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  1. This sends up red flags. What data are they collecting if I was to use that browser? It is also what I would call crossing the line. Look, a lot of people bash Google for invading privacy. However, you can use an Android very effectively without signing up for Google; without giving them a name or anything. You can browse the web, install apps, make calls with SIP, and on and on. This thing with the PS4 is a disturbing trend, though. I do NOT want to see it spread. Imagine if the new version of Windows made you sign up with MS before allowing you to browse the web. Its obvious that MS is in trouble because Google is putting the squeeze on with Chromebooks and tablets. I mean, Windows is now free with certain types of devices (and more pushy than ever before about getting you to sign up for the cloud). Back to Sony though, why would I trust them after the rootkits and removal of "other OS" feature from hardware that was already paid for? They also demonstrated that security is an unimportant concept at best with all the security breaches and passwords that were encoded as plain-text among other things. I wonder if anybody has investigated this with something like Wireshark to see what info gets sent to Sony when you use the browser? I build PCs myself and use Linux, so I really do not need to use the PS4 browser, but I was just curious. I also wasn't expecting them to be so pushy about getting you to sign up like this. For example, even a Dreamcast allowed you to surf the web with nothing more than a log-in for the ISP. I got a PS4 so I can play games offline from a disk with no connection to the cloud. TLDR: this needless lock-out of simple features until you sign up for something is creepy and crossing the line, especially in a post-Snowden world.
  2. There seems to be a bug in the in-game mission downloader. If you queue up a lot of missions, it will crash some way through the process of downloading them. This occurs on 64-bit Linux with an NVIDIA card. I never tried it on Windows to e.g. see if the same behavior manifests there. Queuing less missions (like 6) seems to prevent this from happening.
  3. Yep, and although breathing is an exageration, They already sold out our rights to free speech. For example, if I write code that you can use to bypass an unwanted feature on software you paid for, I can go to jail for releasing it. I can go to jail just for writing some code and releasing it to the public, when the code is not malicious and does not threaten anyone. Aren't writings classified as a form of speech?
  4. In theory, this is a good policy, but it doesn't work so well when the government's mission is to give the entertainment industry a continuous hand-job and collect all kinds of data on average citizens in an unjustified manor that will never be abused (cough loveint cough). For example, this. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/04/11/eff_calls_for_games_dmca_exemption/ and this: https://www.eff.org/document/eff-vehicle-repair-exemption-request and this https://www.eff.org/pages/rip-mix-make-tell-copyright-office-allow-dvd-and-web-video-remixing The government would restrict my right to breathe if the entertainment industry paid them enough. After all, breathing encourages free thought and it can be argued to enable piracy too.
  5. I love how the guards run over to investigate if they detect something suspitious (even if they do not see you), instead of calmly walking over and giving the player plenty of time to move. Also, they can handle doors being closed in their faces much better now!

    1. SteveL


      All grayman's work that. They can be even more evil I've noticed. TDM 2.03 is the first release where I've had to learn how to use flashbombs, when they post a couple of guys with swords out at doors and stairs then send someone else to sweep the shadows. Evil!

  6. I wonder this, because as somebody who likes to play games, I always found TV to be mostly boring. Since there are obviously a lot of game-playing folks around here, this seems like a good thing to discuss. The obvious draw to computer games is that they are dynamic. The same thing will not always happen even if you play the same game over and over again. In TV/movies of course, the experience is always the same. Do gamers in general shy away from television?
  7. Funny thing: Every time there's an article about security issues, somebody always spells rogue "rouge" in the comments... and then somebody else always pokes fun at them, saying that the hackers must be very cheeky.

    1. SteveL


      I remember that was always the standard spelling of the word in WoW "need rouge lfg!!!", during the times when rogues were overpowered instead of pointless.

    2. AluminumHaste


      Hey they're back to 2nd spot after Mage

  8. This kind of sucks, but its not the end of the world. I wonder how much this slow memory would hurt the performance of Blender Cycles (CUDA). The bigger crime is that the GTX960 has just 2 GB. I would stay far away from that. PS: Anybody want a 700 GB hard drive? Some of the sectors went bad, so portions of the disk are slow as shit, but hey its still 700 GB and (most) of it runs at full speed! Joking obviously...
  9. Every time I update Windows and it takes 10 minutes installing some .net framework fixes, I get this (-) much closer to deleting the Windows partition. If I can ray-trace an entire scene faster than software installs, they're doing it wrong. If it takes 10 minutes to apply some fixes on a 6-core 16 GB machine with an SSD, they're doing it wrong!

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    2. stumpy


      it re-compiles the whole thing specific to your system, all the .net files you have, and its relationship to the specific hardware in your computer.

    3. lost_soul


      Yeah, but if I wanted to wait for stuff to compile, I would use Gentoo. :) I wonder if the .net stuff compiles using multiple threads? Just imagine how slow it would be on the Celerons a lot of average Joes use.

    4. AluminumHaste


      only time I've had issues with .Net installing is when the patch trying to install, is older than the newest version.

      Have to uninstall the later version, let the patch install, then update to latest version. Pretty rare, but it happens.

  10. I have an Android handset here that is showing ads in the notification area. Thus far, I have been unable to figure out where they're coming from. Its kinda annoying and I wonder if they're targeted based on my usage. (songs I listen to) This device is a music player mostly, but I do use it to call sometimes.
  11. It does seem fitting that I'm using a frankenstein OS on a frankenstein computer.
  12. ...that funny moment when you hear a crazy lady screaming profanity like a banshee outside McDonalds... To people who behave this way in public, we *do* laugh at you!

    1. Bikerdude
    2. lost_soul


      I wonder exactly what it is that makes me find this so funny though. Is it because it is so rare? Is it because we expect more mature behavior from adults?

    3. Xarg


      Probably because the amount of shit being flipped is highly disproportional to the amount of money spent at the establishment. "The biggest arguments are often over the smallest things". Yeah, the amount of ice in your diet coke is a pretty minor issue, really.

  13. Ah okay, I've done that in other games just for fun. Of course there are no animations (which makes it funnier) but the objects can usually still move/attack/behave as normal. I used to play Unreal as a table when on modded servers...... because.... nobody ever suspects the table!
  14. How bout instead of just taking them out entirely (basically cheating), you change their model and sound set? How about having a walking spoon or goblet chasing after you, shouting at you using a guard voice, or complaining as the spoon/goblet goes on its way patroling the map?
  15. I purchased DVDs from the Blender Foundation before, even though I was allowed to copy them. I would rather buy content than subscribe to anything. *EVERYBODY* wants you to subscribe to something these days: music, TV, online gaming, usage of fitness equipment... Before long, I'll need a subscription just to sit in a chair. I again cannot understate how awesome using two GPUs in the same machine is with Blender Cycles. The 4 GB card can be crunching away on a render, and you still have the other card to game with or do anything else you would normally do. The machine is still super-fast, because the CPU is basically free too. Also, they're making a better renderer for real-time graphics in Blender. That is exciting to see.
  16. One time I had a dream where I was in front of a house. I vividly remember saying to myself, "I know this is a dream, so I'm going to break into this house because I would never get away with doing it in the real world"... and I did... and it was fun. Another time I dreamed I was in a Quake CTF map. It was comprised of a bunch of tunnels, some of which were at crazy angles. I was going through giant pipes, swinging around with a grappling hook and blasting people with rockets.
  17. Yeah, it looks pretty cool. The game had ragdoll physics and everything. I especially like the large outdoor environments with lots of trees and extremely minimal loading sections. That game would have made my computer cry back in the day.
  18. 21:52 You will laugh, I promise. (brilliant collision detection is brilliant) At least the TDM guards never drop dead when they walk over geometry like that, though it too would be funny to see.
  19. My days of hating MTP are officially over. I plug the device into the computer running Linux, and less than 2 seconds later, I get the option to manage files on the internal flash and the SD card inserted in the android handset. This is how stuff is *supposed* to work. No software installations, no unnecessary shit running in the background "listening for the device to be connected". It just WORKS! MTP used to be a nightmare, especially in Linux. It is an open protocol, but the support just was not good yet.
  20. just got a call from the tech support scammers. I acted as if I was doing what they wanted, but I occasionally acted pissed because "my computer spontaneously turned off". Then they waited with me as I "started it" again.

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    2. SeriousToni


      O_O That's a very honorable thought :)

    3. Xarg


      Perhaps, but it's drops in an ocean.. there's a vast sea of gullible and ignorant people who "don't have time for that nerd shit", and they'll keep getting suckered for their $500 (or equivalent in bitcoin, I've seen that too). Until the average user's computer literacy vastly improves, this won't go away. By all means, feel good that you've spared one grandmother, maybe 2, each time you screw the scammer around, but tomorrow's another day and there are more grandmothers and illiterates to scam.

    4. Diego


      I never heard of those before. In Brazil we have a lot of kidnap call scam. Most of these calls come from jails (yeah, they have cellphones in there). My dad got one of these, the man told him they had me and my car, but I don't have a car so he knew it was a scam immediately (they even had someone in the back yelling 'help me! help me dad'. Can you imagine what a call like this does to a person? this people should be put to jail! oh wait...

  21. There are now X86 powered handsets. How come there isn't a comunity getting Windows or even PC apps in general running on these? I would imagine that if you can run Wine on Android, you would be able to "play" a lot of older PC games om the thing if it has 2 GB of RAM and a dual-core Intel CPU. I use the term "play" loosely though with a touch screen that small. Still, where are all the enthusiasts? You wouldn't even need a shitty slow X86 translator!
  22. Those metal footstep sounds (pipes, grates) have gotta go. They sound muffled, as though somebody put them through a high-pass filter or something.

    1. lost_soul


      EDIT: I mean low-pass filter. It sounds like the highs are cut-off. Its so easy to confuse high-pass and low-pass filters.

    2. Springheel


      I'm always open to hearing better examples if people have them.

    3. Lux


      I really wish we had a full suite of leather moccasins on all these various floor surfaces. Just for realism.

  23. To quote the thug, "that was a nice bit of fun". Thanks!
  24. Running with dual GPUs is pretty cool. You can use one for cycles rendering and the other for displaying, (or gaming). It gives you a speed boost because your single GPU doesn't have to display the desktop and render the physics. It also gives you more memory to use, because that single GPU's memory isn't eaten up by the desktop/window manager. You do not even need SLI, either.
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