidings with the AI tab. It's working fine for me. However, I just tried copy/paste from one map to another and I can't seem to get it to work with the new version. When I try to copy one or more brushes from one map to another nothing happens at all. Closing the editor without s
  6. Hey guys, I've been having a go at creating a model for my map but I'm stuck and I have no idea what's wrong. I've searched the forums and read (and re-read) the wiki about creating and importing models but I was unable to find anything related to what I'm running into. I created some stairs in 3dsmax along with a collision and shadow model, made a quick UVW texture and imported it all in DR. So far so good.. the problem is, however, that in game the texture looks somehow washed out, much brighter than it appears in the editor. Though the bigger issue is that in game the geometry seems messed
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