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    Computer Science and Software Engineering, Mapping, Modding, World Building, D&D, Skateboarding and probably lots of other activities that end in "ing".
  1. [spoilerS] At the very very end of the mission when you finally get the coffin on the desk open and read the book and the house starts burning is there another way to beat the level other than circling around the skeleton and jumping over the banister or is that the intended ending? Just trying to figure out if maybe there is another more "correct" ending to the mission. Also, sorry but I'm new to the forum and haven't been told yet how to put messages behind a spoiler button.
  2. Thanks for the welcome @Springheel and for the advice @demagogue. I'll probably start off just going through the bugtracker and seeing if there is anything I can contribute to in that aspect. I'm also working on a mission of my own and hope to contribute some interesting A.I. and mechanical scripts for other mappers to use toward their own levels in the future. I know though that this is a democratic process and don't expect every single one of my proposed changes or additions to be immediately implemented without any sort of review; I like to think that most of us involved in the CS community
  3. I'm currently in school full-time pursuing a degree in Computer Science going into my third year. Not a master programmer by any means, but I like to think that I'm fairly competent and a quick study. So far I've done most of my work/projects in C++, Java, FXML/XML, Python, R and Javascript/HTML/CSS, but have dabbled in C, C#, PHP, Kotlin, Go and Clojure. Right now I'm on Summer break and doing an internship, but I also have a good amount of free time to work on personal projects and if applicable or at all needed I'd be interesting in assisting the development of the platform. Since finding o
  4. Sounds good. Going to finish up Into the North now and then I'll load up Braeden Church and if I come across any issues I'll let you know in the other thread.
  5. I play the game on Windows, but do a have a few Linux VM distros (Debian, Mint and Kali) that I mess around with here and there. I wouldn't say that I'm a master of Linux, but I've got an intermediate understanding. At the moment I work mainly in C++, Python, R, Java, Javascript/HTML/CSS and have done a little bit in C#, PHP, C, Clojure, Go and Kotlin. I've watched a few of the basic overview videos on DarkRadiant on YouTube and have built a very small test level of just a few rooms so far. I'll check out the Braeden Church thread and I believe I do have the William Steele series downloaded, b
  6. Still need any testers? I'm new to TDM, but it's quickly become one of my most played games. Very interested in contributing to the community and maybe starting to build my own levels with DarkRadiant. I'm currently in school pursuing a degree in Computer Science, so if applicable I'd also be willing to apply my programming knowledge and skills toward the project as well.
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